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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • What is a Dream?

    by Shanita Allen

    Have you ever wondered “just what exactly is a dream?” What do dreams sound like? What do dreams feel like? How are dreams created? Well, this adorable bedtime story explains it all!

    Join Little Ari and her talking dog, Pepper, as she reveals a magical formula for creating a dream and explains what dreams are, through the use of the 5 senses. This whimsical bedtime story will certainly ensure that your little one has the sweetest of dreams.

    "What Is A Dream?"... more

  • Coronavirus Brave

    by Ari Gunzburg
    As schools and school districts make decisions to open, to have in-person classes, to conduct virtual school, and more, how do the kids make sense of it all? Some children may be going back to school, some may start off learning virtually, some may be doing homeschooling, some may be doing a modified version of school. The one thing that is definite is that nothing about this school year will be normal. This colorful book talks about how each and every one of us can make the decision to be Co... more
  • Cheese Monsters

    by Ari Gunzburg
    Romp around the house together with the cheese monsters and your own kids as these little crazy munchkins enjoy their cheese every which way!! And then there is a surprise ending, where a new monster makes an appearance, until the kids recognize who it really is! Written in light verse form, this bedtime story takes you and your children on a wild [and gentle] ride as each kid munches on cheese that is as wild as it is delicious (don't eat the book please!). Enjoy everything about this book a... more
  • Someday Soon

    by Ari Gunzburg
    Give hope to children in troubling times. In these times of the coronavirus aka covid19 taking over everything, causing illness, death, and more, and mass shutdowns occurring throughout the known world, kids are as troubled as anyone else with the new world order. There is no school, no friends, no family, no trips to the store - every part of their lives except for the home has shut down. Using this book you can lightly joke about having to stay at home - while maintaining the necessity - al... more
  • The Orange King And The Audience Of One

    by Antonio Journie
    Wistman Wood was loved by all the forest creatures. It was safe, cozy, and thrived with life, fruits, nuts, and berries. But when the littlest hazelnut, Hazi, senses a mysterious ‘swarm’ is headed their way, the peace of the wood is suddenly at stake.
  • WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get): Homeroom Super Hero Adventures At School

    by Antonio Journie
    A whimsical, creative kid, Chauncy, and his friend Gina attend Sagniaw Hills Elementary school. Chanuncy and Gina constantly have to whip up their own creations of super heroes with their special pens, and drawing tablets that come to life to protect them from their nemesis, and ultra creative, blustering,unruly sibling classmates; Derwer, and his two sisters Rayanne and Monica. The trio siblings conceive their own rebel villainous characters to topple anybody they come across. The battle for ev... more
  • A Dumpling's Gang Christmas

    by Antonio Journie
    Paul’s Christmas Eve shift at the Cozy Café seems pretty dull, until his last customer offers to tell him a story – from 1846! Hear the tale of little Christopher Dumpling as he tries to prepare the best Christmas party surprise for his hard-working family. But when mysterious happenings threaten the joy of everyone in town, it is up to Christopher and his siblings to track down the cause and stop it, before no one gets to enjoy Christmas at all!
  • The Curious Panda

    by Samuel F.
    The story is about of a little panda that is a very curious and love the adventures, especially when discover things that nobody seen before. With this story will wake up that part of curiosity that all we have and look out the feeling of suprising when finds new things that never expected.
  • Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery

    by Kathleen Jae
    After a series of terrifying events, Elanora is transported to a strange neighborhood where the only way to get about is by water and the only food to eat is the grasses of the marsh. Her newfound guardians do their best to help her adapt, but the food is odd and unappetizing, and she feels isolated and alone. The colony of muskrats who live in the marsh refuse to accept the young chipmunk and ignore her each time they gather to eat at night. In her former home, Elanora spent her days exploring... more
  • QWERTY, The Forgotten Typewriter

    by Craig Feigh
    In this day and age, being "different" often means being ostracized from society. This not only happens to people, but to Typewriters as well! Let me introduce you to QWERTY, THE FORGOTTEN TYPEWRITER. QWERTY used to be the most popular typewriter at the television station until she was replaced by a computer. No longer did fingers dance across her keys. This made QWERTY sad as she was ridiculed and mocked for being different from the newer equipment. That is until a power outage knocked o... more
  • Dumpster Dogs

    by Ann Colberson Schiebert
    Exploring lessons in friendship, love, and courage, this fetching tale demonstrates the resilience of our most loved companions. Young readers will be instantly drawn into the plight of Riley and his friends as they do their best to stick together through thick and thin. After being abandoned by the families they loved, this motley crew of canines have sworn off any interaction with humans, that is until Riley befriends the adorable dogette Sophie and her human Emily. Torn between his friends... more
  • Walking In Shadows

    by C. Drew Laffoon
    Gabriel White has not had an easy life so far, and he is only fifteen. His father was killed a few years ago, leaving him alone with his mother and older brother in a small town that has never felt like home. Unlike his popular older brother, he is awkward and insecure. Born with a condition where both eyes are distinctly different colors makes him just another easy target for school bullies. However, strange things begin happening the closer he gets to his sixteenth birthday…and Luc. Plague... more
  • The Frog at the Window: A Completely Wild Christmas Tale

    by Scott Langteau
    While Katy and her family spend a snowy Christmas away at Grandma's house, a cold and clever little frog jumps at the chance to move into their warm, empty home. Unfortunately, so does every other four-legged forest dweller in the area. With the perfect holiday vacation house overrun with guests, chaos quickly erupts until the group finds a peaceful solution in this holiday tale of tails. What begins as a break from the wintry woolly land transforms into an annual holiday tradition of kindness a... more
  • Wendy's Winter Walk P, B, M, W Sounds

    by Cass Kim
    Phonological and Articulation Children's Book #1 Wendy's Winter Walk takes children on a blustery walk through her neighborhood while providing chances to practice speech sounds for P, B, M, and W. This book also promotes early reading (phonological awareness) skills. Perfect for reading with children ages 12 months through 6 years. What great discoveries will Wendy and her mom make as they walk, bundled up warm in their winter wear? Created by Cass Kim, an author with a decade of exper... more
  • Under the Daytime Moon

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    Sarah Hermann arrived at her new home in the Minnesota Territory in the spring of 1856. Her first friend there was New Moon, a Dakota girl who lived close by. Sarah shared her passion for writing with New Moon and gifted her a notebook to start her own journal. Through Sarah and New Moon's journal entries, the story of their friendship unfolds against the backdrop of the Dakota Conflict of 1862. How will the conflict affect the two girls? Will their friendship stand the tests of time and war?
  • Festival of the Elves: The Magic Around You

    by Angeli Elliott
    Holly Figgyworth and her brother Noel began their adventure on a twinkly, swirly, snowy night. Away from the North Pole for the first time, they were determined to share the elf tradition of merriment and kindness with the Puddington family. Through their journey they discovered the true meaning of Grandpa Figgyworth's favorite saying, "The magic around you is the magic you make."