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    by Jacy Sellers
    Sixteen-year-old high school track star, Ember, just wants to run. As far and as fast as she can away from the pain of her father’s recent death. But instead, she’s stuck hiding out in the basement of her dad’s coffee shop—at least now no one can ask her “how she’s doing” for the millionth time. There, she finds a doorway to Espereva, a magical world that feels strangely familiar from her childhood, and she unlocks a power that has lain dormant in her blood for years. But the more she learn... more
  • Dragon Brothers

    by Lara Lillibridge

    While many people in the realm have magic—some can breathe underwater, sense people’s thoughts, or talk to animals— dragon children are rare. Unlike eye-color, wings aren’t inherited. No one can predict when or to whom a dragon child will be born. Their rarity means they are destined to rule. Rhinen and his older brother, Laeb are born with dragon wings, thus assuring their place on the throne. Laeb, the eldest has a clear path. When the next dragon king steps down, he... more

  • Awakening (Hells Champion Book 1)

    by C.M. Aitken
    When a plain 16-year-old girl manifests powers she shouldn't have and defeats demons that should have killed her, a journey of self-discovery begins... Being "normal" was all she ever wanted, even in a world plagued by monsters. Sky Kentwell is the oldest student ever admitted to the Chinook Protector Academy, a military school for kids who can use magic that prepares them to enter the front-lines in the war for survival. But in this world, the younger you are when your magic awakens, ... more
  • Circus Phantasm

    by Naomi P. Cohen
  • The Wizards on Walnut Street

    by Sam Swicegood
    When a well-respected corporate sorcerer is murdered, his eldest child Andy moves to Cincinnati to investigate, discovering a magical society bubbling just under the surface of the mundane world. Encountering odd characters such as an Incubus barista, a knife-happy security guard, and an enchanted espresso machine, Andy uncovers a plot to overthrow the magical society’s hierarchy.The Wizards on Walnut Street plays with fantasy tropes and juxtaposes goblins, unicorns and dragons into our modern w... more
  • The Edifice: Book One

    by R. K. Holliday
    Boy finds out he has a rare disease and is taken from his family. He discovers that the people who have taken him, have taken him to a futuristic space craft not for the sick but for those who have special innate abilities. Along the way he makes friends, enemies, and risks his life to save others when the protectors of the facility turn on him.
  • Eight Minutes, Thirty-Two Seconds

    by Peter Adam Salomon
    Over eight billion people died when the world ended. Two survived. L and M don’t know why they’re alive. They don’t remember what happened. Addicted to a drug that kills them for eight minutes and thirty-two seconds, they risk the end of humanity in order to learn the truth.
  • Howie and the Alien

    by Charles Deran Wright

    Howie Bernsen is a shy, intelligent, solitary boy who lives on an interplanetary merchant ship. Misunderstood, with few or no friends, he spends his days talking to the ship's computer and exploring the ship. His life is changed forever when he stumbles across a strange object in a ventilation duct... and he is thrust into a high stakes game of interstellar political intrigue, where nasty surprises are in store for everyone...

  • Galaxy's Whale

    by Trina Casey
    Galaxy's Whale is the story of Safiya, a rebellious princess of bi-racial ancestry, who wants adventure. This desire takes her on a magical journey. Through the chance meeting with a talking unicorn named Galaxy, she gets transported away to the land of Lyunith in the mouth of a grey whale. Safiya transforms into her true self and learns to love herself as she is.
  • Little Boy's Beach Adventures; Treasure Hunt & Magical Ocean Adventure book 1

    by Irene Jane Holmes
    Family beach vacation experience fun and laughter with treasure hunting helps kids learn to share. Water animals in the sand, which could bite one of the boy's with his claw. The kids learn about safety on land and under the sea. Dad finds something helps them have magical time under the ocean on a submarine. Can the dolphine help save the family from the shark and the whale before it's to late?
  • The Gift of Thoran

    by Patty Lesser

    YA / MG Sci-fi

    An alien invasion. Check. Teenagers with supernatural powers. Check. The world hanging in the balance. Check. And Double Check!

    In this sequel to Book One of the Coma Kids Series, a group of ten teenagers with extraordinary powers are rescued from the dangerous restrictions on Earth by an advanced race of aliens (the Thorans) who have bestowed upon them gifts of telepathy and telekinesis – the ability to move physical objects by thought.

    The Thorans fly ... more

  • Mouses Journey Volume 1

    by Ken Donaldson
    In the land of BeaverGully. Life never has dull moments for two friends, who are just seeking to have some summer fun that turns in to an adventure they never expected to be real for a magical journey to follow.
  • This Cursed Flame

    by Selina J. Eckert
    Sometimes we put ourselves in the bottle... Six years ago, Janan was transformed into a genie by an evil djinn, ripping her away from her home, her life, and her humanity. She has been on the run from him ever since. Worlds away, high school honors student Laurelin just wants to get into the chemistry program of her dreams. When Laurelin discovers a crystal bottle that sucks her into the djinn realm, the girls find themselves working together to escape Janan's creator and get Laurelin back... more
  • Out of the Shadows (Broken Gears Book 1)

    by Dana Fraedrich
    Homeless, orphaned, living in secret as a thief. Lenore Crowley just wants to survive, but Springhaven’s laws make no exceptions. Arrest by the Enforcers—the city’s “peacekeepers”—and life imprisonment loom. When Lenore meets the Allens, she’s offered a new identity. This chance can save her from the underworld of crime in which she’s forced to live. Though magic is supposed to be gone, the universe is keeping score. Oaths carry a brutally painful price, and Lenore isn't the only one caught in t... more
  • The Wrong Monster

    by Tristram Lowe
    There's a monster in Wiley's closet. He's sure of it. It's banging around and keeping him awake. Most nights he would hide under the covers, but tonight, he does the unthinkable. He courageously opens the closet door to face whatever is inside. But what he finds isn't at all what he expected!
  • The Fall of Dreams

    by Ryan LaSalle
    Ten-year-old Peter is a prisoner of his imagination so much so that he cannot sleep. Afraid of witches, monsters, and the dark, he soon finds himself taken to a place where his imaginings come true—a mysterious autumn world filled with eccentric characters and hungry witches. Now, the only way to escape and find home, is to follow the clues of this strange world and confront his fears.