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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Walking In Shadows

    by C. Drew Laffoon
    Gabriel White has not had an easy life so far, and he is only fifteen. His father was killed a few years ago, leaving him alone with his mother and older brother in a small town that has never felt like home. Unlike his popular older brother, he is awkward and insecure. Born with a condition where both eyes are distinctly different colors makes him just another easy target for school bullies. However, strange things begin happening the closer he gets to his sixteenth birthday…and Luc. Plague... more
  • The Frog at the Window: A Completely Wild Christmas Tale

    by Scott Langteau
    While Katy and her family spend a snowy Christmas away at Grandma's house, a cold and clever little frog jumps at the chance to move into their warm, empty home. Unfortunately, so does every other four-legged forest dweller in the area. With the perfect holiday vacation house overrun with guests, chaos quickly erupts until the group finds a peaceful solution in this holiday tale of tails. What begins as a break from the wintry woolly land transforms into an annual holiday tradition of kindness a... more
  • Wendy's Winter Walk P, B, M, W Sounds

    by Cass Kim
    Phonological and Articulation Children's Book #1 Wendy's Winter Walk takes children on a blustery walk through her neighborhood while providing chances to practice speech sounds for P, B, M, and W. This book also promotes early reading (phonological awareness) skills. Perfect for reading with children ages 12 months through 6 years. What great discoveries will Wendy and her mom make as they walk, bundled up warm in their winter wear? Created by Cass Kim, an author with a decade of exper... more
  • Sarah's New Moon

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    Sarah Hermann arrived at her new home in the Minnesota Territory in the spring of 1856. Her first friend there was New Moon, a Dakota girl who lived close by. Sarah shared her passion for writing with New Moon and gifted her a notebook to start her own journal. Through Sarah and New Moon's journal entries, the story of their friendship unfolds against the backdrop of the Dakota Conflict of 1862. How will the conflict affect the two girls? Will their friendship stand the tests of time and war?
  • Festival of the Elves: The Magic Around You

    by Angeli Elliott
    Holly Figgyworth and her brother Noel began their adventure on a twinkly, swirly, snowy night. Away from the North Pole for the first time, they were determined to share the elf tradition of merriment and kindness with the Puddington family. Through their journey they discovered the true meaning of Grandpa Figgyworth's favorite saying, "The magic around you is the magic you make."
  • Pavers services

    by solidgreen12
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    by aaw12
    Each kitchen hold machines make our work very fast. Using electronic machines it make our work effectively and burn-through our time so to buy kitchenware online. Like clothes washers it will wash our garments inside in a moment and it is anything but difficult to do it. We are the organization which gave marked organization items to the customers. Our publicizing authorities will assist you with getting all in any case you woul... more
  • The Magical Christmas Tree

    by L.M Haynes
    El Capit á n is the fictional story of an immigrant family with three young boys arriving in the United States to find their Opportunity. There are many kinds. It's why people cross those borders; leaving home; leaving behind what they know. Often you don't get to know what kind of opportunity until you're committed, and you can't go back. Mario Center, "Rio", at eight is the middle child. He dreams of soccer, finding his opportunity when he interrupts the "Maestros" playing a game of footb... more
  • El Capitan: Inspired by True Stories

    by Clever Publication
    Carlos Solari pens a sports-adventure, immersively well-crafted book titled “El Capitán” In this day and age, it’s quite a challenge to find inspiration to do more, becoming their own best versions and see greatness in their everyday lives. This is exactly what author Carlos Solari wants to share with his readers and more. He creates a wonderful story of an immigrant family from Ecuador that landed in Queens and why people cross those borders; leaving home; leaving behind what they know. T... more
  • I'm a Keeper

    by Robert Scully
    Being a zoo keeper is hard work —you will be surprised to see how this keeper makes it look so easy.
  • Stumble Trip Fall

    by Robert Scully
    A book for children or those young at heart about a bear and his search for where he belongs. Along the way he encounters a fox, a mole, a goat and a duck who keep him moving to finally discover where he is most at home.
  • Mr Broccoli

    by Natasha Rose Mills
    Mr Broccoli is the tale of a young boy, Jacob, who is feeling sad and fed up. Through discovering the health benefits of eating his greens, he becomes stronger and more confident. Anti-bullying is also an important theme in the story, to help children learn to respect others and feel more confident in themselves. Mr Broccoli is a character who already has that confidence, and later becomes a role model.
  • No Ants Please

    by Heather Hansen
    Benny is an adorable, little ostrich that is tired of eating the same things. He finds himself on an adventure through the wilds of Africa, discovering new animals and what they eat. Will he find a tasty new treat or will he end up biting off more than he can chew?
  • Squishy Sand

    by Charlene McIver
    Leigh and his friends would love to go to the beach. However, Leigh uses a wheelchair and has a fear of falling. He also knows it's difficult getting his wheelchair across the sand, but his friends Cosmo and Tara are determined to find a way to help their friend. After a number of hilarious failed attempts they finally solve the problem and enjoy a great day at the beach. This engaging story also sheds light on the many obstacles children with different needs face in everyday life. Based o... more
  • A Child’s Best Friend

    by Daryl Horton
    An inspiring story about a dog's desire to protect a kid from COVID! In today’s increasingly busy and stressful world, how do we continue to manage our lives and keep our children safe successfully? In this illustrated picture book, a little dog imagines his worst fear of his best friend becoming ill. Now the little dog will do everything in his power to prevent his nightmare from becoming a reality. A Child’s Best Friend is a children’s picture book that explores the heroic nature of some o... more
  • Battlefield China

    by James Rosone

    There is only one question…

    …will China use its nukes?

    In this chess match of war, the endgame has arrived.

    Honor is important. The leader of China wants to save face, but at what cost? Despite the best diplomatic efforts, the two sides are miles apart. How serious are they at ending the conflict? Who will blink first?

    India with its nuclear power has taken a stand, and it’s with China.

    ... more