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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius: The Adventures of Miles and Fargo: Turtle Detectives

    by Elaine Loeser
    Miles and Fargo are your average turtles.They swim, lounge around and fight over the one rock in their tank.But Miles and Fargo are different in one major way: like Jimmy Stewart’s character in the iconic 1954 film “Rear Window,” they witness a crime from the window of their apartment and manage to solve it - without leaving their tank. The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius (Ampersand, Inc., Publishing, April 2018), is a unique whodunit - a mix of television script and comic book.The story is... more
  • First Snow, Volume 1

    by Bun Sakashita
    Belgium, winter 1944, the outset of the Battle of the Bulge. Two American soldiers' fates crossed right before the brutal fighting. Two different destinies followed. The war, the killing, and the senselessness of the battlefield turned these gentle young men into survivors and forever altered their ways of life. Some could no longer understand themselves anymore; some could never be understood again by the world around them. In the first arc of the story, we witness the horrific fighting during ... more
  • What Would I Do, To Make Sure You're Not Blue

    by Matthew Boyd
    As a parent or grandparent you would do anything to keep your infant from being sad. "What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue" is a short rhyming book about how we would gather stars, tickle and love our children forever.
  • The Time Telescope: Season One (The Time Telescope Book 1)

    by Christopher Love
    Historical Bureau of Investigation Agents Tad Jones and Kim Davis research history with The Time Telescope in order to reconnect with their history due to the Great Cataclysm. They discover individuals such as Sybil Ludington, Squanto and Crispus Attucks and more. But what happens when they are TRAPPED in the past. Will they ever return to the 23rd Century? History and Science meet at The Time Telescope.
  • Scarlet Hood

    by Mark C. Evans
    Scarlet has just moved to Norway with her parents. She is unhappy at school, where she has become the target of a merciless bully called Greta the Cruel. One day, she is given a magical scarlet hood by her grandmother, which allows her to travel back in time to the age of the Vikings and confront a fire-breathing dragon. Her adventures will reveal to Scarlet an inner strength she never knew that she had, and teach her about the power of understanding. A heart-warming, stunningly-illustrated grap... more
  • Kids 2 Kings #1

    by manuel godoy
    Ausar and his kin travel to the capital of the Kushite Empire for a diplomatic mission but soon rekindles his rivalry with an old friend. Before he can have his revenge against his rival, a crisis breaks out when Auset loses control of her powers and threatens to destroy the entire city. What is the young prince to do?
  • The Little Pine Tree

    by Ricarda Bush
    The Little Pine Tree is a young Ponderosa who has grown to just the right size to become a holiday tree in the Jones’ home. He is a bright young tree who has discovered that paying attention brings great rewards. He listens to various conversations that take place as people of all ages and from all walks of life walk the pedestrian paths that meandered through the great forest. He hears the fondness expressed by everyone who visits the forest. The Jones family live in an area near the forest. In... more
  • Snowy's Adventure

    by Elaine Souter
    Elaine Souter Lives in Australia and was a registered nurse. After she retired she did Creative Writing Course. One day when she was taking her little dog Snowy for a walk he had a reaction with a Magpie. From then on, she got inspired and started writing about Snowy's Adventures. This is a fun and enjoyable story and color-me-book! Join uses we learn from Snowy and his adventures with the animals around him.
  • Farmer Tice #2--I Didn't Mean To Do It

    by Nelson Donley
    The sole purpose of these Farmer Tice books is for laughs. There are no other objectives. You won't find anything PC in this book. The stories evolved out of a slightly warped sense of subtle humor that's akin to genre of Mad Magazine, National Lampoon, The Simpsons, and Billy Whiskers. There are no hidden agendas nor lessons to be learned. It is just a fun book to read. ​ Farmer Tice was born on Friday the 13th. The year is uncertain, because nobody bothered to write it down. ​ Farmer Tice ... more
  • Cubicles: Deluxe Edition - Volume 1

    by Walter Ostlie
    Office zombies! Space pirates! Savage aliens! Galactic squid! Two less-than-average office workers are on a roller coaster ride across the universe. Will they make it back home? Can they save their company? Will there be any coffee left? Part epic sci-fi saga, part silly humor. All action packed thrills.
  • Shiver Bureau, Vol 1: Welcome to London

    by Walter Ostlie
    The exciting first volume of the Shiver Bureau series joins Pickle and Trish as they investigate a curious case of missing orphans in an alternate reality London overrun with ghosts and other evil things. It’s a comedy, action-adventure full of spooky monsters and witty banter. A throwback to Saturday morning cartoons. Ghosts are no longer able to pass over to the other side. Trapped in the mundane world, some spirits carry about with their old lives. Shivers, however, are a terrible nuisanc... more
  • Legend of the Mantamaji: Bloodlines

    by Eric Dean Seaton
    TV director Eric Dean Seaton's critically acclaimed “Legend of the Mantamaji” has been featured in over 150 articles in venues such as MSNBC, MTV, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and The Root. Now he returns with a new story in the Mantamaji saga that's just as action-packed, just as magical and even more dangerous. Two months ago, Elijah Alexander was a cocky and conceited Assistant District Attorney who wanted everything his poor upbringing couldn't give him. When he learned he was descended from an ancient... more
  • Legend of the Mantamaji Book Three

    by Eric Dean Seaton
    Beaten, betrayed, and left for dead, Elijah Alexander, the last Mantamaji, knows the end of the world is at hand. Soon Sirach will carry out his plan to open the Gates of Time and alter Earth’s history to suit his purposes.  How can Elijah stop Sirach, when he’s already failed before? To succeed, he will have to put aside vengeance, ignore his pain, and listen to a wisdom he’s forgotten. But he, and the world, are running out of time. Legend of the Mantamaji is a three-book graphic novel series ... more
  • Legend of the Mantamaji: Book Two

    by Eric Dean Seaton
    In a single week, Elijah Alexander has gone from being a famous and successful ADA in New York, to a hunted, haunted renegade on a mission of vengeance.  Because Elijah is the last of a race of ancient warriors called the Mantamaji who once fought the world’s greatest evils. And now the greatest evil of all has just reappeared and seeks to destroy the world as we know it. Elijah’s the only one who knows how to stop this, and the only one with the power to get it done—because it takes a warrior t... more
  • Legend of the Mantamaji Book One

    by Eric Dean Seaton
    As seen on: MSNBC, NBC, Forbes, Library Journal, The Root and more: Television director Eric Dean Seaton (CBS, NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, TV One) pens his first graphic novel series -- a tale exploding with brilliant art, action-packed adventure, true-to-life characters and a smart, twisting plotline. Elijah Alexander, is a shallow, hotshot Assistant District Attorney in New York who learns he is the last of the noble Mantamaji, a long-lost race of warrior-knights who protected humanity from evil... more
  • Noah's Brother's Ark Sets Sail

    by Andy Hunter
    Noah's Brother's Ark is the story of Noah's little brother Leon who, like all little brothers, wants to do everything his big brother does so he builds his own ark and fills it with all of the weird, leftover creatures like Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and the Loch Ness Monster. What follows is a light-hearted, goofball adventure of two brothers who are polar opposites and whether they can find any common ground.