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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Strength for the Disheartened: Motivational Poems

    by Brenda Mohammed
    STRENGTH FOR THE DISHEARTENED: MOTIVATIONAL POEMS is the author's debut collection of Motivational and Inspirational Poems. This collection is intended to empower the disheartened, discouraged, and persons who have lost faith in life and people, and lack self-esteem. It is the poet's wish that the poems will renew faith in the lives of the disheartened and be a light unto their path.
  • That Pesky Pickle Gets New Glasses

    by Jamie Cannon
    This is a tale about one pickle’s journey to become the best. With hidden surprises springing out at every turn, That Pesky Pickle Gets New Glasses shares the secret to being exceptionally extraordinary. In his pursuit of excellence, that pesky pickle encounters startling adversity and thrilling adventure. What happens when he discovers that being the best is not as grand as he expected?That Pesky Pickle Gets New Glasses is the second installment in the bestselling That Pesky Pickle series. With... more
  • That Pesky Pickle

    by Jamie Cannon
    That Pesky Pickle shares his adventures, mishaps, and struggles in this endearing story of facing your fears. After That Pesky Pickle gets lost, he encounters adversity that throws him off course - but in the journey, he meets a new friend and learns what it really means to be brave. Children and parents will love the message that often, what we fear turns out to be much different than expected.
  • Technootech

    by manish kumar
    My name is manish kumar. I am working with Technootech from last 2 years. Technoo Tech is a leading Digital marketing, PPC, and Guest post services providing company. We help you to grow your business keeping current trends and technologies in mind.
  • The Underground Kings

    by Bryan Williams
    It's June 2037. You want to be special, but you’re just a bummed out nineteen-year-old guy and life just hit you in the face. You’re average, dull, and lazy. So much in fact, you’ve never finished anything difficult in your entire life. You’re scared to grow up. You’re not ready to make it alone. You aren’t strong enough. Then, you meet the one person that changes everything. The person who proves you can do it. That you can do the things everyone says you can’t do, not because it’s impossib... more
  • Halloween Coloring and Activity Book: The Underground Toy Society

    by Jessica D. Adams
    Do you know what your toys are up to during Halloween? Kids will enjoy the fun games, mazes, writing prompts, and coloring pages inside this coloring and activity book.
  • Collection of Children's Stories

    The world is made of stories which give children the magical wings to visit an imaginary world. While enjoying the stories, they also learn new things much before they experience them in real life. This book has a collection of short stories which I narrated to my 9 year old as bedtime stories and motivated him to write them down. Once we had a good collection and after few rounds of editing together, we decided to publish them. He visualized and drew the illustrations himself using his colore... more
  • The Fourth Adventures of Thelma Thistle and Her Friends - The Birthday Book

    by Joyce Crawford
    Thelma and her friends watch wide-eyed as the Molly, the little girl next door has a birthday party. Thelma wants a birthday party, but Mother said thistles do not have birthday parties, only people have birthday parties. Thelma is heartbroken. Thelma’s friends, who love her very much, decide they will give Thelma a birthday party. But what does a Bunny, a beetle, a crow, a mouse and a raccoon know about putting on a birthday party. Read how the friends evaluate the challenge, organize and ... more
  • The Third Adventures of Thelma Thistle and Her Friends

    by Joyce Crawford
    Thelma has a very hard job to do. She must admit to Cory Crow that she was unkind to him and apologize. She is happy when Cory accepts her apology. Cory says with pride, “So now we are five. Five best friends.” Thelma and her friends, Beetle, Bunny, Cory Crow and Adam Mouse meet Rudy Raccoon. The event leading up to the meeting is not happy. Bunny is very upset. During the night, someone threw litter in front of her burrow. Adam said he saw who did it. He does not want to tattle on a f... more
  • Seven Circles of Light: How They Were Born and What They Became

    by Maryann Lucas
    Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet aren’t just the colors of the rainbow anymore! In this imaginative, read-aloud book, they are the colorful protagonists who live quite contentedly in a state of pure bliss—that is, until they get zapped by a desire for more. With a giant leap of faith, the newly energized orbs follow their calling, and launch themselves into the great adventure of becoming real. Join them as they awaken to a whole new world. Read along as they discover clues... more
  • Sister Goat

    by Antonina Novarese
    This is a new adaptation of an Eastern European folktale for children aged 3-6. Two siblings are lost in an enchanted forest. Evil magic holds young Olena at the bottom of the lake, and her younger sister is turned into a goat by a cunning witch. When an even greater danger threatens her sister, Olena finds the strength to defeat the spell.
  • McKinney Fence Company

    by Madison Cawthorn
    With our Mckinney Fence And Arbor Pro, we serve you only the best. Services like residential & Commercial fencing are done here. We provide the best fence solutions at reasonable costs and best service performance. You can always contact us.
  • The Jackass

    by Thomas Stimson
    Fifteen-year old Mario is the Jackass of Puerto de Santa Maria. His silly songs, tricks and mimicry are an embarrassment to his widowed father with many mouths to feed. Considered old enough to learn a trade, Papa hires Mario out to a trading ship, bound across the ocean to New Spain. While collecting water and coconuts, the landing crew is attacked and Mario becomes the lone captive of the Jaguar People. He is soon transported to the capital city and traded to the King. As the Royal Fool,... more
  • Jumbo Giant Sausages

    by Julian Hilton
    Six sausages escape the pan and set out to demolish the home! Who might be licking their lips in time to stop the rampage? After sausages One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six plan to escape the pan, they begin their messy acts of revenge. What did they do to Mum's new party dress? Where did Six put all the ice creams? If they’re not stopped, the house could be ruined! But someone is sniffing them out, just as the sausages are planning their most terrible deed… Will they find out that ... more
  • Brayden the Brave

    by Michelle Bradshaw
    It is a dark and spooky night and Brayden and Chloe are not ready to go to sleep, so they decide to tell ghost stories. “Time for bed,” announces Brayden’s Mom causing them to both jump and scream. After Brayden’s Mom turns off the light and closes the door a loud sound is heard from across the house. Brayden and Chloe decide to investigate. Go on this spooky adventure with Brayden and Chloe as Chloe helps Brayden learn that he is Brayden the brave and he is braver than he thinks he is.