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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Once In A Blue Moon. The Return Of The Gargoyles

    by January May
    Tired of the Gargoyles destroying their homes, the Fairies of Fairy Glen ask the bumbling Wizard McShoogle for help. Armed with a potion and a few jumbled words, they banish the Gargoyles until the moon turns blue. And what’s the chance of that happening? Present day - Ben age 7 and Megan age 9 think the moon looks blue! When their grandmother unexpectedly arrives in Aberdeen, they discover she’s a Witch. Can they stop Russel and his ghastly Gargoyles taking over Aberdeen - before... more
  • Books for Kids: A Tale About a Tail: Bedtime, anytime story about self-esteem, friendship, loyalty and what really matters in li

    by Elena Staniv
    Moon Glow is a vain little fish who dreams about a bigger and more beautiful tail. Evading sharp tooth hunter fish and a fierce fire-breathing dragon, Moon Glow finds her way to the Great Sea Witch, who can make her dream come true. Come join Moon Glow on her brave adventure as she makes new friends, confronts enemies, overcomes obstacles and finally loves herself the way she is.
  • Giovanni (the Great)

    by Pauline Furmanczyk-Winogron
    On a warm and lazy summer evening in a little Italian district on Empress Street, two very important things occur: ten-year-old Antonio D’Angelo receives the birthday gift he always wanted: A new violin. And down the hall, the Ciccione parents receive the gift of a new baby boy who they name Giovanni. Determined to become a great violinist, Antonio overcomes a physical handicap and quickly reaches a skill level far beyond his years, despite his jealous violin instructor’s efforts to prevent Anto... more
  • Aunty Kate's Short Stories

    by Catherine Dorsette
    Aunty Kate’s Short Stories take you on an exciting adventure into the lives of some very memorable characters. Though from diverse places and backgrounds, their mischievous acts, sleuthing skills, humility and bedside manner will remind readers of the values of good neighborliness, kindness and honesty.
  • Anthology of Weekly Writing Prompts

    by Catherine Dorsette
    Riveting and full of suspense, Anthology of Weekly Writing Prompts takes the reader into the lives of very remarkable characters. Their deepest emotions of joy, happiness, sadness and loss are felt as their stories come alive on the pages. Very well written and thought-provoking, you will meet characters whom you will never forget! Be prepared to read and actually enjoy it!
  • Fish On! (Lucky Luke's Hunting Adventures)

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    The fifth book in the Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventure series is a fishing book boiling with adventure. A perfect day on a magical lake filled with fish. The smell of pine trees, the bright sunshine, a nice breeze: the stage is set for a great adventure! Join Luke at his grandparents' lake cabin, tucked way back in the woods, as he experiences an amazing morning of fishing. Luke has to find the hot spots, pick the right lures, and chase a lunker that steals his lucky Basserino. It's the kind of ... more
  • The Adventures of Piratess Tilly: Easter Island

    by Elizabeth Lorayne
    Written in the poetic form of haiku and illustrated in watercolors, this exciting tale invites you again to come adventuring with budding naturalist Piratess Tilly, captain of the research ship Foster. Yuki, her rescued koala friend, and her crew of orphaned international boys are on their way to the most remote island in the world, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), where Piratess Tilly will dive to study local fish. While exploring the mysterious monolithic statues and ruins, they happen upon a smuggli... more
  • Yumi's Extraordinary Collection

    by Elsa Takaoka
    "Yumi's Extraordinary Collection" is the story of Yumi who was born into a family of collectors who pride themselves with their eccentric and wacky collections. The long line of proud collectors grows and grows until… she comes along. The bond between one generation of collectors and the next takes an unexpected twist with the birth of Yumi, who unlike the rest was not born a natural collector. She is determined to find not just any collection but a truly extraordinary collection. With help from... more
  • Xalien the Purple Alien

    by Michelle Path
    Xalien the Purple Alien crashes to Earth and is befriended by three children who teach her all about Earthly ways. Xalien's adventure will entertain and educate children, showing them the value of friendship, tolerance and shared experiences.
  • Odd Family Out

    by Nick Nwaogu

    In 'Odd Family Out', Nick Nwaogu tells over a score of short-stories about his unusually odd family, using twenty-five chapters to introduce twenty-five fictional family members with contrasting personalities, including a fictional version of himself. The book starts with the introduction of his mother. "I always knew I came from a very odd family. There was mother—too short, too old-fashion, too simple, and too intelligent for a woman with no University education." He... more

  • Tom the Good Luck Black Cat

    by Kirk Aurandt
    A baseball short story for young readers. Relive the exciting 1925 World Series between the Washington Senators and the Pittsburgh Pirates with Tom, a black cat from Butler, Pennsylvania, as he overcomes adversity to help the Pittsburgh Pirates come back from the brink of elimination to win their second World Series Championship in team history. Inspired by a true story.
  • Dragon Dan and Sparky 978-0-985600-457

    by Stephen C Ives
    Father and son Dragons hunting for mushrooms. They encounter many adventures during the day and attend a race of frogs water skiing on a lake and the story ends inside a cave. Where they have a party. A wonderful story that includes Chipmunks , a Crow and Frogs.
  • Dahler & Nicholls Fight Crime! (Crime Wins)

    by Dixie J Whitted
    The humorous cartoon adventures of two hapless heroes, Dahler & Nicholls, dedicated officers of the law, who, with the aid of their intrepid four-legged assistant Horatio, try their level best to "make the streets safe for decent citizens." Sometimes they succeed... A cute comic - imagine if "Dick Tracy" had been drawn by Abbott & Costello or Laurel & Hardy. Over 120 full-page B&W illustrations fill the pages, cover to cover. (The paperback edition conveniently doubles as a coloring bo... more
  • Blues Harp Green

    by Nicole Schubert
    The second Francie met Chet, her poetic memory danced. Meet Francie Mills. She’s 16. Lives in the boring burbs of L.A. Is super determined and hopeful. And wants one thing: to be an amazing tennis player. Because if something exponentially, brilliantly wonderful like that happened, like winning the U.S. Open or even getting to nationals, everything would be okay. Her life. Her family. Her. She would matter. Be part of something important. And wouldn’t have to feel so unbearably sad and alone ... more
  • Chico Boy: A Novel

    by Gina Hooten Popp

    Life isn’t easy when you have as many obstacles to overcome as fourteen-year-old Chico Boy has in his life. For starters, his Dad left over a year ago and he’s fallen behind in school. And even though his mother works hard at her waitressing job, she’s barely able to cover the family’s expenses. Things like new underwear and tennis shoes fall far down on the list of essentials when compared to gas, food and rent. And now to top it all off, he and his best friend Talula... more

  • Alex and her clubhouse friends

    by Laura and Roshonda Simmons
    They discover teamwork, hard work and make another friend that helps them create a clubhouse of fun.