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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Puddles or Lunch?

    by Anna Makonin
    A fun story about a child dinosaur having far too much fun messing about and then expecting lunch. The story centres around how the little dinosaur figures out how to get clean. A lighthearted story containing many fun repetitions that encourage audience participation. Suitable for children 4 years and older.
  • Josh's Wall

    by Cliff Ashpaugh
    Joshua Crass wishes to teach his son the truth of his youth and prepare Michael for an upcoming disaster in the form of an autobiographical memoir. He leaves the book beside his sleeping son in bed, but Michael is awake. He reads his father's story through the night to discover that sometimes our choices make us, sometimes they break us, and sometimes, as in Joshua's case, they do both.
  • Anna and I

    by Paul Feldman
    I am about to experience my first day of kindergarten and guess I'm a little ill at ease because the only person I know is my older brother who is 3 grades ahead of me. I'll be really on my own without even a friend in my grade level because we just moved into this neighborhood and we don't know anyone yet. Making friends has always been easy for me, but I must admit it would be easier if there was a trusted friend to help me through the experience of my first day ever in school. Anna... more
  • The Adventures of Hermie the Hermit Crab: Finding a New Shell

    by Doreen D. Alfano
    When Hermie has a problem with his shell he sets off to find a new one. During this adventure he encounters more then he bargained for.
  • Prissy On The Moon

    by Dolores Andral
    In this title, Prissy is bored and unhappy, so she wants to leave home and live on the moon! As she lets her imagination run wild, she jumps on the furniture, she uses her outside voice indoors, and ultimately crashes into her momma. When she finds out about a party her family is throwing, will the excitement of friends and party favorites be enough to keep her grounded on earth?
  • The Label

    by Candace Clark
    Evan Snyderman is an Atheist who runs for Student Council in his central Illinois high school in order to get public prayers at meetings, sporting events and before school tests stopped. But, the Evangelical students at the school refuse to allow this to happen and will do whatever they can to stop Evan on his quest. Along with his five friends, Evan has to tolerate verbal, emotional and physical abuse in order to even the playing field and get the respect that they desire.
  • Learn To Tie A TIe With The Rabbit And The Fox

    by Sybrina Durant
    If a child has mastered the tricky task of tying their shoe laces, they’re ready to have fun learning to tie a tie with the rabbit and the fox. This beautifully illustrated story book is based on the age old tale of a very hungry fox chasing a frightened little rabbit through the forest in pursuit of dinner! Around a tree, under a bush and over a log they go, until the rabbit just barely escapes the fox’s snapping jaws, into the safety of his cozy burrow. Boys love action and adventure ... more
  • How Patrick the Polar Bear and Chris Mouse Saved Christmas

    by Paula M. Ezop
    How Patrick the Polar Bear and Chris Mouse Saved Christmas, is a night before the night before Christmas adventure. It is an amazing adventure, which will delight and entertain children of all ages during the most magical of all seasons. Allow me to introduce the cast of delightful characters: •\tFirst and foremost are Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. •\tThe heroes, Patrick the Polar Bear and his best friend tiny Chris Mouse. Chris is the Mouse Timekeeper in charge of loading presents on San... more
  • The Moth and the Sun

    by Gary Bernard

    "The book begins with a prologue about a fictional Parisian artist/author who showed his drawings to children and asked them to write their own stories to go with the images. Those who did were then given the precious gift of realizing their dreams. When the artist was very old, he wrote his own story to accompany a set of drawings, leaving the last page empty, asking whoever found the story to write their own dreams on the page and tell others to do the same." — J. Chambers... more

  • If You Were ... Alice in Wonderland

    by Gerry Gaston
    The first game book ever about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! What if Alice decided NOT to drink the potion? What if Alice just got up and LEFT the tea party? What if Alice decided to STAND UP to the Queen? These choices, and many more, are yours to make as YOU guide Alice on her Adventure in Wonderland!
  • 978-1481125710

    by Valerie Haynes

    The story of a rabbit who becomes 
    The Doctor of the Earth 
    ...And conquers the most formidable adversary of all. 
    A Modern Fable Trilogy 
    The adventure begins in Book One... 
    Leopard Goldbunny, one of a group of animals now able to speak English, knows the ancient arts of natural healing, and is the first animal to go to medical school. But due to secretive forces operating against animals and natural medic... more

  • Porter Searches for Santa

    by Jonathan Gonzales
    When a letter addressed to Santa arrives at Porter’s house by mistake, Porter makes it his mission to safely deliver the letter to Santa. But first, Porter must find out who Santa is! With lots of determination and a little help from his friends, Porter sets out on an adventure that takes him sliding across the Seven Glacier Arches, swimming the dangerous waters of Killer Whale Cove, and climbing the dreaded Snowman Mountain. Along the way, Porter discovers who Santa is from an unexpec... more
  • Leon's Share The Young Conquerors Series Book 1

    by Mabel Elizabeth Singletary
    Leon Chandler is a fifth grader at Clara Barton Elementary School who wants to be noticed. Realizing he doesn't share his older brother's talent for sports; he decides telling jokes and making fun of others is the way to get noticed. When Leon gets a new classmate named Autumn Tanner, he comes to understand that every joke isn't funny and real friendships involve sharing with others.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Princesses Wear Black

    by Kelly Polark
    Music class and recess totally rock, but being teased in school and ignored at home totally stinks. Stefani Lucas is a rockin’ sixth grader who loves music and dresses like a mini hipster in all black, but there's one thing cramping her style - her lame baby brother who manages to hog all the attention from her parents. When classmates tease her about her clothes and even double dare her to (gasp!) wear another color, Stef decides a minor makeover may be in order. Can Stef change for others ... more
  • Moon Hallow's Strange Halloween

    by Paula M. Ezop
    Deep in the forest of the small village of Moon Hallow, beneath the roots of an ancient oak tree lives a small band of leprechauns. The wee leprechauns are only five to six inches tall. But don’t let their size fool you; they have magical powers greater than the great Wizard of Ballydehob. Oh and for sure these lads just can’t behave themselves. Creating mischief is always at the top of their list of things to do. Ah, the boys do love mischief. There’s one thing that ... more
  • Grandfather Ratoncito Pérez and the Apprentice Tooth Fairy

    by Virginia Walton Pilegard

    : A young apprentice tooth fairy, embarrassed to admit she has trouble telling U.S. coins apart, starts her first flight carrying an ungainly load of one hundred pennies. When Night Wind's bullying cold blast sends her spiraling to earth her coin net rips and all her pennies spill. Courtly tooth mouse Grandfather Ratoncito Pérez and his grandson Miguel offer to help. Grandfather shows her the differences among U.S. coins. With mended net and a lighter load, the young fairy is on he... more