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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ghost Warrior: An adventure story of 3 boys and Tippy the Wonder Dog who, under the guidance of Coyote Three Toes, a real Washoe

  • Emma's All Gloom As She Cleans Her Room!

    by Dana Wall and Amber Wall
    Emma's All Gloom As She Cleans Her Room! is about Emma doing what she hates the most - cleaning her room. Not only does she have to have it so clean her mom can see the floor, but she has to learn about conjunctions for a test tomorrow. Wizard Jake isn't afraid of a little hard work. He shows her how to have fun cleaning her room and learning conjunctions all at once. Can she get it all done before she gets in trouble with her mom? Or will her true friend Wizard Jake whip her into shape?
  • Emma Jane Goes On A Plane!

    by Dana Wall and Amber Wall
    Emma Jane Goes On A Plane! is about Emma and a plane, which is the last place she ever wants to be! Emma is terrified of the lightning and the thunder, especially since she's going to Colorado, where the weather is often unpredictable. Although Wizard Jake lack sympathy for Emma's fear, he is always there to teach easy grammar. Metaphors and similes are making Emma burst, but Wizard Jake takes her mind off the plane ride and puts it to good use while she learns an important lesson in grammar.
  • Emma Beams During a Wonderful Dream!

    by Dana Wall and Amber Wall
    Emma Beams During A Wonderful Dream! is about Emma and Wizard Jake going on another adventure. This time, Emma has a dream about the dog she's always wanted, a Dalmatian. She's actually getting one. Always on the hook for easy grammar, Emma must learn about superlatives and comparatives. She is so lucky to have Wizard Jake, who is so knowledgeable around.
  • Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs

    by Susan Schaefer Bernardo
    Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is a beautiful picture book with a simple but powerful message: love lasts forever. Lyrical writing and delightful illustrations provide perfect bedtime reading for any child. The book is also ideal for supporting children through grief, separation anxiety, divorce, illness or other traumatic situations, by wrapping them in a warm and comforting emotional security blanket and opening a dialogue on the nature of love. Even when loved ones cannot be with us, we can feel their... more
  • My Journey To Crazyland

    by Suse Wilcox
    Justine is a young teen who doesn't seem to fit in with her family. She is about to leave for summer camp when she is inadvertently led on an unusual adventure by a raccoon. Her journey takes her to a place called Crazyland and to Lost and Found Island where she is challenged to identify the influential messages that shape the person she is. She encounters Donovan, a grotesque and manipulative creature, who subjects her to spiritual dilemmas that put the direction of her life at risk.
  • The Girl Who Hated Australia

    by Jack Thompsen

    "I hate Australia!" Jorie proclaimed."But you've never been to Australia!" Her mother exclaimed.Australia? Surely her father had mispronounced.What on earth was in Australia?Jorie knew it was a place very far away,and the more she thought, the more she was certain she'd rather just stay.

    Whether it's the first day at a new school or a big move, things that are new or unknown to us can seem scary. Big changes have a way of causing anxiety and everyone... more

  • Bullies, Coasters, Hermits, and Heroes

    by Suse Wilcox
    Summer vacation is supposed to be full of fun and adventure, right? Sarah and Jamie would agree. They have just stepped off the school bus and are eager to put their summer plans into action. And their plans would have worked smoothly if they didn't have to contend with the hermit and the neighborhood bully as well as extraordinary circumstances. Join Sarah and Jamie during their summer adventure, and be part of their quest for heroes and for answers to some of the perplexities of life.
  • Lucy Finds a Home

    by Rolynda Tassan
  • Stories of Yesteryear: Horse and Buggy Days

    by Stephen Brown
    The New England old colony Plymouth farming community of Fullertown may have a hard scrabble past, but it was never in short supply of reasons to smile. And no one captured the humor and heart in quite the way Harry H. Brown did, a farmer and folklorist who penned the popular story collection, Stories of Yesteryear–Horse and Buggy Days. One of the last of the swamp Yankee storytellers, Brown breathes new life into the now long gone day-to-day world of Pilgrim descendants at the turn of the twe... more
  • Heart of the Nagual

    by P.E. Pence
    Patch and Yacey travel to Central America to learn more about their nagual heritage. With the help of an Albino bling daddy named Michin, they are Swept away in a torrent of non stop action, keeping one step ahead of the dark nagual underground. Now 17, Patch and Yacey travel to Honduras and get caught up in that ageless battle, trying to do their duty while struggling to understand the opposite sex. When Paul disappears, they travel to the land of the Mayas and learn the evil secrets of the... more
  • Eye of the Nagual

    by P.E. Pence
    For 5 millennia, Native Americans relied on tribal guardians called Naguals; humans who transformed into stealthy and powerful animals. They were revered by each tribe as protectors, and were immortalized by their tribal totems. Some naguals could appear before an enemy with weapon in hand and strike, then disappear before their rival hit the ground. On Dec. 21, 2012, at 11:11am, twin brothers are re-born to Professors Paul and Maya McCorckle. This singular event begins the 5th cycle, another 51... more
  • A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path (Volume 1)

    by Cassandra Welch
    Volume I of a 12 short mini series- A Tree with Only One Leaf: The First Page in a Tale that Spans Decades. Raw, Compelling New Series of Short Stories Explores Racial Discord in America  Based on the life and experiences of author Cassandra L Welch, 'A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path' masterfully blends fact with fiction in what is the start of twelve short stories set to educate a generation about not only Welch's achievements, but also illuminate the civil ... more

    by Steve Duman
    Polly B. Roly isn't like the other roly polies. She's a racer. And she's been training for today's race, the Over-the-hill and Leg-burner 10K. But all of the other racers are bigger and faster. Betty Bear. Honey Hamster. Bob Mole. Ollie Ostrich. A Who's Who of the racing world, and they're not afraid to make fun of her as they pass her on the way up the big hill. As a roly poly, Polly has a simple solution: curl up into a ball. But Polly has worked too hard for this. She has to keep going, no... more
  • This Little Piggy

    by Carol Ruth Simon

    Carol Ruth Simon has presented five irresistible portraits of the pigs from the popular children’s nursery rhyme This Little Piggy.

    She has created a sort of written tableau, which invites readers to take a glimpse into a day in the life of each pig. They are all grown up now and not much has changed. We visit with Henry at the market. We see Harry at home tending to his flowers. Hank is throwing a party for charity. Hubert is trying to provide for his huge family. And Hall, the last pi... more

  • The Tower

    by Lynn Yvonne Moon
    Childhood is much more than the simple act of innocent role-playing. Our young are now subjected to physical and emotional abuse from other children face-to-face, as well as, from inside the mysterious cyber-world of social media. Young Pete (Petunia) learns all too fast that life just might not be all that it’s supposed to be – innocent and fun. Instead, she must deal with the daily struggle of whether living is really worth all the pain. She experiences things that adults would have troubl... more