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  • Angels Dawn

    by Komali da Silva
    Dawn has been warned by a few people about visions they have seen, not to mention all the strange feelings she has had about being watched and hearing things. So what does she do, she roams off into the night ... Will she ever be found again?
  • The Mythomaniacs

    by Jules Bass
    Bass' new novel from Eltanin Publishing, The Mythomaniacs, transports the reader into many worlds of fantasy including a quest that leads back to Arthurian times.
  • The Stellar Life of JPEG the Robot Dog

    by C.J. Atticus
    Jpeg, a feisty robot dog, annoys the wrong group of androids who strand him in outer space to teach him a valuable lesson about friendship.
  • Seekers: A World Within a World

    by Liz Morris
    Plummeted into a world where everything that happens in the natural, there is a supernatural correlation, Nettle and Tommy find themselves being watched. Suddenly all the rules change, and they are catapulted into a spiritual battle for their very souls.
  • Paranormal Keepers

    by Jen Naumann
    Harper Young knows something unnatural killed her boyfriend, and refuses to stop looking until she finds answers, even if it means her reputation as a senior is ruined. Even if it means there really are monsters living among us.
  • Chelzy Stone's Mystical Quest in the Lost and Found Game

    by Lucille Procopio
    Three children play an old, mysterious board game that transports them through a portal to a magical world, with unique inhabitants, to accomplish a quest.
  • A Humble Heart

    by Tim Vander Meulen

    An epic fantasy of war and adventure! After the invasion of the kingdom of men, the Elves and Dwarves must decide whether they will go to war. This is the beginning of the adventure of war and magic - "a fantasy tale that is truly something extraordinary and special."

  • Five Nights to the Crimson Moon

    by Walter Renfry
    13-year-old Corbin endures school bullying, low self-esteem and ‘being different’. To make things worse, he accidentally causes his widowed mother to be sucked into the Dreamstone, a crystal with power over people’s nightmares. Terror strikes when Gol is invaded, the Dreamstone is seized, and Gol’s children are kidnapped as ransom against an uprising. Forced into the wilderness, the scared city kid stumbles across the very capable 13-year-old Bridie. Together, they may have what it take... more