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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Finnigan the Lionhearted

    by Mary T. Wagner

    When the tent circus unexpectedly pulls into little Beechville, Wisconsin, absolutely nobody could be more excited than Finnigan the Circus Cat and his two "circus mouse" pals Leroy and Maximillian! All three are still living "under the radar" in the small but charming Farnsworth Circus Museum--Leroy and Max because they're mice, of course, and Finnigan because he's still being kept as a big secret from most of the Farnsworth family members.

    While L... more

  • The Magical Christmas Tree

    by Laurence Haynes
    The story then moves to Ellie, a young girl who was in failing health from an unknown illness. The doctors seemed to be unable to help Ellie, as day by day her health continued to decline. Her brother, Aaron Anderson, wrote a letter to the local newspaper, the Castle Falls Gazette, simply asking for prayers and support of the townsfolk. This caught the attention of Everett – he knew exactly what to do. He delivered the magical Christmas tree to Ellie’s family; the rest of the story follows a m... more
  • Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss

    by Kali Kuzma
    “Happily ever after” is a journey... When Princess Gabriella hears her true prince calling to her from outside the castle walls, she sets off to find her happily ever after with a simple kiss. But when an unfortunate event leaves her unimpressed by the first prince she attempts to kiss, Princess Gabriella decides to travel the kingdom in search of other suitors. Mishap after comical mishap with each new prince leaves Princess Gabriella wondering if the never-ending quest for a kiss will... more
  • Sule The Proverb Detective/The Case of the Tied-up Lion

    by Rene Rawls
    Sule - The Proverb Detective/The Case of the Tied-up Lion is the first book in the Sule’s Seek & Find Story Series where a 10-year-old African proverb detective named Sule helps kids solve their problems using proverbs. With his first case, Sule must stop Fara from cancelling the class party by teaching her the meaning of the proverb: When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.
  • Comfy, Cozy: A Bedtime Story

    by Kelly Lenihan
    Comfy, Cozy tells the story of Lily, a little girl who adopts Rosco, a puppy from a pet shelter. When it’s time for bed, the puppy struggles to adjust. Scared and alone, he tosses and turns and flops about, missing the warmth and security of his brothers and sisters. Follow along as Rosco utilizes a little puppy ingenuity as he figures out how to get comfy, how to make his bed cozy. In the back of the book, you'll find child-friendly tips for introducing a puppy to its new home and a recipe f... more
  • The Candy Tree

    by Karena Stoner
    In the sweet Swiss village of Muttenz, a little girl named Francyli dreams of candy all year long -- but especially at Christmas! Her vivid imagination turns everything she sees to candy - from her ice skates to the houses around town. But her favourite dream of all? Turning the Muttenz village Christmas Tree into a magical tree covered in candies! With just a few nights before Christmas...will Francyli's sweet dream come true? This magical story is about imagination, kindness, friendship, co... more
  • Construction is So Fun!

    by Giselle Fuerte
    TAP, TAP, TAP ALONG TO THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT! 🎶 🎵 I got my yellow hard hat on my head. We will be building all day long. Construction is so fun! 🎵🎶 Join in on the construction fun! Read, sing along, and tap your feet or your hammer as we build a modern Ghanaian mud house! - Download and sing along to the companion song, Construction Project by Fuerte Family Bond, as you read Construction is So Fun! - Book includes a passcode to download the song, Construction Project. - Or list... more
  • Incident at the Panama Canal

    by Giselle Fuerte
    Jahi is overjoyed to add his remote control Panama Canal train set to the family’s Día de los Muertos display. But when he faces a malfunction, his spirits sink. When a possible catastrophe looms at the Panama Canal, Jahi’s great grandfather must find a way to solve the problem, and fast! Will Jahi learn not to give up from his bisabuelo—the first AfroPanamanian Canal train conductor? With Spanish sprinkled in, join Jahi as he learns about the Panama Canal, the real-life train conductor, A... more
  • Evolve Electric Skateboard

    by Amand avictors
    Evolve Skateboards is one of the globe’s biggest brands in skateboarding. Evolve Electric Skateboard is offered with different designs and models. There is a carbon for those riders who wish for a stable and restricted ride or bamboo for those skaters who want a slightly more flexible and smooth ride feeling.
  • Skeleton Mountain

    by Randolph Parrish
    An army major, a deserter, a proper young lady, and a bandit leader and his motley gang, compete to find a legendary treasure in the Old West. But what they find isn't always the treasure they were searching for.

    by Randolph Parrish
    About a boy, a mule, and a mine, and the greatest money-making scheme in the West.
  • The Lake of Gold

    by Randolph Parrish
    An orphan from New York is given 60 days to go West and find a legendary treasure, in order to pay off some debts to a criminal syndicate. If he fails, his life and the lives of others may be forfeit. But he isn't the only one interested in finding the treasure, and they may stop at nothing to get it for themselves.

    by Randolph Parrish
    A failed army sergeant is given a last mission to escort a wagon train of orphans across the desert. But Apaches steal their horses, leaving them stranded, and it is up to the sergeant to keep everyone alive until help can arrive.
  • Cancionero

    by Randolph Parrish
    About a boy who saved a town -- almost.Jeremy, a kid nobody wants, gets dumped in an orphanage full of other kids nobody wants. That would be the end of the story, except for an ancient spinster jilted in youth; a presumptuous and vain but cowardly mayor; a drunkard who is trying to find a second chance; a bully; a girl who can't keep her socks clean; and a forlorn Western town. You're never a reject just because somebody else says so.
  • Crusty the Orange

    by Grace Josephine
    Crusty the Orange follows the story of a dried-up, sad, very crusty orange on a beautiful tree. Surrounded by ‘perfect’ oranges who know where they are heading in life, Crusty feels useless and believes he has no purpose. The wise old Marie the Tree does not know the answer, but she does know she needs to send him on an adventure of a lifetime to find out for himself. Join Crusty as he discovers that even a difficult dilemma can lead him to his purpose and that meeting a like-minded friend ... more
  • Ruby's Christmas Gifts

    by Nancy Oswald
    It’s Christmas time in 1896 Cripple Creek, Colorado, and Ruby May Oliver and her donkey, Maude, roam the streets in search of Maude’s missing foal. Along the way, Ruby comes upon four people in need of gifts—gifts she discovers she can give. This gentle tale, with water color illustrations by Nate Jensen, is a great read-aloud or independent read for grades 2 thru 4. Readers who have enjoyed the antics of Ruby, her donkey, Maude, and cat named Trouble in the award winning Ruby and Maude Adventur... more