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  • Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe

    by Rob H Hunt
    Some kids love adventure, and dream of being a hero. Ten-year-old Kyle Evans is not one of those kids, but when a giant hole appears in his bedroom and swallows his mom, a hero is what Kyle must become. Kyle sets out on the journey of a lifetime, and discovers along the way that Battle Droids are scarier than Search Droids, Kranken are more terrifying than either of these, and you should never stand still near a Burgly Bug. But more important than any of this, Kyle learns that sometimes a cat is... more
  • Dying Breath (Dying for a Living Book 6)

    by Kory M. Shrum
    "I always knew I was going to die. I just didn’t know it was going to be today." Maisie won’t live to see her seventeenth birthday. Her mother and sister are locked in a war over the world, and Maisie is stuck between them. She must decide if she will join her sister’s cause, or defend her mother. In the face of her mother’s demands, Maisie doubts herself and what she truly wants. But her only alternative is to be murdered by the person she loves most. Jesse wants to find her father’s body... more
  • By the Icy Wild (Mortality Book 3)

    by Everly Frost

    The threat is far from over. I will live by the icy wild.

    Ava Holland is dead. At least, that’s what everyone’s supposed to believe. But Ava is on her way to the northern wilds and hidden within the icy mountains are dangers that nobody dares speak aloud. Meanwhile, Michael is forced to accept Ava’s death while defending his new home against the growing darkness beyond.

    When a mortality war begins, will anyone surviv... more

  • Into the Black Sky

    by L.L. Crane
    What if you had to choose between who you are or the person you love? Teak is heartbroken and stuck in prison where she has just found out that her "dead" mother is still alive, trapped by none other than Siv Gareth, the leader of the Alliance and the mastermind behind the terrible Race War. Koree is surely dead, and Teak is shocked, injured, and madder than ever. She has becomes one of Siv Gareth’s pawns yet again, and she is left powerless in his cold-blooded, maniacal clutches. Whe... more
  • To the Moon

    by L.L. Crane
    Join Thann and Teak on their harrowing journey to Harcourt, where Teak finally discovers who she really is. Yet, her heart breaks when she discovers the lies that run so deeply in her family she wonders how she can free herself from them, or if she even wants to. Teak couples this with shock at being accepted for herself, in spite of Siv Gareth's Race War, which bears down on her every second of the day. When she is asked to join the Rebellion, she doesn't need to think of the answer. Siv... more
  • From the Mountain

    by L.L. Crane
    Sixteen-year old Teak is one of the last of her kind left on earth. So far, her Mark of Power has kept her alive, but after barely surviving the first ethnic cleansing, Teak's father forces her into training to become one of Siv Gareth's elite soldiers. She hates it with every core of her being, and after finally standing up to her Weapons Instructor, Teak has a decision to make. Does she follow her father’s wishes and become a soldier, or chase after her own dream of training dragons? The... more
  • The Fox (The Iron Head Trilogy, Part One)

    by Gaja J. Kos
    Maer Lakrius feels content and secure in his role of a second-born child in the royal household until the battlefield of Vanas rips his reality apart. Helpless to prevent his older brother's death, Maer returns to the kingdom defeated, and must face not only the weight of his loss, but the burden of becoming Emberya's Crown Prince. A burden, made even worse by the changes in the world Maer believes only he can see. Unknowingly, the young prince's fate becomes entwined with that of a woman... more
  • Anabelle Lost

    by Melissa Volker
    Anabelle Gamin goes to sleep a normal, seventeen year old girl with parents, friends, and a dog. ​ She wakes a stranger to all of them. ​ Is it Anabelle, or the world that has gone wrong? ​ Because something has -- something has gone very, very wrong.
  • The Stone of Mercy: Book 1 of the Centaur Chronicles

    by M.J. Evans
    By tradition, the ruler of Crystonia will be the one in possession of the Silver Breastplate. Yet the rightful heir has not appeared and the throne that sits atop Mount Heilodius has stood empty for a century and a half. The kingdom is being torn apart as the biggest and strongest races battle for control. Even the herd of peace-loving Centaurs has splintered into two factions, one awaiting the promised bearer of the breastplate, the other seeking power and control over the land. Unbeknow... more
  • Fantasy World

    by C. R. Sturgill
    Spencer Underwood has little realistic hope of escaping his paraplegic, bullied, and friendless high school existence. Then he and three classmates are unrealistically transported to Nibiru, a legendary fantasy world ruled by mythological gods and inhabited by strange races and nightmarish monsters. Spence can walk again, which is good considering he’s going to have to use his online fantasy role-playing game experience to lead the dysfunctional party on the gods’ quest and summon the courage ... more
  • The Benighted (The Benighted Saga Book 1)

    by A. M. Dunnewin
    The King was dead. His body was found slain in his room, only months after his son had been brutally murdered. Skylar Mandolyn, his daughter, has now become the last heir to inherit the throne. But instead of becoming Queen, she has been imprisoned for helping in the escape of Sir Harlin Brien, her knight who was framed for the King’s murder. Confined to darkness, Skylar's captors have given her no choice but to yield to a new kind of enemy: a kingdom that has advanced in both technology... more
  • Humble Beginnings: Episode One of The Prodigy Series

    by John F. Thomas
    Growing up can be tough, especially for someone like John Prodigy. Often feeling like an outsider in his own town, he is not a stranger to being a victim of constant bullying at his school. In order for him to find his place in the world, he must do what's necessary - even if that decision is going to lead to a life of potential struggle and turmoil, but filled with excitement, love, and adventure to come! If he decides to take that crucial step, his life will never be the same...
  • Queen of the Quantum Realm

    by Rhonda Denise Johnson

    Quiet yet discontented Hadley Town is about to wake up to a nightmare. Fourteen-year-old Jawan hadn’t been allowed to see his parents in eight years after the powerful Earth mage apprenticed him, and now he never will.  They’d been struck down by the deadly purple plague that ravages Hadley Town.  When his master’s magic fails to find a clue to this mystery ailment, Jawan embarks on his own search, and finds himself trapped in a world one billionth his normal size.... more

  • Prelude (The Creatura Series Book 1)

    by Nely Cab
    Deus, the creator of the universe, is almighty and powerful—until he uses his abilities to mold a companion. His newest creation, Starr, proves to be as wild as the animals that inhabit Terra. There's no controlling her. To make matters worse, she hates Deus. So what's the one boy in the universe to do when the one girl in the universe loathes him? The only illogical thing to do. He falls in love.
  • Marker of Hope (The Creatura Series Book 3)

    by Nely Cab
    Who will save her from herself? Upon her return from Greece with three new friends and a broken heart, Isis' hunger for human flesh is stronger than ever. She's a miserable mess after losing David following her betrayal. Her mutation into Creatura is all but over when she receives the surprise of her life, compelling her to seek out David's family. Only, they've broken all ties with her, and she doesn't know how to reach them. Turpis, the demonic beings that attacked Isis in Greece, have t... more
  • Fruit of Misfortune (Creatura, #2)

    by Nely Cab
    Isis' goals for the future included things like attending and graduating college. However, becoming a monster wasn't part of the plan. Isis and her boyfriend, David, are on the brink of a horrible transformation and they are eager to stop it. Together, they set out on a quest to Greece to find Isis' biological father―the only person that may be able to help them. Their journey comes to an abrupt stop before it even begins when Isis falls ill, and Eros, David's best friend, arrives in Athens, una... more