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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lindsay's Lesson

    by Walt Bayless
    It's a beautiful day in the jungle, and the creatures there notice a brand new visitor from the outside. She looks pretty unhappy, and now it's up to Baby Apu to spread some of his simple wisdom from the wild, hopefully to let the sun shine into Lindsay's heart once again. But the best news of all is that the happy magic was there inside her all along. For children and adults alike, Lindsay's Lesson is a beautiful reminder to everyone that who they are is just exactly who they ought to be.
  • Heaven's Magic Bubble Machine

    by T. L. Yuki
    Heaven's Magic Bubble Machine introduces Tommy and his dog Milo. Tommy misses his grandmother who has gone to Heaven. One day when Tommy is visiting his neighbor Miss Ellie, she tells him about the well kept secret of Heaven's Magic Bubble Machine. Tommy learns that everyone in Heaven send magic bubbles with hugs and kisses in them to their loved ones- from little babies to beloved pets. Join Tommy as he learns about magic bubbles and the that love transcends the boundaries between Heave... more
  • Brinley Discovers Santa

    by Brooke Smith
    Riding the bus home one day, Brinley is teased for believing in Santa Claus. Pondering the words that were said, Brinley chooses to face the facts and along with the support of Mom, makes a choice that ultimately changes the spirit of Santa forever - and for the better! In this story, Brinley faces some hard facts and makes a choice to participate in random acts of kindness, and to carry forward the true spirit of Santa every day.
  • Armed & Delicious

    by Nathan Aylor
    Love, crime... and pizza. "Sparky" Lagala had become accustomed to a mediocre high-school existence spent dreaming of things he could never have--the girl, the car, and the respect. That is until the day he's hired as the roadside mascot for Tino's Pizza in Portland, Oregon, and discovers that his mysterious employer is, in fact, a major player in a foodie-based crime syndicate. It isn't long before Sparky finds himself taken in by a constellation of unique and ruthless characters, who ... more
  • Born From the Ashes

    by Ronesa Aveela
    Illustrated short story. Kerana is spending the summer with her grandmother while her mother is busy with work. Keeping with old traditions, Baba (the grandmother) initiates Kerana as a znahar, an herbal healer, who people often call a witch. Things go wrong when she disobeys her grandmother's warning. In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, families participating in activities, and childr... more
  • The Miracle Stork

    by Ronesa Aveela
    Rada knows little about her Bulgarian heritage because her family doesn't practice their customs. That changes when her grandmother comes to visit. On a trip to the zoo, Rada discovers more than animals. She learns that diversity is not something to be ashamed of. Her grandmother tells her about the traditions of their ancestors and the meaning of the martenitsi that she makes every spring. The Miracle Stork is a story about creating and maintaining traditions and customs to embrace who you are.... more
  • The Christmas Thief

    by Ronesa Aveela
    An illustrated short story about a boy discovering the true meaning of Christmas. Includes activities and coloring pages. This book is dedicated to people everywhere as a reminder of the beauty of Christmas when we count our blessings and help those in need. In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, families participating in activities, and children working together on coloring pages.
  • Sierra Becomes a Search Dog (Sierra the Search Dog)

    by Robert Calkins
    Sierra, a Golden Retriever puppy with a knack for hide-and-seek, becomes an unlikely hero when a little neighbor girl gets lost in the woods near her home. With practice and persistence little Sierra turns a children's game into a life-saving mission, earning the vest that marks her as an official search and rescue dog.
  • Chompy Goes to School

    by Eric Christopher Jackson
    Meet Chompy... A lovable, huggable character created to grow alongside young children everywhere. Follow Chompy as he goes to school to learn about the ABCs. Each letter is highlighted in various ways within the scenes. Experience a typical day for a crowd of Chompys. Welcome to a new world. Let the adventure begin.
  • The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan, Book 1: A Day at the Park

    by Jennifer Norman
    Kyle is a boy like any other boy his age, only he has a rare condition that hinders his day-to-day physical abilities. It is when Kyle dreams that he transforms into his alter ego, SuperCaptainBraveMan! SuperCaptainBraveMan is a friend to all kids, helping them discover their own courage and strength to overcome daily challenges. In Book 1: A Day at the Park, SuperCaptainBraveMan helps Emily, a girl in a wheelchair, make new friends.
  • Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest

    by S.A. Jeffers
    Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest is a children's reading and activity book. Play hide and seek with the reigning champion and experience the thrill of locating the mysterious Bigfoot! Visit the captivating landscapes of the Pacific Northwest habitat, where the search is on for the elusive creature. Through each of this interactive story's pages, the reader is tasked with finding Bigfoot, where he is cleverly hidden. Both child and adult are sure to feel the magic and excitement of a legend as o... more
  • Kiss'd

    by D. C. Reep
    Kissed by a ghost—Sixteen-year-old Jenny Tyler doesn’t believe in ghosts, but her recent concussion gives her strange visions. Her aunt’s séances to reach the dead produce even more odd sensations. After a séance, Jenny meets a ghost soldier who says he needs help and, with a kiss, takes her to 1914 Belgium during the invasion by Germany at the start of World War I. Hurtled through time, Jenny relies on her courage to survive constant danger in an unfamiliar world. When she finds Jack, a Canadia... more
  • Maiden

    by Chris Sorensen
    MAIDEN is my debut YA novel (also appropriate for middle schoolers). A clean, uplifting coming-of-age adventure loosely inspired by the life of Joan of Arc. Jeanette is not like the other 17-year-old, gray-eyed girls in the war-torn kingdom of Amarin. While the other girls hope to regain the green eye color of their ancestors at spring festival and win the prince’s favor, Jeanette has other plans to escape her stifled village life. After the caravan arrives, Jeanette fears that she will ... more
  • Effeminate Earth

    by Julia Flowers
    Men have been scientifically proven to be the cause of all troubles on Earth: wars, murders, violence, robberies, everything that is wrong with society. So what should the government do? Slowly eradicate all males of course! After over one hundred years of careful, scientific elimination, the male species is extinct. Sarah Williams, a high-ranking government official in the Department of Scientifically Generated Incubation (SGI) and convicted believer that all males are evil, decides it’s he... more
  • I Was, Am, Will Be Alice

    by Elise Abram
    Nine year old Alice Carroll realizes she can time travel after she narrowly escapes death in a school shooting, a situation she is determined to control in order to go back to the day of the shooting, save the lives of her teachers and classmates, and discover the identity of the woman who sacrificed herself so Alice could live.
  • The Myth of Santa's Beard

    by Sharon Thayer