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  • Inspiration

    by Douglas Pershing

    Seventeen-year-old Zachary Sable is the new kid in town. For him everything is new. Family, school, food, smells, colors, and breathing is a lot to get used to. In an instant he has what he’s always wanted, a chance to prove his worth to Lucifer, the lord of this world. When given the simple task of distracting a human girl from her celestial guardians he knows a quick success will win him honor and glory.

    Emma finds herself inescapably drawn to the mysterious, beautiful, intellig... more

  • The Story of Q

    by Marion J Chard
    In book one of, The Story of ‘Q’, ten-year-old Rachael Lexington, lives with her parents and six-year-old sister, Melanie. She is a fifth-grader and excellent student at Neil Armstrong Elementary School. She loves learning new things, meeting new people and shares her father’s love of science and astronomy. One day while attending the annual garage sale event in her neighborhood, she stumbles upon a porcelain letter ‘Q’ and cannot understand why she feels compelled to buy it. However, she conv... more
  • Clockbreakers

    by Kate Ristau
    On her eleventh birthday, Charlie receives a key to go back in time. But time travel isn’t easy. Before she blows out her candles, Charlie rolls her wheelchair into Ancient Greece with her best friend Maria and her former best friend Trent. She’s a Clockbreaker, stuck in a Greek myth, on an action-packed adventure with a mission: to save her father, and perhaps even save the world.
  • Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy

    by Brenda Mohammed

    Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy, consists of the first three books in the five-book science fiction series Revenge of Zeeka.
    Set in a futuristic world in the year 2036 on a fictitious island called Gosh, and in an era of advanced technology and significant medical break-throughs, a man called Zeeka is planning revenge. 
    Why does he want to unleash terror on the Islanders? 
    Is Zeeka his real name?
    Can the authorities stop him and his zombies, or is he unstoppable... more

  • There's a Zombie in the Basement

    by Stan Yan
    Milo won't fall asleep because he thinks the monsters in the basement are gonna get him. And, if he can't get to sleep, no one will. Mom and Dad better hope his wild imagination doesn't get the best of him!
  • Ice Crypt (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, Book 2)

    by Tiana Warner
    Meela has returned from the Massacre with a plan to stop the war between humans and merpeople. While she works to unearth a legendary weapon, Lysi joins forces with a band of rebels to take down King Adaro, ruler of the seas. Separated by the vast Pacific Ocean, Meela and Lysi must find a way to end the war that has kept them apart.
  • Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, Book 1)

    by Tiana Warner
    A mermaid’s supernatural beauty serves one purpose: to lure a sailor to his death. Meela, a warrior of Eriana Kwai, must fight for her people’s freedom on the ocean’s deadliest battleground.
  • Billy: Messenger of Powers (The Billy Saga Book 1)

    by Michaelbrent Collings
    "Billy: Messenger of Powers is a fascinating, fun read. It kept me captivated, in suspense, and laughing. Highly recommended!" - James Dashner author, The Maze Runner "BILLY WAS ONLY FOURTEEN YEARS OLD THE FIRST TIME HE DIED." And with those words begins the bestselling saga of Billy Jones. Billy, like many of us, leads what he believes is a fairly normal life: trying to get through school, trying to deal with his first crush, and trying to avoid the bullies who seem intent on trying ... more
  • The Complete Billy Saga

    by Michaelbrent Collings
    "BILLY WAS ONLY FOURTEEN YEARS OLD THE FIRST TIME HE DIED." And with those words begins the bestselling saga of Billy Jones. Billy, like many of us, leads what he believes is a fairly normal life: trying to get through school, trying to deal with his first crush, and trying to avoid the bullies who seem intent on trying to prove he can be flushed down a toilet. But all that changes (or at least some of it) when Billy discovers that Powers walk among us. These Powers (what you or I would... more
  • Spells and Sorcery

    by S. Usher Evans
    You have magic. One sentence, three words, four syllables. Enough to change my life forever. And I'm not talking about the whole spells and sorcery thing. Lexie Carrigan thought the weirdest thing about her was she preferred watching documentaries and reading the newspaper to reality TV and Twitter. But on the eve of her fifteenth birthday, her aunt and sisters drop a bomb--she's magical. Now the girl who never made waves is blowing up her nightstand and trying to keep from wreaking hav... more
  • World Saver

    by Neal Goldstein
    Cypris “LUVTR41N” Orbick is hooked on the World Saver computer game. He spends every free minute at the helm of an intergalactic squadron, saving worlds throughout the cosmos from self-destruction. But when Cypris tops the leaderboard, he soon learns that World Saver isn't just fun and games. And something tells him that all is not right with World Saver, and that it poses a grave threat to him, his fellow gamers, and every civilized world.
  • Rachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamland

    by L. Jagi Lamplighter
    It’s Halloween at the Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts, and Rachel Griffin is stirring up the dead! As Halloween approaches, Rachel Griffin is starting to fit into life at Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts. She’s made friends with the world-famous Sigfried Smith and his dragon Lucky, and with the princess of Magical Australia. Though, at thirteen, Rachel is the youngest student, she actually has a boyfriend—an older boy, no less, the infamous Gaius Valiant. On her very first night ... more
  • The Raven, The Elf, and Rachel

    by L. Jagi Lamplighter
    Before coming to Roanoke Academy, Rachel Griffin had been an obedient girl--but it is hard to obey the rules when the world is in danger and no one will listen. Now, she's eavesdropping on Wisecraft Agents and breaking a great many regulations. Because if the adults will not believe her, then it is up to Rachel and her friends--crazy, orphan-boy Sigfried the Dragonslayer and Nastasia, the Princess of Magical Australia--to stop the insidious Mortimer Egg from destroying the world. But fir... more
  • The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin

    by L. Jagi Lamplighter
    Rachel Griffin wants to know everything. As a freshman at Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts, she has been granted to opportunity to study both mundane and magical subjects. But even her perfect recollection of every book she has ever read does not help her when she finds a strange statue in the forest—a statue of a woman with wings. Nowhere—neither in the arcane tomes of the Wise, nor in the dictionary and encyclopedia of the non-magic-using Unwary—can she find mention of such a creatur... more
  • Exodus

    by Jen Minkman

    "Time is old here. Older than the cracked and scorched earth, older than the scraggly bushes and the dusty road that winds through the desert like a sluggish snake on its way toward the horizon wavering in the heat. 
    I no longer recall for how long I’ve been here, but I feel just like that snake – forever on my way toward a destination that’s just out of view. Only when I look up do I see what my heart longs for. The endlessly blue sky. My visions are blue. My... more

  • Earthking, The Earthking Chronicles: Book 1

    by Christopher C. Hall
    When a killer strikes from the shadows young prince Colmeron is torn from the comfort of his father’s castle and sent into hiding with the man he's sure is the traitor. Secluded in a distant refuge, Col comes to know the power of his ancestors, the Earthkings: men with the power to shape and control the land. But will that be enough to save the kingdom when an ancient enemy returns to free their long captive master?