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  • Strange Lands ( Heroes of Distant Planets book 1 )

    by Anderson Atlas

    Powerful and uplifting, Strange Lands cleverly takes you away from Earth to a planet where the mysteries are as strange as the darkest shadows. In order for Allan to get home, he must fight the foulest creature. Millions of lives hang in the balance, but so does Allan's. Can he survive and rise to be a hero?

    This adventure is so thrilling and unlike anything you’ve ever read, you’ll be hooked until the last page. Follow Allan's path of self discovery, and watch him t... more

  • Champions: at fire's end (Volume 1)

    by Charlotte Jain
    Seventeen-year-old best friends, April and Kyle, are thrown into the final battle of the Titan and Olympian war. Locked into an endless struggle, the Immortals have finally reached a solution - bestow mortal Champions with control over the elements to wage their final campaign. Bestowed with control over fire and water, April and Kyle were raised by Immortals with a single purpose - win the war. After finally uncovering the remaining Champions' identities, April and Kyle must launch themselv... more
  • Do You Believe In Magic?

    by Lisa Sniderman/Aoede

    An original award-winning fantasy musical/rock opera for tweens and kids at heart; Percy Jackson and Harry Potter meet Into The Woods!

    Do You Believe in Magic? takes you on a spellbinding journey to the cursed Kingdom of Wonderhaven where a Muse has a secret, and enchanted books and witches break into song! In DYBIM, the magical Kingdom of Wonderhaven is under a malicious memory curse and rapidly losing magic. Aoede, the Muse of Song, believes she has no use or magic; yet she is pl... more

  • The Tinker & the Fold: Book 1: Problem with Solaris 3

    by Scott Gordon & Evan Gordon
    They have been watching… Because of him, they are coming… Jett Joseph Javelin Junior is enjoying the eighth grade until his scientific tinkering goes dangerously wrong and attracts the attention of The Fold, an extraterrestrial force, tasked with keeping peace in the galaxy. When The Fold comes to collect him, Jett's life is thrown into disarray. From alien abduction, to life in Tower 100, to becoming a castaway on Lanedaar 3 and savior to the Boonans, to flooding the White House with living ali... more
  • The Ladder

    by David Hodges
    When Hazel Lewin sees the chance for an adventure after her older brother Cameron’s forbidden lover is abducted, she takes it, secretly following him onto a mysterious estate in Derbyshire where she learns that she and Cameron are Athraithe—the Changed, a secret race with the ability to harness the extraordinary traits of animals. Hazel and Cameron learn that the abduction was intended to lure them to the vast estate which shelters the Changed in an ancient hidden village, so that they could be ... more
  • The Ballad of Rollo Crane: A Halloween Story

    by Suzanne Magdalena Rolph-McFalls
    This book is GROSS. This book is CREEPY. This book has totally cool MONSTERS. Read it with ALL the lights ON! “The reason most people are bad is because they do not try to be good." L. Frank Baum, The Emerald City of Oz Rollo Crane absolutely, positively, does NOT try to be good. He's so mean, so rotten, that this Halloween night he tries to steal gold from a sleeping demon! "And so it was with Rollo Crane, a man who enjoyed causing others pain. Till one Halloween night, been a few years past, h... more
  • The Stone Circle

    by Anthony Tuck
    Maisie and Jasper are left in New Hampshire with the peculiar Professor Winslop when their parents go to England for work. Winslop's lessons on mythology are terrible, but when the children discover a huge circle of stones and encounter shamans of the Dark Ones lurking in the woods, those myths are the only thing standing between the twins and the nightmares the Shamans hope to unleash on the world. Maisie and Jasper must assemble the mythical Crown of Seasons before the Winter Solstice if they ... more
  • A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story

    by A.J. York
    Upstairs in the Anderson’s attic there is chatter coming from the Christmas, Easter and Halloween boxes. Someone new has arrived. Tallulah the Christmas Fairy wakes to find herself attached to the top of a tree. She soon makes friends and has a magical first Christmas. Once the festivities are over, Tallulah finds herself in the attic with the other decorations from Easter and Halloween. Each year they watch the seasons change as they wait excitedly for their turn to go downstairs. Until one day... more
  • White Dove

    by Ryan Gordon
    Struggling to cope with her near death experience, seventeen-year-old Zuri Bailey must continue providing for her family during their financial hardship, by any means. Legal or illegal, she has to make ends meet. Until the one day her life changed forever. She witnesses a violent murder first hand, one she isn’t supposed to see. Though it isn’t easy to forget, Zuri is determined to erase the disturbing memory that haunts her conscience. But as Zuri finds comfort, she suddenly becomes aware o... more
  • Dotty and the Calendar House Key

    by Emma Warner-Reed

    Nine and a half year old Dotty Parsons is seriously unimpressed! In the wake of her parents' tragic death in a freak firework accident, not only has the feisty little Welsh girl been sent to live in ‘deepest, darkest Yorkshire’, but it seems her new home is beset with strange noises coming from the chimneys. The eccentric old cook says it must be jackdaws nesting. But that can't be right...can it?

    This highly acclaimed spellbinding fantasy adventure is a must-read fo... more

  • A Mathematical State of Grace Finale: Fusion

    by Cathy McGough
    A single chance. A single opportunity. As Grace Greenway begins her journey back, Vincente is now lost to her - changed. In fact, the entire world has been altered again. While she attempts to discover what went wrong and why - she is forced to choose between healing the world and healing herself. Can she do both?
  • A Mathematical State of Grace Book 1

    by Cathy McGough
    Every mathematical equation has one perfect solution. Jocks lead the high school pack, and nerdy girls go unnoticed. But what would happen if one day, everything changed? In one fateful moment, sixteen-year old mathematical prodigy Grace Greenway and Vincente Marino, all-around high school athlete, are unexpectedly thrown together. From that moment on, Grace and Vincente are forced to navigate a strange and wonderful new world together, quickly learning that they must depend on each ... more
  • The Ashes and the Sparks

    by Mary Victoria Johnson
    Welcome to the age of airships. It is a world of steam and innovation, powered by an elusive Empress at its heart. Jorun is not part of this world. Hers is one of hidden tunnel networks and lights that dance across night skies, one that has remained separate from the rest of society for over a thousand years. This all changes when a boy appears from nowhere, raving about invaders from a faraway land. Suddenly, Jorun finds herself in the middle of a struggle unlike anything she could have dream... more
  • 978-0986416477

    by Karen McQuestion
    When Hadley’s parents leave on a cruise and then are reported lost at sea, her perfect world is turned upside down. In a flash, she is whisked away to a new life of drudgery at Grimm House where she waits on not one but two persnickety old aunts. As she grudgingly fulfills their commands of cooking, cleaning, and even after-dinner-dancing, she comes to suspect the aunts are really witches who are scheming to take the thing she loves best. With only her wits and the help of some unlikely new ... more
  • Set in Stone (The Petralist Book 1)

    by Frank Morin
    Tomorrow, at sixteen, Connor will reveal his secret curse to the world and take his place as a guardian. If he survives today. When armies descend upon his peaceful village, led by superhuman Petralists and clever Builders, most people run and hide. Connor's not that smart. He manages to get caught in the middle of the escalating conflict. His curse is the rarest of powers and both sides will do anything to control it and secure his loyalty. Connor is fast, but even he can't outrun thi... more
  • The Apple Throne (Gods of New Asgard Book 3)

    by Tessa Gratton
    There is only one person in the whole world who remembers the famous prophet Astrid Glyn: the berserker Soren Bearstar. Ever since Astrid agreed to give up her life, her name, and her prophetic dreams to become Idun the Young, the almost-goddess who protects the apples of immortality in a secret mountain orchard, she’s been forgotten by everyone. Everyone except Soren. For the last two years he’s faithfully visited her every three months. Then one day he doesn’t come. Though forbidden to... more