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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • HitList

    by k rawson
    Quinn Cotti has a 4.0 GPA and can hack the school database. From her phone. While driving. And when her reputation is trashed by cyberbullies, she can concoct the perfect revenge. But when her computer virus posts a secret video and a classmate commits suicide, she learns her detractors had unexpected motivations. She’s had a low-grade crush on Jake since seventh grade, when she imagined him the noble prince of the Cybertown family. A darkly funny modern tragedy that lands fresh a... more
  • Guion the Lion a Colorful World

    by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits
    Where did all the color go? That's the question an irrepressible little lion asks in the brand new children's picture book titled Guion the Lion: A Colorful World. Guion (rhymes with ''lion'') is a rainbow-colored lion who stands out in a world of black and white. He wants to find a way to bring back the color, but how? While on his quest, Guion encounters a variety of animals, each struggling with a unique problem. Always kind and friendly, he does his best to help. To his delight, Guion ... more
  • The Trotters of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle

    by Shirin Zarqa-Lederman
    Harraf Namrattle lives in Tweeville and is a girl who always says what she thinks—no matter what! She doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes words can hurt others’ feelings and that some things are better left unsaid. Today, however, Harraf’s mother reminds her to think before she speaks. Harraf sets out to play baseball with her friend Bo, who has a new baseball mitt. What will she say when she sees it? Then she meets her friend Hennaj, who has a lemonade stand. What will she say when she t... more
  • The Trotters of Tweeville

    by Shirin Zarqa-Lederman
    The Trotters of Tweeville is a series of children's picture books dedicated to demonstrating random acts of kindness through fable-like tales that exemplify these random acts of kindness.
  • Flight

    by Charlene Moncrief
    18 year-old socialite Camille Vanderhale’s life is not going the way she had planned. Her days are normally spent attending one vapid social event to another. Ballroom galas, charity auctions at the Met and afternoon tea with New York’s elite is how she spends most of her time. The Vanderhales are American Royalty and she is the perfect gilded princess. Between her countless social obligations, and watching over her partying 16 year-old sister and best friend, Noelle, her path is clear and her d... more
  • Captain Kissy-Face!: Book One in the Red Cloak Island Series

    by Joe Mosher
    On Kevin McFarland's first day at the world's only school for superheroes, he finds himself dealing with an awful new nickname, bullies with frightening powers, and a severe case of homesickness. What's in store for day two? How about a bizarre illness that spreads across the campus, sapping the powers of students and teachers alike ... except for Kevin, who becomes a suspected super villain. Now the top-secret school is locked down and Kevin will have to clear his name, earn his classmates' tr... more
  • Where the Tomorrows Go

    by Manoj S. Abraham
    Bella is a little girl who adores Gogo, her pet dog. When she learns of Gogo’s sudden passing, she experiences some difficult thoughts and emotions for the first time. With some help from her parents, Bella opens her mind and heart to discover the happiness that lies beyond grief. The loss of life is difficult to understand and accept, for adults and children alike. This book is a journey of the heart that parents can use as a tool to have a meaningful conversation about this emotional subject w... more
  • The Adventures of Daniel

    by Rene Ghazarian

    The Adventures of Daniel consists of five(5) children's books for 3-6 year olds. Daniel, the main character, experiences everyday events that a child his age experiences. He makes new friends, learns about the world around him, and learns new vocabulary. He is supported by a loving family.

  • The Oak Tree

    by J. Steven Spires

    A timely story of love and family in the midst of a storm, THE OAK TREE tells a tale of resilience in the face of disaster.

  • The Dandelion Who Refused to be a Weed

    by Ann
    This is a charming and colorful children's picture book about a dandelion called Dolores who can’t understand why she is called a weed when she is just as beautiful as the other flowers. But when a storm comes, it’s Dolores and the little weeds that keep their heads while the beautiful flowers lose theirs! The story values and promotes self-worth in an easily understandable manner, as one 5* Review has said. It also teaches children that even though they may be different, everyone has their u... more
  • Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies

    by Dr. Tom DePaoli

    Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies is a new children's book about a quirky and friendly monster who overcomes his own bullying nightmare to emerge a true victorious hero. Through a story that is entertaining, uplifting yet inherently serious, young readers will not only learn how to spot bullying and its social, physical and mental detriments – but also find the empowerment they need to respect humanity’s rich differences.

    “The story’s bottom line is a powerful... more

  • Sparkys Night Out

    by Mandy Segal
    About a Pink Green, Blue, Red, patchy furry cat named Sparky, who is going downtown with her  buddies, where they will Hunt mice all around the streets. 
  • Silverwood

    by Dietz Vollrath
    Eleanor is a quiet student at Penwick Academy, when she and several classmates are asked by a visitor to help crack a strange code. Doing this takes Eleanor deep into the rambling maze of libraries at Penwick, where she discovers that the code refers to an old ship that visited a mysterious island nearly a century ago. Trying to discover what the ship found there leads Eleanor into the most dangerous part of the city, a basement filled with liquid books, a chase through the sewer drains, and a d... more
  • Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese

    by Regan Macaulay
    Beverlee Beaz, the brown Burmese, longs for adventure and has the powerful imagination to make it happen! On a lovely but otherwise ordinary day, she seeks excitement among the forests and fields surrounding her home, where she lets her imagination run wild. The ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary in the eyes of this little brown cat. Let’s follow Beverlee on her adventure…through the forest, and inside her mind!
  • Things to Build on: Poems of Constructive Character

    by Gloria P. Humphrey
    Hammer MC is a director at a construction site. However, it's not the normal building project where trucks, cement and workers are busily employed. Building character has never been easier.
  • Budding Reader Book Set 5: Hens

    by Melinda Thompson
    Award-winning “Budding Reader Book Set 5: Hens” introduces the short “e” vowel sound and 14 new words (are, chick, chicks, egg, eggs, Em, hen, hens, house, in, is, Jen, next, who) while reviewing eight simple words previously introduced in the series (at, look, looks, see, that, the, them, to). Arguably the easiest learn-to-read books on the market, Budding Reader eBooks were developed in consultation with Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., the former Director of Literacy and Language at the Harvard Grad... more