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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Miss E.

    by Brian Herberger
    Being the new kid in town is a way of life for Bets, but moving to California in 1967 is different. Her father leaves for the war in Vietnam, her history teacher gives an assignment that has the whole school searching for clues, and the town's most mysterious resident shares a secret with Bets that has been hidden away for decades. When a peaceful protest spins out of control, Bets is forced to reconsider how she feels about the war her father is fighting and her own role in events taking place ... more
  • The Colors of Love

    by Lauren Rose

    Sarah is a young chick who decides to give her mother the best birthday present she has ever received. Her mother always told her that love is full of many colors. Sarah uses this information to search for her mother's present. Throughout the story Sarah goes on an adventure searching for the 'colors of love'. She meets a few friends along the way who try to explain the colors of love. While on this search Sarah learns a lesson on love and how its colors are found everywhere.

    <... more
  • Lily the Fancipoo SIGNED Hardcover Book

    by Rebekah Phillips
    Lily the Fancipoo is not your average pooch! Meet Lily, an absolutely adorable maltese who has everything in the world she could possibly want...except friends. She learns after a stay in the country with her cousins...that LOVE far outweighs the benefits of material things! Keep your eye out for all the hidden creatures in the book including the adorable "Lottie the Mouse" who makes her appearance once Lily arrives in the country!
  • Piper was Afraid Signed Book

    by Rebekah Phillips

    Piper is an enormous Irish Wolfhound who is afraid of just about everything. With a little love and patience from his family, he realizes it is fear itself holding him back from having fun!

  • Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels

    by Ali Seegar
    Tommy doesn’t feel much like a hero, and who would with an unbearable family, new school ‘blues’ and the threat of the Higgins Twins’ fists on Monday morning. But then a chance meeting with old Mr Petrovsky propels Tommy into a time-travelling, adventure-chasing double life. By day he’s just a normal, messed-up football-loving kid but his nights are spent visiting aliens, fighting mythical creatures and even winning the World Cup! But can he learn to win at school, too? And, when Mr Petrovsky te... more
  • Raul and the Iguana

    by Raul Cisneros
    This is the story about a wayward iguana, which Raul wants to keep as a pet. It does not go well and Raul finds a solution.
  • When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended

    by Peter Cotton
    Fred the friendly snake, newly arrived from the jungle (sent by Jungle Jim) didn't know how to cross the road. He got squashed in two by an ambulance, but was nicely mended at the hospital using a special thread that Jim had to get from beneath a rhinoceros. He will be more careful in future. There are 3 other Fred snake books, all rhyming and beautifully illustrated ( They have won awards and the Bookwatch midwest review said "Move over...Lewis Carroll".
  • The Wonderful World of Wren : The Grimble Grumble Grimble

    by Peter J Shilkin
    One fine day Wren is out and about and happily playing along, When she hears a strange noise and a very woeful song. This is when she meets The Grimble Grumble Grimble for the very first time, Join Wren in her fun adventures that are all detailed in rhyme
  • Spenser's Story of the Constitution

    by Paul Sleman Clark
    The most important document in American history was drafted in 1787 at the State House in Philadelphia. Spenser, the building's caretaker--a cat and a close friend of Ben Franklin--was there to record how 55 delegates from 12 states struggled to write the Constitution. The book records the battles between small states and large states that nearly resulted in failure, and it describes the compromises both sides made to establish our nation.
  • Off the Hook -- A Christmas Ornament Adventure

    by John Arvai III

    Set in a world where a Christmas tree's star is actually a secret transmitter used by Santa Claus to identify all the active Christmas homes throughout the world, two groups of ornaments from opposite sides of their tree must learn to work together to find their missing star before Santa passes their family's house by! Grand prize winner of the Holiday Book Festival and winner of the National Indie Excellence Awards, Off the Hook is an exciting holiday adventure for the entire fa... more

  • The Grandma Star

    by Susan Dudley Gold
    The Grandma Star recounts the death of a beloved grandparent with love and sensitivity. Beautiful illustrations depict a young child’s close relationship with her grandmother and the inevitable loss when that grandparent dies. It also provides comfort and celebration of a wonderful relationship and a life well lived. This book is an essential resource for all children struggling with the death of a loved one. For parents it offers words to comfort their children as they mourn their loss and serv... more
  • Little Laveau - a Magical Bedtime Story

    by Erin Rovin
    Join 'Little Laveau' in this wonderful children's book as she journeys around the magical Louisiana Bayou, helping friends and animals wherever she goes! A perfect bedtime story for those who need a 'little' encouragement along the way. Little Laveau's friend Thomas is having bad dreams and he doesn't know what to do. Luckily Little Laveau has just the cure! "When you have a bad dream gather up all those bad thoughts and put them in a jar. Take that jar and sprinkle those dreams right do... more
  • The Elephants of Art: An Educational Art Story

    by Jo O'Mara
    The Elements of Art are the artist’s guide to creativity: line, shape, color, texture, space, value & form. We use them everyday in everything we do and it’s never to early for children to take notice. The Elephants of Art is the first in a fun series of educational art stories that introduce young kids to these basics and art history as well. This entertaining story will capture different levels of interest for children ages 2 and up. In the first book we meet Little Toulouse, a tiny but tenac... more
  • The Bravest Worrier

    by Angelique Monet
    Zayny is just a girl who can’t escape Worry! Worry follows her everywhere. Worry is loud, messy, rude and full of discouraging words. She can’t eat or sleep and her world is unbearable gloomy place. Until one day Zayny has had enough of missing out on all the fun. She discovers that worry was nothing more than a bully who made her believe she was never good enough. Zayny puts on her armor, digs deep inside of herself and finds the strength to kick worry right out of her life. No... more
  • Starkrimson and the Egg-Keepers (Book 3)

    by Marc-Antonio Deogracias
    Starkrimson is a little demigod with a very big job. He is charged with maintaining the balance between the forces of good and evil of the entire universe, a job he is uniquely suited for since he is actually part god and part devil. From the Garden of Fabulous Fruits, he must travel far and wide, resolving the conflicts and quarrels that arise among the various gods, demons, spirits, and curious supernatural beings that populate the many realms of the universe. Starkrimson manages to do this ... more