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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • The Good Bug Book...

    by Paul Calabrese
    In The Bad Bug Book, the author Paul Calabrese introduces us to annoying pests that bug us terribly but have no fear**The Good Bug Book (and Other Cool Creatures) is here. The Good Bug Book looks at good bugs that are beneficial to our environment, and it also looks at other cool creatures that benefit our lives in some way every day.
  • Suzie Slither's Slippery Slide

    by Wanda Birchler
    Suzie Slither’s Slippery Slide is the adventurous story of a fun-loving, curious farm snake, who learns a valuable lesson about not procrastinating too long about doing something as important as finding a place to hibernate when she gets caught above ground in an early snowstorm. This book follows the first Suzie Slither book. Which teaches children it's good to try new and different foods sometimes.
  • Wood Cake

    by Luke Séguin-Magee

    Wood Cake is the story of a tree named Gree who searches for talkative friends to invite to his tea party.

  • Scary Story

    by Kittykat
  • Reco Comics Presents

    by Earl Phelps
    Reco Comic Presents: This premier graphic novel introduces two titles, Boxing Chronicles and Alucard. Chronicles has a story titled, “The Rising Contender” which centers around a young professional boxer fighting his way to the top with his first main event in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio. His opponent not known to him is the older brother of girlfriend. Alucard is a story of Babátúndé Alucard an African who was bitten by Dracula while in a fight with him over 200 years ago transforming him... more
  • Psychic Boy Samuel

    by Beau Breems
    In a world of swords and sorcery lies the verdant land of Varien, home to a young boy named Samuel who is about to discover he has an extraordinary gift - the power of Psychokinesis! (Y'know, the ability to move things with his mind and stuff.) However, Samuel's newfound abilities will soon be put to the test as he is swept into an adventure to save his homeland from an evil army known as the Cobras! But don't worry, he's not alone; With a colorful group of friends that include dragons, were... more
  • Wizard Pickles

    by Chuck Whelon

    Wizard Pickles is an exciting new kind of fantasy puzzle adventure book for kids. It’s primarily targeted towards elementary school readers, but is designed to appeal to search book fans and puzzle solvers of of all ages.

    Wizard Pickles tells the story of young Mazie Pickles and her aunt Wilma who works as a wizard up at the local castle. Every page in the book is filled with different picture puzzles for readers to solve. They range from simple search-and-find activities to ... more

  • Super Daddy Bedtime Questions: An illustrated Super Bedtime Story for Super Daddies and their Super Sons...

    by Nicolas Pavlou
    A funny illustrated question and answer session between a young boy and his daddy just before bedtime! The boy asks his daddy whether he has various superpowers and gets sweet and funny responses... e.g. "Daddy can you fly?" "No, but I can throw you way up high!" This is a great bedtime story and offers a great bonding opportunity and great fun between a father and a son! Perhaps being a dad really is a superpower!
  • The Flying Bullet #1

    by Christopher Love

    WHAT IF!!! there was a film starring an African American hero.  I imagine the hero would be based on real African American heroes of that era.  The Tuskegee Airmen were heroes of the highest caliber who fought discrimination and the right to defend a country that didn't always defend them.

    So now I have my hero, LT Curt Masters, a Tuskegee Airman, who is kidnapped by a UFO and goes on the high octane sci-fi adventure  and exploring what it is to be a man and a human b... more

  • PIEP / ISBN 978-1-78222-379-5

    by Beatrice Gentry
    A story for children about tolerance and diversity. Piep is a mixed creature. Her Daddy is a sheep and her Mom is a pig. Piep is very happy and has no idea that the pigs tell their children not to play with her, cause sheep are so boring. On the other hand, the older sheep only see in Piep the dirty pig.... The kids do not take it seriously and they eventually teach the parents a lesson: That even though, she might look different and does things different, she is one of them and has much more i... more
  • My Sun Is In My Pocket

    by Mr. Amro Haider Abu-Hmaidan
    A fabulous story that takes you back to the age of cavemen, and follows the story of a strong willed young boy who goes through tough times & overcomes lots of hurdles to get himself and his mother to safety. A great story about the importance of believing in ones self.
  • The Caramel Dragon and the Knights of Candy Kingdom

    by Amr Abu-Hmaidan
    Join us in our trip to a magical dreamy world filled with wonder «The Candy Kingdom». And get to know the Caramel Dragon, King Lollipop and the Knights of Candy Land. The goal of this story is to explain in a simple way to kids the value of delayed gratification; as scientific studies showed that understanding this value is one of the critical factors to academic achievement in school and success later in life.
  • Silly Animal Stories for Kids

    by Denis Hayes
    Do creatures really behave like this? Of course they do. Spike the Spider is a resourceful business man with a bothersome family. Ozzie Ostrich has an identity crisis. If he`s a bird why can`t he fly and sing? Ellie the adorable baby elephant is vain and Sebastion Seagull is afraid. See how they survive along with many other characters. The stories continue with Silly Fishy Stories for Kids and Silly Ghost Stories for Kids. Meet Stella Starfish who`s stagestruck and Ollie Octopus who can`t co... more
  • Super Power ABC's

    by Fred Herring
    In Super Power ABC's you will learn the alphabet while meeting members of the GO Team! and learning about their amazing super powers. Exciting characters and dynamic art make this a fun book for both parents and kids. Super Power ABC's is a great way to introduce the world of superheroes to young children while giving them a fun learning experience.
  • Hamilton Troll Coloring & Activity Book

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    In celebration of a successful start to a wonderfully educational children's book series we have created the 100+ page coloring and activity book to go along with the series. Makes a perfect add-to gift for any occasion. Inside you will find: - Coloring Pages - Games & Mazes - Word Searches - Find the Differences - Connect the Dots - Hidden Message - How to Draw... - Color By Numbers - Educational Content - Did You Know F... more
  • Killer On The Roof

    by D. Bradford Gambles
    Killer On The Roof is about Bobby McMillan, a young boy living a pleasant, average life with his Father and his best friend Ravi in the quiet town of Claris Hills. But when an unexpected visitor arrives and takes up residence on the roof, Bobby has to fight against all odds to keep his family together. Killer On The Roof is the first graphic novel by independent comics creator D. Bradford Gambles.