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  • The Skeleth (The Nethergrim)

    by Matthew Jobin
    For the lords of the north, land is power. The Nethergrim, now awoken and free to wreak its evil upon the world, offers the promise of victory to those ruthless enough to accept its foul bargain. One ambitious lord, eager for the chance to conquer and rule, succumbs to temptation and helps to free the Skeleth—eerie, otherworldly beings said to be unstoppable in battle. The Skeleth merge with the bodies of their victims, ruling their minds and turning them into remorseless killers. Worse yet, to ... more
  • The Nethergrim

    by Matthew Jobin
    Everyone in Moorvale believes the legend: The brave knight Tristan and the famed wizard Vithric, in an epic battle decades ago, had defeated the evil Nethergrim and his minions. To this day, songs are sung and festivals held in the heroes' honor. Yet now something dark has crept over the village. First animals disappear, their only remains a pile of bones licked clean. Then something worse: children disappear. The whispers begin quietly yet soon turn into a shout: The Nethergrim has returned! Ed... more
  • The little ones & their monsters

    by Simón C. Díaz
    Since I became an analyst of monsters when I was seventeen, I have done so many lectures about the management of these creatures, around the world, that if you're interested in the subject, is very likely that you've been in one of them. Unless you are a child. I have always found it very unsettling that, even when children constantly face monsters, and seek help against them as often as adults do, all these meetings that are scheduled with the readers of the many books that I have published ov... more
  • Wanderers Series – Box Set: Books 1-3

    by James Murdo
    The Ascended Biologicals are gone and the galaxy lies in ruins. At last, a Wanderer ship makes a discovery with the potential to change everything.
  • Sydney Porter: Dog Girl

    by L.G. Reed

    11-Yr old Sydney has a problem named Fred. He’s a retired bomb sniffing dog that her wounded veteran dad brought home with him from the war. Dad suffers from PTSD and only talks to Fred. Sydney wished she was a dog so he would talk to her too, maybe help her deal with a school bully. When her wish is granted, she learns that sometimes a simple wish can get you into a lot of trouble. Available through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Keyes Canyon Press.

  • The Blue Goon

    by Joel Williams
    "Adventure, action and fun awaits in this fantastic tale!" Shaun Chanter lives in a world where monsters, aliens, superhumans and villains are the norm, but Shaun's main struggle is balancing the perils of his high-school life along with his part-time job. However, Shaun's daily concerns increase when one night after work he inadvertently witnesses an alien spacecraft crash-land in a nearby forest. And in the wreckage, Shaun discovers a kerubix, one of thousands of alien cubes that landed ... more
  • Everstar

    by Candace J. Thomas
    War has come. Naomi has prepared herself to step forward and embrace her destiny, to return the magic to the earth and free the souls fated to misery. But an ancient spirit as old as the world intervenes, threatening to enslave the souls of Parbraven. The elements must be righted. The Daughters of Prolius must return the magic together, before the possession of all elemental power is lost, and life ceases to exist.
  • Conjectrix

    by Candace J. Thomas
    The search for the Daughters of Prolius separates Naomi’s little party of friends in different directions over the world of Parbraven. To Tapoof—where Katia searches out her missing father, and Landon struggles to keep track or her. To Southwick—where Ferra and Micah race to escape the louving Browneyes, and stumble upon a safehold of dwarves, fleeing the siege of Southwick. And to the Ignis Mountains—where the trapped spirits of the dead hunger after Naomi’s powerful magic that grows ever stron... more
  • The Chartron Chronicles: A Shattered Stone

    by Kit Michaels
    Life is moving along as expected for Jimmy Chartron. He's just started his first week at the Navale Academy of Eagleon. Jimmy's plan: finish school, become an electrician and once in a while, take in the breathtaking sights which include glimpses of the majestic hawks which patrol the skies. Unfortunately, things decide to go in exactly the opposite direction. When a freak accident binds Jimmy to the ghost of a long-ago battle healer, Jimmy realizes that nothing will ever be the same agai... more
  • Dragons in the Clouds

    by David Blair

     "Dragons in the Clouds" is filled with action, danger, loyalty, and hope. The ruling king of Albion orders the total annihilation of all living dragons. A wizard who has befriended a family of Dragons grants them the spell of weightlessness. The wizards tells his friends to hide up within the cover of the clouds. An evil apprentice who also has dragons hidden. Also gives them the magic spell. Now enters a widowed mother and her young son whom has also befriended a young dragon... more

  • Spell My Name: A Modern Witch's Tale

    by Amy Raines
    A young girl wakes up in a field, injured and with no memory of how she got there, who she is or where she is from. Solomon, a Warlock the girl can not see instructs her in the ways of magic but quickly discovers the girl is not just a witch but her energy is natural and pure. Darlene, a hate filled, cruel witch has a vendetta against the young witch with no memory, doing everything in her power to destroy the girl. The young witch begins to wonder why Darlene wants her dead, could she hav... more

    by Jacy Sellers
    Sixteen-year-old high school track star, Ember, just wants to run. As far and as fast as she can away from the pain of her father’s recent death. But instead, she’s stuck hiding out in the basement of her dad’s coffee shop—at least now no one can ask her “how she’s doing” for the millionth time. There, she finds a doorway to Espereva, a magical world that feels strangely familiar from her childhood, and she unlocks a power that has lain dormant in her blood for years. But the more she learn... more
  • Dragon Brothers

    by Lara Lillibridge

    While many people in the realm have magic—some can breathe underwater, sense people’s thoughts, or talk to animals— dragon children are rare. Unlike eye-color, wings aren’t inherited. No one can predict when or to whom a dragon child will be born. Their rarity means they are destined to rule. Rhinen and his older brother, Laeb are born with dragon wings, thus assuring their place on the throne. Laeb, the eldest has a clear path. When the next dragon king steps down, he... more

  • Awakening (Hells Champion Book 1)

    by C.M. Aitken
    When a plain 16-year-old girl manifests powers she shouldn't have and defeats demons that should have killed her, a journey of self-discovery begins... Being "normal" was all she ever wanted, even in a world plagued by monsters. Sky Kentwell is the oldest student ever admitted to the Chinook Protector Academy, a military school for kids who can use magic that prepares them to enter the front-lines in the war for survival. But in this world, the younger you are when your magic awakens, ... more
  • Circus Phantasm

    by Naomi P. Cohen
  • The Wizards on Walnut Street

    by Sam Swicegood
    When a well-respected corporate sorcerer is murdered, his eldest child Andy moves to Cincinnati to investigate, discovering a magical society bubbling just under the surface of the mundane world. Encountering odd characters such as an Incubus barista, a knife-happy security guard, and an enchanted espresso machine, Andy uncovers a plot to overthrow the magical society’s hierarchy.The Wizards on Walnut Street plays with fantasy tropes and juxtaposes goblins, unicorns and dragons into our modern w... more