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  • Lassa the Viking and the Dragon's Inferno

    by Dean Yurke
    LASSA ERIKSON likes 'normal' teenage things like reading ancient texts on chemical analysis and studying books on advanced alchemy. He's never read anything frivolous like "The Joy of Axe Wielding" or "Uthbert's Guide to Decapitation." So when he is conscripted into the 11th century Viking army and finds himself surrounded by an ocean of the fiercest, toughest, ugliest warriors the world has ever seen, he accepts his hapless brother Sven's brilliant idea of hiding at the back of his first battle... more
  • Forgetting What I Couldn't Remember

    by Angelina Singer
    Vera Bartlet is a soon-to-be college graduate with absolutely no idea how messy her life is about to become. It’s not just the job search looming on the horizon or her lack of a boyfriend that’s got her stomach in knots – rather, her dad has been missing for almost a decade, and no one knows what happened to him. When Uncle Edgar mysteriously arrives back onto the scene, he comes armed with some interesting new ideas about what may have happened to Vera’s dad – and an even more revolutionary... more
  • Billy Chan and the Stinky Goatopus

    by D.Z. Mah

    Ugh, what's that stench? It's so bad, it can't be anything natural.

    It's coming from a goatopus, a mythical creature from another world. Except he's right by the Great Pyramid of Giza and refuses to leave. It's up to me, Billy the chimera hunter, to figure out what to do.

    But I can't do this without help. That's where you come in. You need to help me make decisions to get rid of this stinky goatopus. Come join me on my latest adventure!

  • Ether-Touched

    by L. M. Coulson

    Vylaena Azrel has one goal in life: lift the Curse set upon her by the goddess Ikna, dooming her to feel others' pain as her own. Living alone in the haunted Elderwood just outside the city of Cyair, Vylaena keeps well away from civilization—until the day a mysterious solicitor arrives at her doorstep to make her an offer that will change her life.

    Unwillingly entangled in matters of state, Vylaena is brought to the Cyair Palace to play bodyguard to a newly-arrived foreig... more

  • Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon, Book 1 of a 5-part chronicle

    by C. Jill Hefte
    C. Jill Hefte’s A Human Fairy Tale® provides a fantastical explanation for the iconic Stonehenge, for its creation has remained a mystery—beyond the capabilities of mere mortal humans. In folklore, many have spoken of Merlin the Magician building Stonehenge with magic, among other theories. Hefte’s riveting tale explores the idea of human fairies creating Stonehenge. Those that stayed behind closed the portal, blocking the passage to the other planet in the Milky Way. A dark war rages o... more
  • Across the Bridge of Ice

    by Ruth Fox
    Keira Leichman spent the night of the wild snowstorm that struck Cassidy Heights injured and alone. But what really happened that night? Not even Keira can be sure. What she does know is that she's been having strange dreams since the accident, and she's stuck with a broken ankle and the possibility of never playing soccer again. That is, until she finds Jake's telescope, and is drawn across the bridge of ice to Shar.
  • Chasing Fae

    by Cady Hammer
    Grace Richardson is a young mortal woman whose only concerns are providing for her family, playing her violin, and spending as much time as possible with her brother, Leo. When Leo goes into service in the Fae’s world as a mercenary, she expects him to return with the honor that he deserves. When Leo suddenly dies in an unspecified accident, not a word, medal, or penny comes down from the higher-ups. Suspecting foul play, Grace disguises herself as a Fae and sneaks into the Upper Realm to get so... more
  • Champion of the Iroko

    by Zee Ghara
    Ojadili, great warrior of the Madu clan of Atu Kingdom tasked with a heavy burden from birth. He must save both his Kingdom and half-sister, Adi from the impending doom that loomed. "War is coming”, the prophesy foretold—both situations connected and tied to the circumstances surrounding his birth. He is torn between abandoning his clan and defying his warrior chief father, Adol, to save his sister—yet clear on what must be done. Will duty be the cost of love? Or will love cost him—the King... more
  • The Bandit Kings of Nowhere Park

    by Jonas Samuelle

    Not all bad kids have lost their way; some have found their calling. When two young friends sneak out to explore the Phoenix summer nights, they discover more than they'd ever imagined.

    Nowhere Park is a haven for troubled kids. On the first night of summer, magic doorways appear in each of the seven cities of the southwest, and all the bastard boys and wild girls come running to answer the call. No adults, no police, no laws can follow them through. 

    There... more

  • Megathron - A New Beginning: Part 1

    by P.U. Basu

    Seven girls have no clue and future in their lives. They hail from different backgrounds. They do not know each other. All of them are looking for an opportunity to break through the struggles of their lives and their minds. Each of them has to reach a destination in their personal lives. Turns out all of them have to take the same road to the destination in the form of different opportunities. 

  • Endow: A Blood Inheritance Novel

    by M. Ainihi
    Picking up from where Lost ended, Endow takes Emily, Amanda, and Kiami on a dangerous trip through the realms. On the world of Sumir, the realms were put into place to keep peace by separating the magical races, but what will happen if those barriers collapse? With a celestial being overseeing a scheme that originated centuries ago, the future of the entire planet rests in their hands—if they are willing to fight for it.
  • To See The Unseen

    by Emily Apfel
    I would like to say that when I see you again that I will know you by your face or hair, but that is not the case. I will see you, but not as a male or female. You will appear to me as a person made of molecules. These molecules look like atoms and they start out clear and change color depending on the person's emotions they hold inside. I know that to say they are like atoms is confusing because no one can see atoms with their naked eye. However, this is why I call them atoms. You see, I am ab... more
  • The Game With No Name

    by L.G. Cunningham
    The explosive second book in the Jitters series by L.G. Cunningham is sure to be a hit for fans of Jumanji and Goosebumps. Izzy Miller has grown out of ‘family-game-night’. As a mature and sporty twelve-year-old, playing boring board games with her family is not her idea of a good time. But when her brainiac twin, Noah, discovers an ancient board game and casts the dice, he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that freezes time and leaves the twins with a frightening choice - play or nev... more
  • Pretty Perilous Parakeet

    by L.G. Cunningham
    Tarantulas, snakes and lizards are no problem whatsoever for 12-year-old animal expert, Archie Jones! But when an unexpected turn of events lead to his annoying sister demanding they take home an innocent golden-plumed parakeet from a creepy animal sanctuary (and its creepy owner), Archie discovers rather quickly that this is not a cute and cuddly bird. Can Archie and his best-leopard-gecko-lizard-friend, Lizzie, return the evil monster bird before it destroys his life? Can the sibling... more
  • Phoenix Angel Illustrations

    by Anthony Phillips
    Welcome to my first illustration book, Phoenix Angel Illustrations. The illustrations in this book will cover two short stories: Spirithawk and Phoenix Angel. The other characters will be from my screenplay Phoenix Prime and Ultimate Weapon. For those who have read my other books, this will finally give you a clear picture of what my characters look like to me. Enjoy.
  • Bladeseeker: Convergent Fates

    by Roy Blackstone
    A treasure-hunting young boy seeks a relic with the power to defeat dragons. A slave girl breaks her chains and ascends a mountain, unraveling the mystery at the top. Meanwhile, the holy king assembles his legendary cadre of knights - for though the ancient seraphs have returned from the skies, something far more sinister lurks behind the weakening barrier to the north.