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  • Kandide The Secret of the Mists

    by Diana S. Zimmerman

    What if everything you love is suddenly taken away? And everything you fear is your only hope?

    Still a teen in human years, Kandide is spoiled, vain, arrogant, and the personification of perfection. You won't like her when you meet her. Nevertheless, she is also heir to the throne of Calabiyau and keeper of The Gift, the key to survival for all Fée.

    When a tragic accident leaves her less than perfect, her own mother casts her away to a treacherous world where strange be... more

  • Aeron

    by Shandy Lawson

    The fifty-foot-high wall surrounding Manhattan was built to keep the virus out, but it can't keep Evan, Lauren, and Tyler in.

    Knowing there's more to the world than what's within the city wall, the three teens break free and hike the post-virus wilderness on a quest for a civilized outpost, as they encounter their worst fears, fight for their lives, and face the loss of one of their own.

    What they find at their journey's end is only a glimpse of the real battle ahe... more

  • The Wind

    by Matthew Janeski
    Kieran Quinn’s cousin is dead. They found him out in the woods, not a scratch on him. Then things got really weird. A creepy FBI agent is following Kieran around town in a minivan. He’s stumbled upon an odd, not-so-abandoned house in the forest. And his new friends, a quartet of octogenarians who live in the basement of a tiny house on Church Street, are telling stories unlike any he’s heard before. The sudden death of 12-year-old Kieran’s cousin Michael is the first in a string of perplexi... more
  • The Hybrid (The Hybrid Series Book 1)

    by venus morales
    Ari is the hybrid daughter of Ares, the God of war. Born with a dark entity within her. Approached by an archangel named Julius who bares a prophesied message from a seer. Unknowingly Julius stirs something dark and dangerous within Ari. Her world is turned inside out the moment Julius appears. As she is conflicted by her emotions; loved, betrayed and tormented. Ari is forced to do the one things she must do to survive; forge herself into the weapon she was born to be. Will she survive long ... more
  • Atheisaurus

    by Andrew Cahill
    Two time travelling aliens, Bjorn and Zorn, witness the destruction of the Earth in 2032. They travel in time to collect a little band of misfits, to help them save humanity from itself. The laid back, Ptoni The Pteranodon, the Ladylike, Florence The Jersey Cow, the excitable, Penelope The Penguin, and the Chicken Nugget obsessed Dax the Maine Coon Cat, set off an adventure that sees them cross the galaxy and back again. Their adventure is filled with drama, fun and chaos. The local driv... more
  • Adumbrate

    by Liz Lindstrom
    The High King and Queen of the Elves have received terrible news regarding their future. Before they can recover, they are visited by their planet's guardian with word that a prominent figure in interplanetary peace has gone missing.
  • Sortilege

    by Liz Lindstrom
    Struggling against a female-dominated society, twin assassins convince their human queen to hunt for the missing Star Queen. On a neighboring planet, an elf searches for meaning in the strange signs that have suddenly appeared to her. Traveling with her companion - tall, green and part plant - their scholarly goals quickly become a riskier gamble. The second installment in The Empyrean Series, Sortilege is an epic fantasy novel about interplanetary alliances, magic, betrayal and an unimaginable ... more
  • Dyad

    by Liz Lindstrom
    In a society dominated by women, Evi is forced to leave her life behind as she flees from threatening consequences. Hoping the stories of hating humans are wrong, she seeks the land of fairies for refuge.
  • The Toucan Trilogy (Three dystopian novels: Night of the Purple Moon, Colony East, and Generation M)

    by Scott Cramer
    A purple moon was just the beginning. . . Dust from a passing comet turns the moon purple, but also carries a lethal pathogen that attacks the hormones produced during puberty. Within hours, older teens and adults are dead. Thirteen-year-old Abby Leigh must help her brother Jordan and baby sister Toucan survive in the terrifying new world. Battling against hunger and violent gangs, Abby is helpless against the biggest threat of all, the time bomb that is her adolescence.
  • Micro Giant

    by Don Green
    A realistic science fiction story about a heroic, perilous project. Dr. Jim Bennett, and his team of scientists and engineers, frantically work to save the earth from a micro black hole that has formed in a large collider on the Hanford Atomic Reservation in Richland, WA (like the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzer- land). In a crash effort, a giant rocket ship is built and used to harvest a special kind of asteroid to save the earth. Some readers say the last part of the story ... more
  • Earth's Embrace

    by Alex E Carey
    Kira's journey to discover who she really is continues. As she tries to separate truth from lies and uncover the secrets, an old friend returns looking for more than just Kira’s blood. Kira's worries for her boyfriend Pyre, a fire demon, have only begun as he attempts to deal with his own dilemmas. With the appearance of an old flame, discovering family he didn’t know he had, and the revelation of a potential new foe, Pyre is uncertain where to turn. Pyre chooses to conceal his secrets, in an ef... more
  • Water's Reflection

    by Alex E Carey

    Coming in 2015

  • Fire's Love

    by Alex Carey
    Kira thought she was leaving her demons behind when she left for college. Unfortunately, demons are everywhere. Not only are they real, but they're protecting her; that is, except for the ones who want her dead. Kira's parents want to reveal things to her about who she really is, but a strange phenomena prevents them from explaining. Before they can try again, her mother and brother die and her father disappears. To make matters worse, Kira finds a mysterious book in her parents' belongings. Alt... more
  • The Four Elements and the Tablet of the Ancients

    by Nick Lang
    Two stories woven into one adventure that transcends time and culminates with one ending and one beginning. The first part…. As Zoe sits counting down the minutes until the final bell rings for end of term her attention is drawn back to the puddle she had run through earlier, the puddle she had managed to get ankle deep in whilst a dirt spray doused her but still somehow come out the other side clean and bone dry. She stared at it intently and watched the surface ripple forwards and then back ... more

    by John H. Underhill
    Morduc, an immortal Elven prince, discovers the young knight, Red John, alone and bound hand and foot with black briars on the King of Time’s banqueting floor. John tells Morduc that just as he was about to answer a riddle that might have won him a quest to win the hand of the Princess of Time, a rival suitor, The Master of Darkness, disputed his right to attempt the riddle, at which John lost consciousness. The Master of Darkness, presumably has kidnapped the Princess and her father, taking t... more
  • Time Trap

    by Richard Smith
    Who was the mysterious Hector Lightfoot? What was he up to when he disappeared, and who were the two ghosts once seen in his house? School friends Jamie and Todd are destined to find out when they go to London to spend a weekend with Jamie’s Uncle Simon, who now lives in that very house. Soon after they arrive, Jamie has a frightening encounter with the two ghosts. Hector, a veteran from the First Afghan War, joined a covert expedition to China, and afterwards worked on a secret Government proje... more