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  • Down the Monster Hole

    by Carmela Tal Baron
    In Down the Monster Hole or Don't Be Afraid I'm only a Child, a child's journey through a fictional maze full of wonders and challenges turns into a mind-expanding search for meaning. Tom, a runaway, clashes with a gang of wicked clocks and loses his way and his sense of time. After wandering around and making new friends, Tom finds himself alone in a cemetery for machines. There, amid the junk of the mechanical remains, he discovers a hidden kingdom of monsters and puzzles, which peak his curio... more
  • Trivium (Trivium Trilogy#1)

    by Amber Nguyen
    Have you ever wanted to know your future? What if you could choose what your life would look like? For Cassia Bellerose, once she turns eighteen that’s exactly what she’ll do. Every citizen must visit the Trivium and choose from three different futures. Cassia has planned her life exactly how she wants it. Choosing at the Trivium should be easy. She’ll go to medical school, marry her boyfriend, Gunner, and always have her best friend, Verity, by her side. But Cassia has a secret she's kept fr... more
  • The Sentry (The Novan Chronicles Book 1)

    by Lyssa Morasey

    In a war between fire and ice, three former enemies must join forces to save everything they love.

    The Nixans and Wardens are supernatural beings living hidden within our world, locked in a brutal war for supremacy. Wielding the powers of ice and fire, their ancient feud has grown to engulf six continents, eleven races of superhumans, and one very powerful goddess.

    Now, three reluctant teenagers, armed with nothing but a magic sword and a blistering vendetta, are... more

  • Hollow Gods

    by Kelly Jameson

    On his 17th birthday, Thunder discovers his parents aren’t really his parents at all – in fact they’re not even real people but automatons tasked with his care by his true father – the mad, time-traveling geneticist, Dr. M. T. Hart. And he’s not the heartless Dr. Hart’s only child – he also has "siblings". A family of hollow gods with incredible yet flawed powers created by Hart from a genetic jumble of geniuses, mystics, and saints from the... more

  • Kingdom Cold

    by Brittni Chenelle
    Attempted murder, that’s how sixteen-year-old Princess Charlotte's engagement starts. It seems like the only thing she has in common with Prince Young of Vires is their mutual discontent. When her kingdom’s attacked, Charlotte’s parents renegotiate her hand in marriage to a handsome stranger with a sinister plan. With the people Charlotte loves dying around her, and her kingdom’s future at stake, the only person she can turn to is the prince she betrayed. But, should she save her kingdom or h... more
  • Grey: A Magic and Vampire Urban Fantasy Novel (The Covenant of Shadows Book 1)

    by Kade Cook
    A young woman begins to see strange lights around people and visits from people no one else can see. Gabrian begins to question her sanity. Her world falls into chaos as she tries to maintain control but it only gets worse when she finds out that she isn't crazy, but waking up to the real and supernatural world happening all around her.
  • Queen of the Warrior Bees: One misfit girl and 50,000 bees

    by Jean Gill

    ‘Spellbinding! If you liked ‘The Bees’ you’ll love this. A brilliantly imagined fantasy with a strong environmental message... Jean Gill writes with a beekeeper's clarity about hive structure, and of 'hive mind' with the heart and passion of a talented author and poet.’ Ashley Dyer

    Epic eco-fantasy from the award-winning author of The Troubadours Quartet. One misfit girl and 50,000 bees. Togeth... more

  • The Heart of Applebutter Hill

    by Donna W. Hill
    Refugee teens Abigail and Baggy, now with guardians and enrolled in a progressive school, are finishing the spring term with Abigail singing to the kindergarten and looking forward to a month in the country with Baggy. They discover the Cloud Scooper, explore Elfin Pond, Bar Gundoom Castle and the cave at Missing Creek. They learn about a plot to steal the powerful Heartstone of Arden-Goth. Their friend Christopher is bullied. An armed stranger terrorizes them. But, Abby’s guide dog, Curly Conno... more
  • Pindora

    by Alane Adams
    Meet Bartholomew Bogglebottom, the unfortunate boy cursed with a name that rhymes with fart, making him the “butt” of everyone’s jokes. Worse, the bullying doesn’t end with the school bell, but goes on 24 hours a day thanks to humiliating posts shared online, driving Barty to unimaginable despair. When a strange girl named Hattie McGee comes to his rescue, Barty is swept into the magical world of Pindora, a pocket world in-between here and there, where just about anything can happen. Barty a... more
  • The Night Weaver

    by Monique Snyman
    SHADOW GROVE IS A PERFECTLY PLEASANT TOWN ... Shadow Grove isn't a typical town. Bad things happen here. Children disappear, one after the other, and nobody is doing anything about it. Parents don't grieve, missing posters don't line the streets, and the sheriff seems unconcerned. Seventeen-year-old Rachel Cleary lives on the outskirts of Shadow Grove, next to the creepy forest everyone pretends doesn't exist. Usually the forest is filled with an eerie calm, an unmistakable graveyard solem... more
  • After Midnight

    by A. Martin
    A. Martin serves up a feast of fear for dinner in After Midnight. Over 50 stories! This massive collection includes twisted and bizarre brain-busting terrors as “Tequila Dreams,” “Elma’s Garbage Can,” “Among The Living,” “A Zombie Thing,” “Gypsy Blood,” “From My Cold Dead Hands” -- and many more! Let Stephen King be your friendly host in, “You’ve Won!” Have a brain-wich in, “Route66.” And cell-phone your dead pals in, “Dead Ringer.” These twisted tales will keep you awake in bed...With one eye o... more
  • Becoming, Part 2 of the Siblings' Tale

    by Astrid Vogel
    Elisabeth and her brother, Edvard, flee over the mountains. Their stepmother's magic is in hot pursuit. In an attempt to force Elisabeth to return and become a pawn in the witches game of power, Olivia transforms Edvard into a creature of the forest and uses a mind-link she created with Elisabeth to coax the runaway back to her home. Elisabeth succumbs to despair while Edvard seeks help. He encounters an unexpected friend who supports the siblings in their quest to be free of Olivia's schemes an... more
  • Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale

    by Astrid V.J.
    Elisabeth returns home after a prolonged stay at finishing school to find her mother at death's door. Her mother confides her with a secret. Elisabeth is a magic user and must learn to wield her power to protect herself from a coven of witches who would seek to use her magic against the rulers of the kingdom of Vendale. Elisabeth endeavours to learn magic, but becomes distracted by her brother's best friend as their romance blossoms. Meanwhile, the witches plot and their web ensnares Elisabeth. ... more
  • Frozen Sky (Twin Soul Series)

    by McCaffrey- Winner
    “So you’re saying that you killed half a wyvern?” With these words Frozen Sky, the amazing sequel to Cloud Conqueror finds Captain Ford, Crown Prince Nestor, and mage Reedis, newly-returned from the maiden voyage of the royal airship Spite, tasked with a new and more dangerous voyage. "You're to find and capture the wyvern, wherever she is!" Only there's a catch. Once again, Crown Prince Nestor will travel with captain Ford on the royal airship Spite. The king has very specific orders o... more
  • Cloud Conqueror (Twin Soul Series)

    by McCaffrey- Winner
    The Royal Airship Spite is the first of its kind. Its mission: protect the King's skies from all enemies -- particularly dragons and wyverns.
  • Dorothy In the Land of Monsters (Oz ReVamped Book 1)

    by Garten Gevedon

    Shifters, Zombies, and Vampires? Oh my!

    My name is Dorothy Gale, and I think I might be dead.

    When my dog Toto and I got swept up in a twister, we landed in hell. A very colorful hell. Like a rainbow dripping in blood. Now it looks as though this dreadful underworld plagued with vampires, zombies, and shifters will be the site of my eternal damnation.

    They say this terrifying land called Oz isn’t hell or purgatory and escape is possible, but f... more