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  • The Broken Crown

    by Amryn Cross
  • Spit Mechs 2: Baz Ball

    by Corbett Buchly
    In this adventurous sequel to Spit Mechs, genius fourth-grader Newton Beam and his friends, Jorge and Jane, don their super suits yet again. In the first book, the kids were the accidental recipients of three alien super suits and were called upon to protect Earth from alien invasion. This time around, they’ve been challenged to a game of baz ball by the galactic champions and all-around alien meanies. They’re playing for the moon in this hilarious, winner-take-all matchup. Fortunately, the team... more
  • The Exodus (The Hunted series Book 2)

    by Ali Winters
    Betrayal changes everything. With the balance restored, Nivian and Kain settle into a comfortable routine. While he wants to move forward with Nivian, the more time they spend together, she begins to worry she's using him to get the one thing she wants in life—memories of her past life. Things aren’t as peaceful as they seem, the veil between realms begins to crack, causing shifts unlike what has ever been known before. Amid disappearances and the ever increasing dizzy spells that plague ... more
  • The Reapers (The Hunted series Book 1)

    by Ali Winters
    The balance of life and death must be kept at all costs.

 Having been a reaper as long as she can remember, Nivian knows that what she does is essential in maintaining balance. After being assigned to a rushed mark she finds that there is more to this human than any other she has encountered. 

Kain had been living an ordinary life without a second thought until he meets Nivian who turns his world upside down. He is thrust into a world of hunters and reapers. The keepers of life and death... more
  • The Amarant

    by Tricia Barr

    A fictional world brought to life, a dark romance that promises eternity, and a secret that threatens to end it all.

    Crimson Wilkinson is a teenage girl who, having survived a dark childhood, finds her escape in reading a popular vampire series. After some investigation, she becomes a very active part in the very true vampire stories the world thought were fiction and falls in love with their author, Nicholae Albaric, the sweetly lonely vampire celebrity. But her happiness is short-live... more

  • Caloric

    by Tricia Barr
    Phoenyx Blake has a secret. When she wakes in a dungeon with three strangers, she is forced to face it, which isn’t easy seeing as her cellmate, Sebastian, has starred in her dreams. As days pass, they learn they are each one of the four elements bound in human form and they have been abducted by an ancient society that plans to kill them and steal their powers. If they hope to escape, they must master their powers, and Phoenyx must learn to let go of fear and let love in, before it’s too late.
  • The Emblem Throne

    by Jeffrey L Kohanek
    As they strive to become Masters within the Ministry, Brock and his friends resume their training at the Academy, an institution founded on magic, science, knowledge, law, and combat. They soon discover an expansive web of conspiracies and deceit within the Ministry, hidden behind a veil of benevolence and piety. The exposure of one of those secrets forces Brock and his friends to flee the institution with their lives in the balance. Joined by a fierce Tantarri warrior, the group embarks on a... more
  • The Unfortunate and Odd Life of Bennett Monroe (The Wayfarers Chronicles Book 1)

    by S.M. Baker
    When Bennett Monroe dropped out of the sky at the age of Twenty-six and landed on a sidewalk amongst a group of chattering women, you might think that it would have come as a surprise to him. But, having had the ability to travel through time since he had been quite young, it came as nothing more than another day at his particular office. One he's been working in for the past two decades. The fact of the matter was that Bennett was a time traveller. He would often find himself in a time or pla... more
  • Aséri Calling

    by S.M. Baker
    Eliza Gallagher is a girl who could never seem to fit or belong, apparent by her lifelike dreams of a strange yet familiar land. Despite her loving father and attentive best friend MJ she could never quench the feeling that something was wrong, that she wasn't supposed to live the life she'd been borne to. Then, leading up to a terrible accident, her long dead Uncle reappears in her life, in a mysterious form that follows her at every turn. With madmen and crazed beasts on their tail Eliza is ... more
  • Shadow of Alliance: Book 1

    by A.G. Allen
    Terrowen Mytaldale never expected his brother Cassius, who recently returned from a three-year journey, to break Elven law and turn against his elven kin. The Elves are commanded to stay clear of the world of men, and told that any interference will only bring darkness to their people. The Elven Kingdom of Alorith has been tasked with keeping a record of the world. But when the megalomaniac Prince Cassius amasses an army to conquer Alorith and all other kingdoms, his brother Terrowen must set ou... more
  • The Sailweaver's Son

    by Jeff Minerd
    The Sailweaver’s Son combines epic fantasy with a dash of steampunk and creates a world unlike any other, Etherium, where mountains rise like islands above a sea of clouds and adventurers travel the sky in sail-driven airships. When fifteen year-old Tak rescues the survivor of an airship destroyed by one of the giant flammable gas bubbles mysteriously appearing in the sky of Etherium, the authorities react like a flock of startled grekks. Admiral Scud accuses Tak of sabotage and treason. Tak’s... more
  • Action Figures - Issue Six: Power Play

    by Michael C. Bailey
    One of our super-heroes is missing. It took a devastating attack on Kingsport to reunite the Hero Squad, but their reunion proves short-lived after Lightstorm vanishes following the battle, leaving the team without its most powerful member at the worst possible time. Damage Inc. is back and more dangerous than ever, thanks to the mysterious mastermind known only as the Foreman arming them with enough firepower to take on the Hero Squad — but for what sinister purpose? The Squad is determin... more
  • Action Figures - Issue Five: Team-Ups

    by Michael C. Bailey
    The Hero Squad is finished. Their friendships damaged in the wake of the King of Pain incident, perhaps beyond repair, the team go their separate ways to lick their wounds and figure out where their respective paths will take them…and if those paths will ever lead back to each other. "Team-Ups" features a series of individual adventures that partner the Hero Squad with unexpected friends and pit them against some surprising foes. Sara finally learns the price of her betrayal; Matt and Nina... more
  • Action Figures - Issue Four: Cruel Summer

    by Michael C. Bailey
    His name is uttered in terrified whispers. He’s the bad guy the good guys fear. He is the King of Pain, and he’s come to Kingsport to put another hero in the ground. The Hero Squad faces their deadliest foe yet, a mysterious killer who hunts within the superhuman community, leaving dead bodies and broken minds in his wake. The Squad is next on his hit list, and the King of Pain will push the young heroes to their absolute limit — and one of them might not survive the experience. Get ready ... more
  • Action Figures - Issue Three: Pasts Imperfect

    by Michael C. Bailey
    The past is coming back to haunt the Hero Squad. Archimedes, the Squad’s first foe, is finally heading to trial, and the teen heroes aren't exactly looking forward to again facing the man capable of revealing their deepest secrets to the world — but their secrets are nothing compared to the dark truths being hidden from them by people they know and trust. When those secrets are finally laid bare, they could tear the team apart, one heartbreaking piece at a time…and if they don’t, the blood... more
  • Wake of Deception

    by Sasha DeVore

       Almost a hundred years have passed since the Ancient Ones saved humanity from self-destruction, and life is more peaceful and productive than ever. But for fourteen year old Hanu, life at a mental hospital isn't productive at all - at least not with his treatment. Now he must join a group of patients who were summoned into the District of Operations to meet with the Council. Tensions are high as they travel to Capital City, as attacks from a mysterious faction called the Diss... more