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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • I Feel...Different

    by DJ Corchin
    I Feel...Different, joins DJ Corchin's popular I Feel... children's book series to help teach kids how our differences are what makes us special. The book explores feeling alone or different because of the way one might act, believe, or look. Like the other books in the series, the simple, silly illustrations help engage a child and start a discussion. The use of solid colors and expressions capture the eye and a mix of vocabulary allows for young readers to be successful.
  • I Feel...Too!

    by DJ Corchin
    From the author of I Feel... comes the exciting follow up, I Feel...Too! Did you ever notice the more you make others feel good, the better you feel yourself? This play on the original I Feel... book helps kids understand the importance of taking time to compliment others and the personal reward for doing so. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
  • I Feel...

    by DJ Corchin
    From the author of You Got A Boogie, I Feel... is another simple, silly book that's a great way for kids to talk about and discover it's alright to feel different emotions. The witty and childlike illustrations are easy to have fun with making faces along with the reader! Sometimes wordy descriptions of emotions get in the way of their real meaning. A look can go a long way in teaching children about feelings. Use I Feel... to start a discussion, or just have fun reading with your child!
  • Strings

    by DJ Corchin
    From the author of the celebrated I Feel... Children's Book series comes a heartwarming message about friendship and moving away. Leaving your friends or family is never easy, but that doesn't mean you're alone. STRINGS shares that no matter where you might go, you're always connected.
  • Thunderfeet

    by DJ Corchin
    IMAGINATION IS THE GREATEST SUPERPOWER! Join Thunderfeet, Captain Boogie, Mystic Runner, The Builder, and more as you read this SUPER kid's book! Did you ever dress up and pretend to have superpowers? Of course you did!
  • A Thousand NO's

    by DJ Corchin
    Creating something new isn’t easy. She has a great idea! NO after NO after NO come her way twisting, squishing, and transforming it. By persevering, collaborating, and using a little bit of imagination, the NO’s become building blocks to something better! Even the best ideas are said NO to. In fact, that’s how they become the best ideas! A Thousand NO’s is a story about perseverance and innovation that illustrates what can happen if we don’t let our expectations of what something should be, ge... more
  • You Got a Boogie

    by DJ Corchin
    You Got a Boogie brings to life the little nostril monsters that cause so much mischief. This book provides a hilarious opportunity to speak with your child about telling someone the truth because you care about them. Would you let your sister get married with a boogie? What if your dentist had one dangling above you? The silly full-color illustrations will have you laughing and the light-hearted message is a wonderful lesson for your kids.
  • Sam & the Jungle Band

    by DJ Corchin
    Sam is a monkey who plays the guitar. He's the only monkey who plays the guitar. But why do no other types of animals come to hear him play? Sam sets out to find the answer. Along the way he meets a few new musical friends: a gigantic, yellow, drum set-playing elephant; a ssssnake who sssslaps the basssssss; a macaw who plays the congas; an electric guitar-shredding tiger; and The Professor, a mysterious tarsier rock'n the piano. Join the group as they learn to play together, and Sam learns the ... more
  • Mystical Rules for My Magical Daughter

    by DJ Corchin
    If you come across a troll, give it a cupcake. MYSTICAL RULES FOR MY MAGICAL DAUGHTER is a set of rules for the magically inclined, illustrated with a sense of wonderment by children's author DJ Corchin. These beautiful, metaphorical life lessons are to be passed down from magical generation to magical generation. How else will your grandchild know that if they find a unicorn, it's not theirs to keep?
  • "The Prodigal Platypus"

    by Lisa Griffin
    Told in a rhyming pattern reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, the eBook tells the story of Peleg the prodigal platypus, his father, older brother and a grub worm sidekick, who travels with the rebellious platypus on his \tadventures. Along the way, Peleg meets three fun-loving ducks who help him squander his inheritance on worldly ways, then become “fair-feathered” friends.   What’s a young platypus to do when he finally comes to his senses?!   Children will enjoy looking for Peleg’s grub worm p... more
  • Poppy

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    A young woman makes the terrible discovery that the man she idolizes is not her father. Worse, he won both her mother and her in a card game. Emma Kay is devastated and unable to handle the news. A look at Life and Love in Alaska.
  • Duke's Code

    by Renee Le Verrier
    For Duke and his friends, Jason and Melissa, the thrill of hacking into computer systems was simply that they could. It was like slipping into a double-locked room through a crack in the floor board. They didn’t steal or infect anything while they were there; they just wanted to hang out and look around without anyone knowing they were there. Not anymore. Not since Avanti Chemical Corporation led a jury to wrongly convict Duke Stanton’s father of embezzlement. Determined to clear his fathe... more
  • Lindsay's Lesson

    by Walt Bayless
    It's a beautiful day in the jungle, and the creatures there notice a brand new visitor from the outside. She looks pretty unhappy, and now it's up to Baby Apu to spread some of his simple wisdom from the wild, hopefully to let the sun shine into Lindsay's heart once again. But the best news of all is that the happy magic was there inside her all along. For children and adults alike, Lindsay's Lesson is a beautiful reminder to everyone that who they are is just exactly who they ought to be.
  • Heaven's Magic Bubble Machine

    by T. L. Yuki
    Heaven's Magic Bubble Machine introduces Tommy and his dog Milo. Tommy misses his grandmother who has gone to Heaven. One day when Tommy is visiting his neighbor Miss Ellie, she tells him about the well kept secret of Heaven's Magic Bubble Machine. Tommy learns that everyone in Heaven send magic bubbles with hugs and kisses in them to their loved ones- from little babies to beloved pets. Join Tommy as he learns about magic bubbles and the that love transcends the boundaries between Heave... more
  • Brinley Discovers Santa

    by Brooke Smith
    Riding the bus home one day, Brinley is teased for believing in Santa Claus. Pondering the words that were said, Brinley chooses to face the facts and along with the support of Mom, makes a choice that ultimately changes the spirit of Santa forever - and for the better! In this story, Brinley faces some hard facts and makes a choice to participate in random acts of kindness, and to carry forward the true spirit of Santa every day.
  • Armed & Delicious

    by Nathan Aylor
    Love, crime... and pizza. "Sparky" Lagala had become accustomed to a mediocre high-school existence spent dreaming of things he could never have--the girl, the car, and the respect. That is until the day he's hired as the roadside mascot for Tino's Pizza in Portland, Oregon, and discovers that his mysterious employer is, in fact, a major player in a foodie-based crime syndicate. It isn't long before Sparky finds himself taken in by a constellation of unique and ruthless characters, who ... more