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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fantastical Cat Adventures

    by Nina Neefe
    Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking or dreaming? Let your child's imagination soar and dream of adventure as they follow along with two hilarious cats, Simon & Mulan, in their fantastical secret escapades. Told through 32 pages of rhyming story and humorous, magical fantasy photography, children ages 4-12 will giggle at the fun-filled journey through a cat's mind as they parachute jump, skateboard, swim with sharks and more!​
  • Mulan's Big Adventure

    by Nina Neefe
    Cuteness, wonder, suspense and a happy ending. The true story of little white kitty, Mulan (and bff Simon), invites children to discover what happens when big adventures sometimes lead to losing your way. Told with sweet words and real life photos, Mulan’s journey is written to bring out the tender and caring side of the little ones we adore. ​For children ages 4-10, enjoy 32 follow-along pages of exploration and adventure.
  • The Money Spell

    by Adrienne Vincent Sutton
    “Money, please money, grow for me. Grow money grow, grow like tree!” Isaiah needs money for the latest and greatest video game now! Can his grandmother's magic money spell help him create $150 out of thin air? Or is the “magic” that he creates all on his own the best way to get what he wants?
  • Bad Hair Day

    by Adrienne Sutton
    Gabby McGee is a 12-year-old girl trying to shed her “bad hair,” her parent’s strict rules, and her insecurities—all at the same time. If only she could change her hair from nappy, kinky, and unruly, to straight, long, and flowing, she could finally fit in. But she soon learns that going behind her mother’s back to get a chemical hair relaxer isn’t the way to do it. After a failed trip to the hair salon leaves her in debt, she devises a hair-brained scheme to pay it off, which involves her crush... more
  • But i don't want to say GOODBYE!

    by Ta'Shay Mason
    For a little girl who has lost someone she loves, saying goodbye seems impossible. In this poignant and heartfelt book, author Ta’Shay Mason expertly crafts a tender story about how to make peace with the death of a honoring them. Through soft and soothing words, the author weaves a story that shares both the commonality and uniqueness of loss, with the mother and child coming up with their own special way to honor and remember their beloved family member. But i don’t want to say... more
  • 978-1838138523

    by David E. Miles
    A heart-warming tale of how friendship can blossom once you get to know someone – even if they are very different to you. Dasher is a pretty Terrier with love in her heart and wet paws. Her adventure takes her across the countryside where she makes some unlikely friends along the way. When she gets lost, these new friendships help her to find the way home.
  • Lee and Limbo: Friends Come and Go, But Life Continues, and Gets Better

    by Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo
    Animals, like human beings, experience deep emotional bonds, too. Lee and Limbo is a story of genuine friendship and love between two cats in Chapel Hill, a beautiful, small University town in North Carolina where love abounds. When Lee suddenly left, Limbo became sad and depressed. It was heartbreaking watching her deteriorated over the years. Just when Limbo was on a brink of despair, a miracle happened! A heartfelt tribute to friendship, loss, resilience, hope, and joy that come whe... more
  • Just Between Sam and Me

    by Rosie Russell and co-writer, Cat Micheals
    6th Grade is Tough with a Mean Girl Against You Shy Olivia just wants to do her best in 6th grade and care for the animals on her family farm. But the new girl at school is determined to turn that world upside down. So Olivia pours out her heart in a journal to the only one who truly understands … her cat, Sam! Will Olivia discover how to speak up for herself? Can she make it through the pitfalls of tween social life? Join Olivia and Sam in this purr-fect tale of courage and hope t... more
  • Brave Pat and the Christmas Carousel

    by Mimi Cocquyt

    A magical Christmas story about a carousel horse who takes a journey through the decades to discover that the turning of seasons, and the passage of time are made real by love, happiness and hope. Written by Kathryn Cocquyt. Illustrated by Christopher Harvill.


  • That's the Way It Always Happened

    by Margo L. Dill
    Lucy has a listening problem everywhere she goes—at the zoo, at home, and at school. But during Red Ribbon Week at her elementary school, her lack of listening and her love of polar bears cause her to miss out on celebrating being drug free and making good, healthy choices. Before the big celebration at the end of the week, will Lucy figure out how to listen and join in the fun with her classmates? Join Lucy as she tackles her listening problem and helps a friend in the end, too!
  • Love

    LOVE is based on the much-loved and well-known passage from the Bible (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). LOVE is a timely and soothing board book for the littlest listeners. A perfect bedtime or anytime way for grownups to connect with their own little loves, wrapped up together in the sweet embrace of gentle words and heartwarming illustrations.
  • Finnigan the Lionhearted

    by Mary T. Wagner

    When the tent circus unexpectedly pulls into little Beechville, Wisconsin, absolutely nobody could be more excited than Finnigan the Circus Cat and his two "circus mouse" pals Leroy and Maximillian! All three are still living "under the radar" in the small but charming Farnsworth Circus Museum--Leroy and Max because they're mice, of course, and Finnigan because he's still being kept as a big secret from most of the Farnsworth family members.

    While L... more

  • The Magical Christmas Tree

    by Laurence Haynes
    The story then moves to Ellie, a young girl who was in failing health from an unknown illness. The doctors seemed to be unable to help Ellie, as day by day her health continued to decline. Her brother, Aaron Anderson, wrote a letter to the local newspaper, the Castle Falls Gazette, simply asking for prayers and support of the townsfolk. This caught the attention of Everett – he knew exactly what to do. He delivered the magical Christmas tree to Ellie’s family; the rest of the story follows a m... more
  • Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss

    by Kali Kuzma
    “Happily ever after” is a journey... When Princess Gabriella hears her true prince calling to her from outside the castle walls, she sets off to find her happily ever after with a simple kiss. But when an unfortunate event leaves her unimpressed by the first prince she attempts to kiss, Princess Gabriella decides to travel the kingdom in search of other suitors. Mishap after comical mishap with each new prince leaves Princess Gabriella wondering if the never-ending quest for a kiss will... more
  • Sule The Proverb Detective/The Case of the Tied-up Lion

    by Rene Rawls
    Sule - The Proverb Detective/The Case of the Tied-up Lion is the first book in the Sule’s Seek & Find Story Series where a 10-year-old African proverb detective named Sule helps kids solve their problems using proverbs. With his first case, Sule must stop Fara from cancelling the class party by teaching her the meaning of the proverb: When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.
  • Comfy, Cozy: A Bedtime Story

    by Kelly Lenihan
    Comfy, Cozy tells the story of Lily, a little girl who adopts Rosco, a puppy from a pet shelter. When it’s time for bed, the puppy struggles to adjust. Scared and alone, he tosses and turns and flops about, missing the warmth and security of his brothers and sisters. Follow along as Rosco utilizes a little puppy ingenuity as he figures out how to get comfy, how to make his bed cozy. In the back of the book, you'll find child-friendly tips for introducing a puppy to its new home and a recipe f... more