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  • Nathaniel's Got the Blues

    by David L Heaney

    In the winter of his life, Nathaniel, a fruit rat, is bored, angry and depressed. Even his longsuffering wife, Birgit is becoming impatient with his litany of complaints and ailments. Nathaniel has grown increasingly self-focused possessing little interest in his colorless world. Sometimes he wistfully recalls his adventures as a young rat in search of life’s meaning. But then again, he thinks that what seemed profound then, now feels banal and mundane. Life changes for Nathaniel when h... more

  • By the Sea

    by J. Steven Lamperti

    A little medieval fishing village that worships Poseidon, a young girl with a dark memory, a mysterious young nobleman who comes riding into town on a white stallion, what brings these three things together?

    Llyr is unknown to the villagers of Chelle by the sea, and unknown to Annabelle. What does he want with her? Why is he coming into town from the Duke’s castle on the cliffs over the village?

    The village is abuzz with the need to know. When the real reason Llyr is there, ... more

  • Crueler and More Unusual: Four more short stories of judicial horror

    by Eric Dean
    Read four more stories of judicial horror from the award-winning author of Cryptic, Erik Dean. DUMMYRobert Holman failed to heed the warnings and an innocent night out turns into a nightmare. What punishment is fitting for this Dummy? He realizes too late that being sorry is not enough, and that there's no hiding from the vengeful hand of fate.EARLY RELEASEAn amendment to the US Constitution allows for grieving families to apply for Early Release for the prisoners who murdered their loved ones.... more
  • In the Grip of Time

    by Adam Jacob Burgess
    A music-loving gnome leaves her sheltered, inward-looking town in order to seek adventure, learn about the world, and become the greatest musician ever. Her goals accidentally intertwine with two powerful forces, both of which are set on a collision course in their search for an Ancient Device that can control time.
  • I Am An Outer Space Alien

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Shirl is sure she's not from Earth. She's not like other people. She likes to spend her time working on a radio to talk to people in outer space. They answer. Her new friend is looking for her true home, too. They decide to make their home on Earth together.
  • The Fellas, the Mermaid, and Me!


    Kris the mermaid is truly "one of the guys" and an enthusiastic participant in all manner of board, card, and video games. But when the gang's club house falls down and they're forced outside, will she be able to keep up in an outdoor sport?

  • I am the Kraken: The Buccaneers' Relic


    When Destiny's ship finally comes in, it comes in the form of a pirate galleon with a set of gigantic squid tentacles.

    Sixteen-year-old Destiny is too smart for her school, too ambitious for the suburbs, and too immature to know what to do about it. She finds her escape in an extradimensional ocean that exists between our own world and the realm of the Wyrd gods. This is the Wild Blue, a place where the Golden Age of Piracy never ended and the four pirate fleets are our only defensi... more

  • Mermaid Hair

    by Leilani Graceffa

    Would you rebel knowing you are unwanted by a society that favours adept people?

    In this short story, 19-year-old Avilia, hidden from a discriminatory society, holds the dream to experience life without her only setback; being deaf.

    After a successful attempt at trying one of her twin cousins’ inventions to help her, she soon gets introduced to one of the twin’s boyfriend’s little brother. He is also hidden from society. They take a short, risky ... more

  • Maggie MacCormack and the Witches' Wheel

    by Kaja Blackley
    Maggie MacCormack and the Witches’ Wheel is the first book in a Young Adult fantasy series by author Kaja Blackley. It’s the story of a twelve-year-old girl who has spent her life in foster care. With her latest placement Maggie finds herself in a welcoming but peculiar environment, slowly discovering that everything she thought she knew about her life was untrue. Well on her way along the challenging twists and turns of her new adventure, she will have no alternative but to face the dark forces... more
  • Arrows Tipped with Honey

    by Jean Gill
    Four misfit friends and 50,000 bees: together they must change the world. Aided by three gifted friends and her beloved bees, Mielitta, Queen of the Warrior Bees, must break down the barriers between the Forest and the Citadel to build a better world. But in the Citadel, she is still seen as a freak and a traitor. The council mages plot to break the blood oath binding them to their treaty with Mielitta and seek to destroy her. While she assumes her new responsibilities in the Forest, her hopes ... more
  • A Step Through The Empty

    by H. E. Salian
    Brynte Godric quickly learns being crowned king was the easy part. Keeping that crown is what’s dangerous. With everyone from a world-ruling organization to his mother after the crown, Bry has a lot of fighting ahead. So he’s surprised the arranged marriage to the shy young Princess Stori goes better than expected. With it, he has averted one war. Now on to the next. His only hope is staying one step ahead while keeping his kingdom from turning against him too. Amid all that chaos, how bad ca... more
  • Case Connor and The Trials of Sand and Fire

    by George Lamore
    No stranger to trouble, Case finally pushes his luck too far and runs afoul of the law. As a reward, his mysterious guardian sends him to a hellish reform camp in the outback of Austrailia. In addition to the brutal routine, strange things are going on at the medieval camp that can't be explained logically. Case soon discovers that he and his fellow campers are far from ordinary and that there is more to the medieval camp than meets the eye. He is determined to escape back to civilization, but f... more
  • The Fall Of A God: Descend Into Chaos

    by Janya Bhaskar
    A post-calamity transcontinental mission leads Devi and her posse of deadly teen mavericks down the darkest and most dangerous hunt of their lives in a white knuckle thriller.A few years ago, countless families disappeared into thin air, leaving behind survivors with characteristics that are dead giveaways. Devi and her friends are on the run, fulfilling their master puppeteer’s mission while being targeted by faceless hunters. Now the descent into chaos has begun.
  • Billy Chan Chases a Burkey through Albuquerque

    by D.Z. Mah

    There's a burkey loose in Albuquerque! What's a burkey, you ask? He's a bull with turkey wings and a turkey tail, and he's running loose. The CIA has asked me to help them catch him and send him home.

    But why did he come to Albuquerque? I can only find out if you help me make the best, safest decisions. Though, if you also want to help me make silly, risky decisions, that's fun, too. In order to read all four endings, you'll have to help me do both.

    Are you... more

  • Billy Chan Goes Where the Sheelephants Roam

    by D.Z. Mah

    Well, it finally happened. I was minding my own business, and a chimera took me to his world without asking!

    I'm in the land of the sheelephants without my parents or the CIA. This is a strange world with two moons, remote villages, and chimeras desperate for a haircut.

    I would be on my own if it wasn't for you. I definitely need your help to make some hard choices about what to do next.

  • MystikQuest

    by Jeff Schanz
    “Why is Switzerland in my kitchen?” A tabletop, role-playing game called MystikQuest is a fun diversion from the disappointing lives of Wes Walker and his socially awkward, junior high friends, Marc and AJ. It doesn’t matter to Wes that his friends think his game is a lame rip-off of “Lord of the Rings.” Playing fantasy fiction is harmless fun until one fateful day when Wes discovers a dying creature in his treehouse, clutching an old arrowhead relic Wes dug up from his back yard. The cre... more