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  • Fear Power (The Fear Chronicles Book 2)

    by C.C. Bolick
    Rena Mason once feared never being able to explore her feelings for Travis. Now she fears not being able to save everyone she cares about. As her fear grows, so does her power. With Travis’s help, she fights to uncover what really happened to her mom, along with the secrets her dad still hides. When a renegade agent puts Rena in the agency’s crosshairs, other agents question their ability to contain her. If she could just figure out how to fly without crashing to the ground, maybe she could c... more
  • Cooper B. and the Scavenger Hunt

    by Michael Shane Leighton

    An eleven-year-old orphan never realized just how special he was until he traveled to a distant world and discovered he possessed an extraordinary ability known as the Guild.

    Cooper B. spent his entire childhood moving from one orphanage to another until his peculiar caseworker Ms. Pedigree dropped him off at St. Mary’s Academy for the Exceptional Youth.

         There, he met his two best friends, and together they embarked on grand adventures to help them e... more

  • Alpha and Omega

    by Carol T. Luna

    Ao never believed in monsters—not after being branded one since childhood. Exiled, he lives with his adoptive guardian, Kaisei Aizawa, amidst verdant valleys surrounded by desolation.

    Humanity only had themselves to blame for the wretched landscape. Their war poisoned the seas. Their greed coveted the fertile and the green.

    Their ambition set it ablaze.

    One hundred years had passed since the war banished Talus to the skies. Doomed to chase the sun, the once proud natio... more

  • Singularity for Baby: Preparing Your Child for the Coming Overlords

    by R. E. Lane
    Are your kiddos ready for the coming FutureTech? Prepare them with Singularity for Baby, a tongue-in-cheek tour through tomorrow's technology. On first view, it is filled with the imaginary slang and bright, happy possibilities of advancing technology. Further examination, with a secondary text (hidden in binary and translated in the back), injects a dose of dark humor into the mix. This is the perfect book for the delightfully eccentric, the proudly nerdy parents, and their growing broods.
  • Trine Rising: The Kinderra Saga: Book 1

    by C.K. Donnelly
    Mirana Pinal, just sixteen summers old, knows she’s different. In her homeland of Kinderra, only a small minority of people are born with one of three magical powers—Seeing, Defending, or Healing. Mirana, however, was born with all three, making her a rare Trine, one whose powers can bring peace to the war-ravaged land—or destroy it. Only two other known Trines exist in the current age—Tetric Garis, a hero to Mirana’s people; and the Dark Trine, the ruthless leader of the enemy Ken’nar regime,... more
  • Billy Chan Rescues a Moark Named Mark

    by D.Z. Mah

    There's a moark in the Monterey Bay Aquarium! The CIA has heard rumors of a shark fin moving through the sand at the bottom of one of their tanks. He was put in there by accident, and a marine biologist might discover him at any moment. If they do, there will definitely be questions.

    The CIA needs my help to get that moark out of there. This is where you come in. These missions are hard, and I need your help to make decisions. Let's see if we can get that moark without causing a... more

  • The Harvest Sprites

    by Hayley Nystrom
    When a crispness cuts through painted skies With scents of leaf and hay... It means that fall is here! Fall is a magical time of year, filled with bursts of color, crackling fires, tricks, treats, and so much more. The Harvest Sprites adore this time of year, each for their own special reason. Carmine and Crunch can always be found admiring and playing in the beautiful leaves, while Blossom and Patches pick apples, pumpkins, and other yummy, ripe treats. There's so much to do, see a... more
  • Willowmena's Quest: Land of Bleak Series

    by Sandra Rhea
    When a motherless young girl named Willowmena stumbles over Merloo, a lost fairy with a broken wing, the two become unlikely companions in a barren land where friendship is virtually unknown. Accompanied by a magical rhinoceros with a flashing red eye, a mute prince, and relentlessly pursued by the Miner of the Dark Pass, the stalwart band of travelers embark on a heroic journey through the dusty Land of Bleak. Willowmena and her friends travel in search of the Mountains of Tune, each of them s... more
  • Temple of Eternity

    by R. Scott Boyer
    Deep in the rain forests of Guatemala, an ancient Mayan temple holds a mythical secret. The legendary Fountain of Youth lies within, but not all myths are fairy tales. The temple ruins have been seized by the Core, a sinister cult determined to unlock the mysteries of immortality. When their captured friends are spotted near the temple, Bobby and his cousin Jinx must journey into the dark heart of the jungle to save them. Harnessing their extraordinary abilities, the boys will undertake an epic... more
  • The Identity Thief

    by Alex Bryant
    The Identity Thief transposes Medieval ideas of witchcraft into modern day London. In this world, it’s possible to create powerful illusions: for example, to conjure a weapon capable of hurting another, or even seeming to kill them temporarily. But most people never encounter magic – it’s feared and despised by society, and confined to a criminal underworld. A rogue sorcerer called Cuttlefish is causing carnage across London, while the Sorcerer Investigation Department (SID), led by DCI Helen ... more
  • Princess Rose and the Quest of the Golden Gown

    by Jennifer & Daniel Frazier
    As Princess Rose celebrates her thirteenth birthday in the kingdom of Ametheria, a mysterious map appears. Little does the princess know, but this map will begin a quest that will take her across many wondrous lands and, along the way, encounter many magical creatures from mermaids to trolls to even a talking kitten (but no dragons; everyone knows dragons don't exist). With her loyal friend and stable boy, Joseph, and her prized horse, Wisher, Rose will find herself facing perilous dangers and c... more
  • ZON

    by Maureen A. Miller
    From USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller, comes this young adult cosmic adventure. With a father from the planet, Ziratak, and a mother from Earth, Zon's challenges are galactic. Zon doesn't possess superpowers, though. If anything, he's a bit of a klutz. In Ziratakian folklore, the tale of the Temple of the Monarch has been passed down for generations. As legend has it, a series of miniature globes lead to the temple’s gate. Folklore…nothing more. Except, Zon knows of a ... more
  • Kingshackle: The Conjurer Fellstone Book Three

    by Marjory Kaptanoglu
    Book Three completes The Conjurer Fellstone Trilogy that began with Dreadmarrow Thief. Ash is missing and must be found. Confounding the matter, the Conjurer King Slayert launches an attack against the remaining free cities. Saving the world falls to our three heroes, who reunite to steal Slayert’s own crown, called the Kingshackle—a magical artifact that makes him invincible. But their success depends on Tessa winning the King’s Challenge, the ultimate test of her intelligence, valor, and he... more
  • Catching Emotions

    by Artun Bekar
    Willy, a very rational boy, is forced to grapple with his unpredictable emotions on an adventure with a classmate. On a journey through a nearby forbidden forest, he discovers nine primary emotions that put him in hazardous situations, then help him overcome them. Each emotion appears in the form of a colorful light. On his way to school, he meets his first emotion, Happi, and soon after Wonder drags him into the forest. He struggles with Panicky after getting scared by something following h... more
  • Time of Dreams: A Teen Superhero Fantasy

    by P. G. Shriver

    An unusual ally. A destined dream. Two superhuman teens hiding from the law…

    Godley, Texas. Fourteen-year-old Nathan isn’t sure how the girl in his dream knew to warn him. Burdened with righteous anger, and past events that put him in the wrong place at the wrong time, he’s ready to avenge the tragedies he’s left behind. But when a lost girl in the woods demands his help, he finds himself in another sticky situation— a dead body, a familia... more

  • Moon Thief

    by Gean Penny
    An unusual appearance. A destined purpose. A supernatural boy dealing with dark demons... A Future Society, 2419. Eleven-year-old Moon Child isn't sure what happened to his father. Born an albino which keeps him from interacting with the other children, his life is lived in darkness. His only friends lurk there, in the dark, and so does his special secret. On his twelfth birthday, he's led by the light of the moon to meet his mentor, a person like him. His life takes on meaning and purpose, bo... more