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  • Iconic Book Worlds – Fantasy vs Reality

    by Vesiko
    One of the greatest things about reading is that you can be transported to an entirely new world. The joy of reading is that your imagination can create these worlds for you with some brilliantly strung together words. Whilst some of these places will only ever exist in our minds, others have been brought to life on screens or through theme parks. Other places, however, really do exist in real life, or at least the places that inspired these fictional worlds do exist. Here are just a few of the ... more
  • New Dow Group Website for Lebanon

    by Chona Jill
    It’s easy to create a low-cost website that lets you communicate with customers and sell products or services. To build a great website, purchase a domain name and hosting, create content, and then use a website builder to customize your design and publish it. Website design and website development is important for both small and large businesses. As from Web Design Dubai base company if you are making a marketing plan for your business you should have to add Web Design, Web development and Digi... more
  • The Lost Princess of Abbigonia

    by Mark A. Accola
    The Capital city of the Kingdom of Abbigonia is under attack from by King Tentaclous and his barbarian army. With moment left, the king and queen decide they need to do 2 things to sure the survival of their daughter and make a future for their people. They give their daughter to the might dragon Tarragon to raise. Then they give the royal pendent to the people with the message that when the pendent is in the hands of true royalty, the pendent will glow red and when it does the true queen will r... more
  • The Circus Savant

    by Leilani Graceffa

    What would you do if you discovered a mermaid?

    In this meagre tale, the perspectives of three characters, a mermaid, a circus owner and an employee of his, are told, and a shameful secret gets unveiled by the owner.

  • Demons of the Night

    by Amanda L. Webster

    There is no safety in hiding from the truth.

    Docia’s parents work hard to hide the truth from her about what she is. They want her to be a good Christian woman, and they believe secrecy is the only way to achieve that goal. They aim to keep their adult daughter under their protection for her entire life, but that plan is about to backfire.

    When Blane appears in the church basement during one of Brother Josiah’s demon lectures, Docia is immediately intrigued. She’... more

  • Prime Derivatives: Why Be Human When You Can Be More?

    by Jen Kerson
    Genetic markers that have been dormant for centuries are being triggered and causing deadly diseases among Earth's most precious resource: Gen Z. Taylor Martin is “that” athlete. The one who shows up at a meet assured of their victory before they’ve even gotten in the door. Destined for the Olympic swim team, the terminal diagnosis is utterly unexpected. With a pregnant mother and no money for treatment, the family agree to send Taylor away to a desolate desert research facility where every... more
  • The Midnight Before Me

    by Elizabeth Lo
    How much is a life worth? When the world demands an answer, we all scramble to find one. My name is Midnight Thunder. The town crazy person; the Demon Eyes girl. The girl whose existence rests on a curse that saves her from death yet sets her on a path to an inevitable end. I live in a world full of magic: spells, curses, enchantments, and everything in between. It would be a whimsical place, but, like anything, it's imperfect. Little by little, my own country has begun to fall apart benea... more
  • The Astounding Adventure of Mr Bowns

    by Ade Bowen
    Mr Bowns is lazy. Really, really lazy. You may think you are lazy when you veg in front of the TV all day, but that would be a busy day for Mr Bowns. However, Mr Bowns has a great imagination and he makes up wonderful stories, riddles and poems. One day it is so nice that even he decides to do something. He goes for a walk and is joined by the children who live next door. The more they walk, the more they talk, and the more they talk, the more they walk, until they find themselves lost, d... more
  • A Circle of Firelight

    by Curtis Edmonds

    On the battlefield of dreams, the strongest weapons are imagination--and love.

    Ashlyn Revere is a bright, determined and resourceful college graduate trying to get a job in publishing. When Ashlyn and her sister Penny are left comatose after an automobile accident, they find themselves in Summervale, a beautiful and perilous realm straight from the pages of fantasy novels--which is ruled by a mysterious Dark Lord. When Ashlyn discovers that Penny is being held captive, ... more

  • Kika and Sniff: Adventure in the Belowlands

    by Kat Sawyer
    Catalina Kika Lucia Jones is amazing – only she doesn’t know it yet. Mother, Mami, grandma Abuelita, and her Best Dog Forever, Snifferton Woolypads live in New Mexico where nothing ever happens – until a super terrible Something plunges Kika and Sniff into a secret underground world. There, in the Belowlands, a crazy, creepy, funny Adventure turns Kika from a bored little scaredy-pants into a totally awesome tween.
  • An Unexpected Exploit (Myth Coast Adventures Book 3)

    by Kandi Wyatt
    Protect a mythical realm or his family? Sixteen-year-old Franklin follows a Sasquatch through a portal to the realm of Shinwano and discovers a world full of mythical creatures he never expected to actually exist. Upon returning to Myrtle Beach, Oregon, he vows to protect the land, not realizing how difficult it will be to keep his promise, especially when a poacher, a NSA agent, and his friends are interested in the portal—and all for different reasons. When the poacher threatens his fami... more
  • Wizard of Wigwash - The Adventures of Johnny the Penguin

    by Kendall Stone
    Bait-Breath-Balo, bullied and friendless, hasn’t told his parents that he’s not going on the school camp. Johnny, the talking penguin, saves the day by transporting him off to a magical land to meet his friend, the Wizard of Wigwash. However, things do not go as planned, and Paul gets mixed up with the evil wizard of the North, Alfred. Can Johnny save his friend from certain death?
  • The Little Ghost Who Didn't Like to Be Scary: A Halloween Picture Book

    by Isla Wynter
    Layla is a ghost and ghosts are supposed to be scary. They’re supposed to haunt castles and shout BOOO! But Layla would much rather play with her friends. When Halloween approaches, she needs to decide whether she’s going to be a proper ghost or if there’s another way. One that doesn’t involve being scary. A picture book about a little ghost trying to figure out what’s right.
  • Chasing Light's Shadow: Strike a deal. Delve into darkness. Seal a contract.

    by Brenna Cariker
    To make a living, seventeen-year-old Eloise Wylde helps her alcoholic dad cheat during poker games. But when Eloise makes a mistake, her dad’s life is threatened. Either she counts cards for Randy, the infamous drug dealer they’ve cheated, or her Dad dies. As if by magic, Eloise stumbles upon the green-eyed Light, who has an even darker past than herself. He promises to save her dad if she strikes a deal with him. However, his calm and collected personality hides a shadowy secret. Eloise agrees ... more
  • A Test of Loyalty

    by Aislee Greenwood
    Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Perhaps there?s something you want to do, but your parents or the government say no. Maybe someone in your life has been cruel to you, or you see the people in charge being cruel to others. But you?re only a kid. What can you do?? Author Aislee Greenwood?s A Test of Loyalty introduces you to several young characters who have similar issues with their lives. All Lily ever wanted was the freedom to express herself: not to sit quietly by a... more