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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Eve Yohalem
    “‘What do you think, Bird? Should we play Killigan’s Island with Grandpa?’ Maya asked. I beat my wings as hard as I could to demonstrate my wish to flee. I flipped onto my back and stuck my legs in the air to simulate death. I did a Yak Yak Neck and threw up some breakfast to show the extent of my fear. It must have been the fever or the purple medicine or the wads of tissue stuffed up Maya’s nose like walrus tusks (she kept them wedged there to absorb the flow), because Maya watched all m... more
  • GRANDPA HATES THE BIRD: Six Short Stories of Exciting, Hilarious and Possibly Deadly Adventure

    by Eve Yohalem
    “Alas, it is true. Grandpa hates me. He has always hated me, even before I used his ear as a swing toy (his lobes are so long and flappy!). I can’t imagine why. I assume Grandpa hates me simply because I am the bird—and he is not.” Everybody loves Bird. Joseph and Maya, Mother and Father, Humphrey the dog, Slick the snake. Everyone except Grandpa, who will stop at nothing to set Bird free. Forever. • How does the battle begin when Bird and Grandpa are alone together for a whole week? • Se... more
  • Vincent, Theo and the Fox: A mischievous adventure through the paintings of Vincent van Gogh

    by Ted Macaluso
    Vincent, Theo and the Fox is an adventure story for children inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. As young boys, Vincent and his brother Theo spy a mischievous fox sneaking into a farmer’s cart. Wanting to catch the furry creature, the brothers give chase through colorful fields, over land and sea, into the city and beyond – settings illustrated by over 30 of van Gogh’s greatest works. On this imaginative journey, the boys – and the fox – learn about failure, success, and discovering h... more
  • A Tree for a Meadow

    by J.M. Vantes
    A little girl has looked over the same meadow for everyday of your life and loved the view she sees; but sometimes you realize one day that maybe a meadow needs a tree.
  • Down Under: The Adventures of Prince Robbie

    by J.M. Vantes
    Prince Robbie and his friends live on the Great Barrier Reef off of the coast of Australia. They have always protected their home but their greatest danger yet is coming from humans on land.
  • The Crystal Navigator

    by Nancy Kunhardt Lodge
    The Crystal Navigator is a middle grade fantasy that celebrates the power of imagination. Eleven year old Lucy Nightingale is a high frequency thinker. She can make things with her thoughts. She also loves school. Just about the worst thing that can happen to someone who has zillions of thoughts and who loves school happened to Lucy. When her mind went blank during her oral report, every drop of confidence in her original ideas walked out on her. She wished for something, anything that would bri... more
  • The Schoolboy

    by Tony Rosa
    Fourteen-year-old Sam Parma plays more baseball than golf, so when his mother urges him to play in a junior golf tournament, he protests but reluctantly agrees. Learning that his uncle was a two time winner of The Schoolboy Championship, Sam feels pressure to perform as well as excitement for potential success. Dropped off at the municipal golf course with a hodgepodge set of clubs, limited skills, and the added responsibility to look after his younger brother, Sam ventures to the sign-up table.... more
  • A Different Kind of Safari

    by Helen C. Hipp

     "A Different Kind of Safari" is an inspiration to all children looking for a place in the world. Sure to become a story time favorite". Sheri Gates - Activities Therapist

    The Inspiration Behind the Story

    The story behind the story unfolded when I went on an African safari back in 2001. The trip was lead by my father whose dream was to share the safari experience with his family. Little did I know that this trip was going to inspire me to ... more

  • Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room

    by Sybrina Durant

    The book is about a delightful little girl who wakes up joyfully each day.  She sets about getting herself dressed and ready for the day.  In the process, she pulls most everything out of her dresser drawers and closet, tossing them this way and that.  They all land in unique configurations about the room, creating a fantastic wonderland in her imagination.  Through it all, she discusses her creations with her best friend…her doll,... more

  • Goofus Feathers

    by J.L. McBride

    When Kenny Beavers is bullied by one of his classmates, he taps into the world of his invisible guide--the Goofus bird. He delights in hearing Goofus

  • Esmerelda: The Gifted, Volume 1

    by Merriel Chase
    To give you an overview of my book, it’s called Esmerelda, The Gifted, Volume 1. This fiction book is about a girl named Esmerelda who was born with two right hands and two left feet. A family friend predicts that Esmerelda will be disabled. But her prediction is wrong. Esmerelda is gifted to break up disagreements, detect when one is lying, and stop time all by using her hands and feet. As a teenager, Esmerelda uses her gifts to fight crime as she also finds a love interest. \t Many adul... more
  • Tietam Cane

    by Lance Levens
    Though the year is 1963, twelve year old Tietam Cane of Macon Georgia is locked in a never-ending war for the Confederate South. Raised in the country, tutored by his kill-all-the-Yankees grandfather, Tietam's knowledge of the world is bound within his 11 Volume Photographic History of the Civil War and the old man's ritual reenactment of lost battles. Beneath the boyish bravado, Tietam's heart aches, longing for the parents who left him behind as a toddler when they fled to New York City where,... more
  • Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding

    by Jennifer Blecher
    A children's chapter book series inspired by modern cultural events. The Star Sisters series follows the adventures of two ordinary girls with two extraordinary magical necklaces. When the necklaces come together the girls are magically whisked away on kindness spreading adventures. In the first book of the series, Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding, Coco and Lucy travel to London where it's the night before the royal wedding and all is not well in Luckingham Palace. When Princess-to-be Car... more
  • Domino's Nose Knows

    by Judy Bird
    Domino was the smallest puppy in the litter, and because he was so small, nobody wanted to adopt him. He grows up on the farm with his sister, and their noses lead them on adventures but sometimes get them into trouble. Little Domino is teased by other animals about his big nose, but he learns that his nose is very special when he helps a neighbour find a lost little girl.
  • Flight

    by Anne L Watson
    Linda Farley is torn from her life as a high school student in San Diego to live in hiding with her mother and brother in Olympia, Washington, under rules she is given for the Witness Protection Program. But questions confront her at every turn. How could her loving father get involved in a Mafia money laundering scheme? Why is her mother so familiar with their new city? And who is that dark-haired woman she keeps spotting in front of the house?