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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lanie and the Shark

    by Emily Fairhall
    Lanie and her friends are having a wonderful time together when an unexpected stranger arrives. Potential new friendships, helping others in need, and overturning stereotypes.
  • Christmas in two words -- Not this year: Oops that's three

    by Betty-Maxine
    A CHRISTMAS NOVELLA TO GET YOU INTO THE SEASON’S FEELINGS I was hoping to work through this year’s holiday, but it seemed like the prayers of my family were stronger than my wishes. . . Chidera Brown had a good excuse each year her parents called, asking if she was coming home for Christmas. For the past five years, she had been relying on her job and it got her out of the two weeks of constant meddling in her life. However, when she had her end of year meeting with her boss and recei... more
  • Forever and Ever

    by Payal Sinha
    The book is about a mother's constant love for her child even after her death. Rupali lost her parent at an early age but, her mother Lakshmi continues to be at her side all through the different phases of her life sometimes looking angry, sometimes looking happy, and sometimes as a guardian angel who protects her and her family. The book is filled with flavous of India and you could find elements of humor, romance, family bonding, and the supernatural.
  • Princess Sheba and The color Purple

    by Thakore CoCo ONeal
  • Never Turn the Page Too Soon (Shelf Life Book 1)

    by Leslie R. Henderson
    Abandoned on the donation cart in a bookstore by his author, self-published Little Book is thrust into a strange new world; a world where all the inhabitants come to life at the close of business each day, where danger lurks in every aisle, and unwanted books get fed to the LYONS—an industrial-sized paper shredder. Now, without a shelf space to call his own, and with the Space-Arrangers—the space-keepers of the bookstore—growing increasingly suspicious of him, the new kid on the block, Little... more
  • Lilac Blue

    by Christine Doran
    Sometimes you want to solve the world's really big problems. Other times it's hard enough to solve the problems you caused when you were trying to solve those first ones. Eleven-year-old Lilac is reading her granny's diary hoping for comfort and guidance, but what she finds there raises as more questions than it answers. Was Granny really a spy? Who was the man the the fascinating eyebrows? And what's the story with all the pineapples? Book three of a trilogy for readers aged 9-12, availab... more
  • Lilac in Scarlet

    by Christine Doran
    Sometimes ten-year-old Lilac feels as if she spends her life going from one mortifying event to the next, with barely a pause between. But there's a mystery to solve and a burglar to catch, not to mention her teacher's wedding to plan. Can Lilac and her friends (and ever-faithful Guzzler the dog) save the day? Or will Lilac be scarlet once again? Book two of three, for readers aged 9-12. Available as an e-book or in print.
  • Lilac in Black and White

    by Christine Doran

    Ten-year-old Lilac lives by the sea in Ireland with her big, bounding puppy, Guzzler. Her best friend has moved to Canada, the new girl is afraid of dogs, and her teacher is a nun with eyebrows like caterpillars. When her class takes a trip to the local aquarium Lilac comes up with a mission, and while her town rallies to raise money for the building, she and her friends embark on a crusade to rescue the penguins.

    Book one of three. For confident readers aged 9-12. Available a... more

  • Dark Alley

    by Mike Anka

    Dramatic circumstances bring together two people, and there is a spark between them. She is fourteen, homeless, smart, wild, and alive. Meanwhile, he is forty, a veteran, straight and slim, decent but “dead inside,” with his life on hold.

    After some more dire developments, he loses her, but his determination manages to reconnect him with her on her own dangerous and temporary turf – the dark alleys of a sordid downtown hood.

    With hard work and open minds, they fo... more

  • Brian and the Storm: A Young Boy's First Hurricane

    by Van Chesnutt
    When eight year old Brian returns from school one day he is surprised to find his father at home. He is told that a big storm is coming and they need to prepare and that they will likely lose power. Brian and his dog, Penny, are not concerned, they have been through storms before. Or so they think. As Brian and his family prepare for the storm even Penny seems on edge. As they move into the evening and the storm arrives, events unfold that have Brian and his family unsettled. Eventually th... more
  • Putlocker Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free

    by Tanu Saha
    With the growth of smartphones and the evolution of the internet, the popularity of video streaming websites has gone up at a skyrocketing speed. Almost every user uses his phone to watch online TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, such movie streaming apps come with a subscription fee. Thankfully there are few websites like Putlocker sites that offer online movies for free. Until recent times Putlocker sites were considered as a synonym for streaming websites for Movies.
  • Jungle Dream: Includes activities and Coloring sheets. (1)

    by Nickoli Bhola
    Follow Zachary through his Jungle Dream, where he encounters creatures of his own imagination.
  • Mr. B's Great Adventures

    by Michael C. Brown (Mr. B)
    The Mr. B's Great Adventures series, by debut author Michael C. Brown (Mr. B), is the perfect way to introduce reading into your home! His stories, quickly engage readers by using simple language and amazing characters brought to life by distinguished Arizona artist, Nancy Troupe. Look up in the sky! See the helicopter! Toddlers and parents quickly discover the irresistible appeal of Troupe's wacky characters. In Head in the Arizona Clouds, they see--and come to know Mr. B--through delightful... more
  • Wholesale human hair

    by Adorable Hair Suppliers
    Adorable Hair Suppliers is a renowned company which offers prominent Wholesale Human Hair at a reasonable price. The experts first understand your trouble then give you that hair extension which can solve your problem. Here you find different types of hairs according to your natural hair like curl, length, smooth and a lot more.
  • The Adventures of Charlie CHipmunk

    by Michael Rubel
    This is a children’s novel that chronicles the struggles of a very young and immature chipmunk that is separated from his family during a violent storm. He must suddenly find his way in a world far different than the protected one he enjoyed with his family. Food and shelter are priorities, and as he grows, a home of his own is part of the overarching theme; to find a mate and create a family of his own. The reader will understand the importance of making good friends and decisions in life, wh... more
  • August Raven - The Tale of a Girl Pirate

    by LeAnn L. Morgan
    Fifteen-year old Morganna runs away from an abusive home to search for her blood father, a man she’s never met. Fearful she’ll be recognized by locals, she disguises herself as a boy. Hitching a ride from a fisherman, Morganna crosses the Bristol Channel to Goldcliff, Wales, where she hopes to find her father. She is astounded when the fisherman divulges her father is a famous Welsh privateer, the fearsome Captain Henry Blackwell. Morganna, now August Raven, finds the captain, quite by accid... more