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  • The Pretender by Katie Ward

    Award Winning Read: 2019 B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree Life for Princess Isabella is far from a dream, trapped by tradition, protocol and the stifling burden of inheriting the crown, she longs to escape her shackles. After fleeing her abusive home, Sophia and Isabella meet at the palace gates. Realizing how alike they look, they plan to switch places for one week. What could possibly go wrong? What starts out as a naïve plan to follow their dreams soon takes an unexpected turn with events quickly s... more
  • The Missing Son

    by Chamnol Cheng

    In this science-fiction space fantasy tale, Nakoy and his family find an ancient magical artifact only to discover other beings searching for it. While defending his alien brother from these wicked forces, Nakoy uncovers his father’s well-kept secrets – and the island’s mysteries. When the beings return to Earth, can Nakoy and his family defeat them?

  • Lucy the Mermaid and the Easter Egg Hunt

    by Isla Wynter
    Is there an Easter bunny underwater? Do mermaids go on Easter egg hunts? And why is that red egg moving and making strange sounds? A picture book with search & find games.
  • Nessie and the Holiday Surprise

    by Isla Wynter
    Nessie the Loch Ness monster needs a holiday! She takes a secret tunnel to the ocean, where everything is very different from Loch Ness. The water is salty, the waves are big and the fish are strange. But the biggest surprise is yet to come... there are rumours that a unicorn has been spotted. Can Nessie find the mysterious visitor? An illustrated picture book about friendship, tolerance and the impact of climate change.
  • The Lost Planet

    by Henry Vogel

    The Progenitors--ancient, powerful rulers of an empire spanning a thousand suns--vanished before mankind discovered the Americas, leaving the Elders to rule as Regents of the empire. Three thousand years later, the Regency set their sights on the Terran Republic.

    When the vast Regency fleet attacks, the fate of humanity falls on a pair of young shoulders. Elise, a scholar's daughter who has never been on her own. Glen, the slave of an alien master, who doesn't know how to be hum... more

  • Throne of Shadows

    by Emma Fenton
    When an ancient law forces Ria to fight for her life and the throne, a demon-summoning ritual may be the only thing that can save her from certain death. There are worse terrors lurking in the palace halls, however, and with a prophecy that threatens Ria’s reign looming overhead, no one can be trusted. Armed with her wits and a reluctant demon, Ria will have to put an end to the treachery in her court before it puts an end to her.
  • Rise of the Protector: Fast-paced Sci-Fantasy packed with witty banter and heart.

    by Winn Taylor
    When the space station’s VR (a reality devoted to reaching enlightenment) traps thousands in a lockdown, the program’s only reject, Jinx, jumps into action. She’s not convinced the wisdom of humanity is worth protecting. She just wants to save her friend.
  • The Eye of Ra

    by Ben Gartner
    Exploring a mysterious cave in the mountains behind their house, John and his sister Sarah are shocked to discover they’ve time traveled to ancient Egypt! Now they must work together to find a way back home from an ancient civilization of golden desert sand and a towering new pyramid, without parents to save them. The adventures abound—cobras, scorpions, a tomb robber, and more! The two kids have to trust each other, make friends who can help, and survive the challenges thrown at them . . . o... more
  • Outpost Gypsy Tree: The North Portal

    by Dr. Dottie Graham
    Nestled within a thought form in Earth’s vast realm, Outpost Gypsy Tree becomes home for six adventurous teenagers from various parts of the world. Charged by their own desire for peace and love for humanity, they are assigned to clear the earth’s light portals of the evils of mankind, starting with the North Portal. To do so, the teens must journey back in time to the winter solstice of 3107 BCE to decode an archaic sequence at Ireland's historic Newgrange that will unlock a Neolithic chamber l... more
  • Outpost Gypsy Tree: The South Portal

    by Dr. Dottie Graham
    With the North Portal in Neolithic Ireland cleared of the evils of mankind, Drew Megan Campbell and the light travels are once again called into service. Charged with clearing the South Portal located in Peru—or as it was once known, Og—they must travel back in time to 10,500 BCE to the final days of the continent of Lemuria, to retrieve a sacred disk from the crumbling Temple of Illumination. Aube and Gar’s great-grandfather from the stars, Commander Auben Gou-Drah, and his crew of the Bintok m... more
  • Finding Soul (The Darovit Series)

    by T.L. Searle
    The Otherworld lives alongside the human world. It's a place of mythical beings: Seers, Witches, Mermen and Darovit - all descended from the gods of Greece and Rome. Eighteen-year-old Jonathan Miller is an art student, quiet and aloof, yet with his best friend Miles and a girl who once rescued him from toad-like men in his childhood, he embarks on a journey across the Otherworld in search of answers and self discovery. They are being hunted by Vipers, Darovit hit-men, paid assassins, and the... more
  • The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers

    by Michele Clark McConnochie
    In the second book of the trilogy The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers, Sabrina and her friends return to Dralfynia. They are turned into fairytale characters (again); search for temperamental magic objects (again); and have to match wits with terrifying creatures (again!). This time they have a were-dragon on their tale and only three days to rescue the real Cinderella.
  • The Uncooperative Flying Carpet

    by Michele Clark McConnochie
    The first in the Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers trilogy, The Uncooperative Flying Carpet is a very funny take on fractured fairy-tales. When Sabrina, her friends and brother try to spy on her new step-mother, they find themselves transported to the very weird land of Dralfynia. Transformed into fairy-tale characters, they are seriously out of their depth. Captured by goblins, chased by a witch, attacked by bats and walking trees, all they want to do is go home. With the help of a unicorn with ... more
  • The Enchanted Urn

    by Wendy Milton
    Tim Barnett suffers a recurrent nightmare about an old man and a golden urn, a nightmare he discovers to be real. Can he and his fellow knights break the curse that is ensnaring his great, great grandfather?
  • Rafferty's Rules: Part 2 of Switchers

    by Wendy Milton
    In Llandringodd, the rule of law has broken down. Can Rodney help thwart the man who's profiting from the country's environmental disaster?
  • The Boy Who Disappeared: Part 1 of Switchers

    by Wendy Milton
    Rodney is being pursued by bullies. Can he outwit them? He's also developed an embarrassing tendency to fade and this leads him into some weird, otherworldly adventures.