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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Song for Jordan

    by Mya Kay
    Jordan Crystal Myers has it all – good grades, a great music collection, her own band and she gets everything she wants. Except for one thing – the 15-year-old, biracial teen has never, ever met her father. All she knows is that he’s a black musician who left her white mother for someone else. Only she doesn’t believe that’s the truth. Complete at 64,000 words, A Song for Jordan is a contemporary YA novel set in Silver Springs, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia. It tells the story of a teenage g... more
  • Vanilla and Chocolate/Vainilla y Chocolate

    by Maritza Martinez Mejia
    A concerned teacher helps two friends be together after their parents refused to let them play because of their skin color. This book is dedicated to all teachers who dedicate their lives to education.
  • Grandma's Treasure

    by Maritza Martinez Mejia
    An upset Grandma teaches their grandchildren a lesson for life to value what they have as she reveals her most valuable treasures when she was a child. This story is a tribute to my grandmother who passed away at age one hundred and taught me Lessons for Life.
  • The Royal Crane

    by Ehud Lavski
    It is the time of the french revolution. The king’s favourite bird is taken from the palace and put in a cage in the Paris zoo. When a sewer rat finds this out, he decides to free the crane and take him back to the grateful king. What follows is a grand, colourful adventure through the streets of Paris.
  • The Dangerous Summer of Jesse Turner

    by D. C. Reep
    When sixteen-year-old Jesse Turner lies about his age and joins Colonel Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders to fight the Spanish in Cuba in 1898, he expects to prove himself in battle. What he doesn’t expect is a fellow volunteer who is determined to kill him for something his outlaw father did in the past. Jesse and his new friends, New Yorker Will and Ben, a Comanche from the Indian Territories, share the frustrations and hazards of a volunteer military force unprepared for war and the reality ... more
  • Buckwheat's Journey...

    by Sandra Reed
    Jessica’s father arrives with a new doll Buckwheat for her display case. Jessica criticizes Buckwheat’s appearance. When her father gives her a brief history lesson about Buckwheat’s origin, she accepts him in her display case. Buckwheat is now surrounded by black and classy female dolls. The aura in the display case shifts and becomes animated, tense, mysterious and simply a nightmare. Dark shadows of rejection and isolation shroud Buckwheat. Something is amiss. The house is in disarra... more
  • Adventures With Andy & Susie - A Stormy Weekend

    by Donna Hall Author and Illustrator

    Put on your goggles and grab the flashlight - get ready to take a sailbus flight ! Join Andy in this Victorian Sci-Fi inspired tale, set in the far away hills of a family orchard. Armed with his flashlight, goggles and field clothes, a young explorer sets off for adventure. His curiosity is kindled by hydro-turbines, a steam-driven wheelchair, and a tidal-powered city where he attends school.   Earth's endless clean power drives his intellect as the hills free his adventurous spirit.... more

  • One Million Bananas

    by thomas cipullo
    ONE MILLION BANANAS is one man's quest to find his lost daughter and one daughter's quest to find her lost brother and that brother's quest to find his mom who went looking for the family dog. But to be honest, ONE MILLION BANANAS is literally one million bananas. That is, the word 'banana' repeated one million times. That other stuff about the family and the dog is just a rumor.
  • Making It Home

    by Suzanne Roche
    It all begins when nine-year old, Max, finds a relic in an antique store that magically transports him, along with his brother and stepsister into the past. Suddenly, it’s the turn of the twentieth century and Max, Peri, and Henry quickly realize they’re not alone. In fact, they’re among the hundreds of people arriving at the new Ellis Island station in New York City, hoping to immigrate to America. Once there, the quest begins. As they come to the aid of famous and ordinary people, the ch... more
  • The Baby Sea Turtle

    by S. A. Mahan

    Finalist: 2015 Colorado Book Award - Children's Fiction. The Baby Sea Turtle is scared, lost, and needs help! Is anybody kind enough to help him? A great young children's book with wonderful illustrations. A perfect young reader or bedtime story book.

  • Mice & Spiders & Webs...Oh My!

    by Sherrill S. Cannon
    Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! illustrates the importance of being a good listener. It also is a cute introduction to basic computer terms. Rosemary is worried about returning to school, after her teacher has warned the class that they would soon have some mice, spiders and webs in the classroom. Could Rosemary have misunderstood something?
  • Southern Passage

    by Jim Yonker
    In his rite of passage in the summer of 1966, naïve, white eighteen-year-old Buster Gaines from St. Louis discovers the thrills found in being free to make his own decisions when he leaves home with the railroad to earn money for college, but he soon innocently discovers the dark side of 1960s southern reality and his life takes a surreal turn when he gets caught up in the unforgiving, punishing code of the Jim Crow South.
  • Emmie of Indianapolis

    by Kay Castaneda
    In 1963, a young teenage girl moves with her mother and sisters from the suburbs to the downtown of a Midwestern city when her parents divorce. Emmie, a naïve, curious and intelligent girl, wants the security of her suburban life but has always dreamed of adventure in faraway places. She must take risks, meet new people and become independent. The change is difficult for all because of her mother’s worsening health and lack of a... more
  • Sodbury Season

    by David Miadovnik
    Garden cherubs are magical creatures that dwell within the greenery of forests. Just as there are many different kinds of plants in the world, there are also many different kinds of garden cherubs. Nili Naftali has just moved to the town of Sodbury from her distant desert homeland. Feeling lost and alone in this new land, she longs for her old friends and the life that she knew. Nili is convinced that she will never have friends again. While on an errand for her family, Nili encounters four othe... more
  • If You Were Me and Lived in ...Kenya: A Child's Introduction to Cultures around the World (Volume 5)

    by Carole P. Roman
    Let's travel to Kenya! Number five in this exciting series travels to Africa to learn about the thrilling country of Kenya. This extraordinary book "If You Were Me and Lived in...Kenya- A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World" explores life for children on a new continent. The book touches on many familiar topics such as names, money, games,and food as well the sites and sounds that come with living in Africa. Embraced by educators, parents, and children, the series gently and respec... more
  • The 'It' Girls of La Sembradora: Bulls, Blood and Brujeria

    by Nancy De La Zerda
    When world famous matador El Victor comes to their dusty village for the most anticipated bullfight ever, two young Mexican girls manage to attend the highly coveted events of the day and even meet the young star! Readers follow the girls' hilarious antics to wrangle glamorous outfits and hairdos for this once-in-a-lifetime event. The story provides a vivid look at the pomp and circumstance of bullfighting (as it used to be) and the festivities that follow at a romantic social with music and dan... more