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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Zansky: The Case of a Letter

    by Juhis
    With clean lines and strong illustrations in the tradition of Franco-Belgian comics, the graphic novel begins in Dallas, Texas, where the police are called in to investigate a suspicious and deadly explosion. The events put detective Zansky and his colleagues on the trail of a mysterious narcotic and its traffickers, that will open the doors to the city's dangerous underground world. Consisting of occasionally absurd humor and lively plot twists, this adventure story will also penetrate deeper s... more
  • Time Gliders

    by Cobus Prinsloo

    Science education made engaging for the 21st century learner! Time Gliders takes you on an intriguing science-fiction journey packed with hero-style action and real science.

    It is 2550 A.D. Time travel technology has been perfected by an international consortium of science and engineering agencies. Professor Patel and his team embark on the first time voyage to gather information on unclear historical data and especially, science-related issues.

    But, their maiden voyage goes ... more

  • The Fuzzy Princess Volume 1

    by Charles Brubaker
    Katrina is the adventurous feline princess of St. Paws, watched over by Chiro (a batty bat) and Kuma (whose love for haiku is only matched by his love of eating). Now they've been stranded in our world! Can Kat's new human friend Jackson help them survive? Will Jackson be able to survive his new friends? Read the first volume of The Fuzzy Princess and find out!
  • Heavy Sketches - Volume II

    by Red Rohl
    French fries, giants, football, and Ancient Egypt ... these are just a few of the worldly distractions that capture Red's wandering mind. After 25 years of sketching and a history of never finishing projects, Red finally focuses - creating the sequel to the ultimate graphic novel anthology. The pages are jam-packed full of engaging stories on American Folklore, Cyclops, Einstein, Grendel & more. Accompanied by hundreds of captivating sketches, Mini-Comics, Drawing Tips, Facts, and Spoofs. ... more
  • E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams Part Two

    by Roye Okupe
    Featured on CNN, The Guardian, NBC & more, E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams Part 2 is a science-fiction, superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic 2025 Africa. Part 2 continues to chronicle the journey of Wale Williams a.k.a EXO, who was last seen hanging on for dear life after his first encounter with the incredibly powerful and sinister Oniku, leader of the extremist group, The CREED. After his shocking revelation, Oniku now has all he needs to launch a crippling attack at the he... more
  • E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams Part One

    by Roye Okupe
    Featured on CNN, FORBES, BBC and more, E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams Part 1 is a science fiction superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic, 2025 Africa! The 136 page graphic novel follows the journey of Wale Williams, an impetuous young adult who inherits a suit with super powers after his father goes missing. Tricked into returning home to Lagoon City, Nigeria following a five year absence, Wale embarks on a journey to investigate his father s mysterious disappearance. As he co... more
  • Heavy Sketches Among Worldly Distractions

    by Red Rohl

    Zombies, pizza, aliens, video games, and the apocalypse … these are just a few of the worldly distractions that capture Red’s wandering mind. After 25 years of sketching and a history of never finishing projects, Red finally focuses - creating the ultimate graphic novel anthology unlike any seen before.

    The pages are jam-packed full of engaging stories on Vikings, pirates, Lincoln, Greek Mythology, TV & more. Accompanied by hundreds o... more

  • 100 Years from Now Our Bones Will Be Different

    by Anand Vedawala & Lawrence McWilliams (Illustrator)

    Chronicling the history of a fictional African American family from 1915 to 2015 through their own epitaphs and illustrated portraits, 100 YEARS is the complex, beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking story of a family set against the backdrop of a changing country. The stories and voices range from regretful recollections of potential not fully reached to hope for a newborn's future. While each entry is distinct and self-contained, they all come together to tell an overall narrative. When ... more

  • True Life (Legends of Tye Series), Vol. 1: Fate Calls

    by R.J. Tolson

    Set 9 years before the events of Zephyr the West Wind, True Life, the first part of the Legends of Tye spin off series, is the story of Venn, a 17-year-old boy born into the poor Astra Clan. Highly valued for their glowing, crimson, orange eyes that gave the clan members the ability to see the mystical energy known as Aura, Astras were often snatched and enslaved for their "Aura Eyes". Secluding themselves from the world, the Astra Clan founded a small, remote village so as to conce... more

  • Reverie: The First 5 Years

    by Mario and Isabel Lucero
    Over 100 Pages of comics! One hundred and two, to be exact. And around 50 pages of extras! This book contains over 100 comics, published between 2010 to 2015, as well as never before released concept art and behind-the-scenes information. "The First 5 Years" of Reverie were compiled to celebrate Heaven Sent Gaming's 10th Anniversary. Reverie is a webcomic strip by Mario and Isabel Lucero of Heaven Sent Gaming.
  • Baggywrinkles: A Lubber's Guide to Life at Sea

    by Lucy Bellwood
    Welcome to the world of Baggywrinkles—a rollicking, educational survey of maritime lore, built around cartoonist Lucy Bellwood's time aboard tall ships. From the scourge of scurvy to the exhilaration of climbing the rigging for the first time, Lucy's comics bring the reader into a world of high seas history and informative adventure with "a sheer and unremitting sense of joy" [Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier].
  • Tails of Imagination: Ordinary Pets, Extraordinary Adventures

    by Robin Wiesneth

    The dogs and cats at Four Paws and a Purr animal shelter dream about finding a new home some day. Of course they have other dreams as well - crazy, colorful dreams full of adventure...

  • Infant Syringes: Vol. 1

    infant syringes is the book that entails a nonlinear sequence of events involving "yandelarion",his grandmother ( both of which are pieces of fried chicken), blue waffles (literally), the police, and more.
  • Watson and Holmes - Volume #2

    by Brandon Perlow
    Watson and Holmes Volume 2 collects multiple one shot stories of our newest take of the african american detective duo from Harlem. Volume 2 brings stories from Lyndsay Faye, the writer of Dust and Shadow, Gods of Gotham, and Seven for A Secret reinterprets a classic short story and Irene Adler in modern New York City. Brandon Easton writes a compelling story of the murder of a politician's wife in conjunction with sex slavery. Steven Grant the creator of "2 Guns" and Hannibal Tabu write a story... more
  • The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey GN

    by Erik Shein
    In a small New England town called Foggy Point. At 1313 Road to Nowhere. Secluded behind massive stone walls. Lies a Gothic Mansion. A home to a most usually family and their menagerie of protected strange exotic and 'non existing' legendary creatures called the Monsterjunkies. Follow the adventure as teenagers Crow and Indigo are confronted with harsh "bullying" from their high school peers for being "different". Simply because of their "odd" personal style and their strange funny name. But mos... more
  • Monsterwood Book1: Arrival

    by Jason Rosen
    When an evil regent in the mythical kingdom of Magog threatens to destroy anything and everyone who stands between him and ultimate power, a cynical teen who has spent his life avoiding trouble finds himself smack in the middle of it…running for his life towards a destiny he could never have imagined.