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  • Tales from the Dark Side of the Mind

    by Anthony DiBruno
    In this collection of short stories, there are many twists and turns. Some have a science-fiction theme, some are horror, but there is one thing all these stories have in common: the endings are unexpected and intense.
  • Two Girls Save the World

    by Jil Richardson

    Emma and Zoe are two best friends who would die for each other and may have to. On a visit to the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City they get swept up into a conflict between rival factions who will do anything to retrieve an object of power that has fallen into their hands. This story blends international intrigue and the supernatural into a compelling mix of thrills, chills and non-stop action.

  • The Sunlit Curse

    by J. B. Spector
    When twelve-year-old Prince Thomas de Thorodan gets magically whisked away to a strange new land, he has three things on his mind: Break the curse, find a way home . . . and don't drown!Thomas's world gets flipped upside down literally when he becomes cursed by a spell that changes him into a merboy during the day and back into a human at night. Forced to live in a strange world ruled by the Tides, Thomas must quickly learn to swim with a tail while also steering clear of dangerous sharks as wel... more
  • Murdeth: Varseth's Fate

    by M. El

    Varseth Crissil is a young man scorned. His father, the newly appointed king, took everything from him: leaving Varseth with a wound so deep that it can only be healed by his father’s death. Yet, fear clung to Varseth’s body and soul, binding his will to fight back.

    Varseth’s father launched a campaign of terror across the continent, slaughtering anyone who refused to bend the knee. Even those who submit to his rule live as second-class citizens, constantly oppressed, ... more

  • Untethered

    by Damon May
    Ghosts need energy from the living. Their Elders keep ghosts Tethered where they died. Mira cuts her Tether... then a few more. Now the Elders are out to end her afterlife.
  • The Child of Chaos

    by Glen Dahlgren

    Nothing can break the stranglehold the gods of Order have on the world . . . except a roll of the dice.

    An irresistible longing drags young Galen to an ancient vault where, long ago, the gods of Order locked Chaos away. Chaos promises power to the one destined to liberate it, but Galen's dreams warn of dark consequences.

    He isn't the only one racing to the vault, however. Horace, the bully who lives to torment Galen, is determined to unleash Chao... more

  • Scaled

    by J.T. Ashmore
    A meteor explodes over the Midwest, and teens exposed to the fragments break out in a rash of glittering scales. Among the affected are a homophobic bully, an honor student, and a witty gay guy. Zack, Hilde, and Silas overcome their initial antagonism to form an unlikely alliance. As the scales spread over their bodies, they must work together to combat their self-loathing, accept their alienness, and escape the forces bent on crushing them.
  • The Heathen Prince

    by Meisha Stewart

    On the surface, a legacy withers. Underground, a legend rises.

    Rina Willow knows the Heathen Prince is only a rumor. A man with an arm of stone, defending the oppressed living in the caves under the city, performing miracles without magic? Impossible! As politicians preach about the Balance of Magic and design policies that further restrict her freedoms, Rina understands why people invent heroes. Still, she can't deny that rumors aren't real or that Normals like her do... more

  • Phoebe Douse: Secret Society for Special Abilities and Artefacts

    by L. Samuels
    Grandmother Naan's superstitious stories seem too peculiar and childish to Phoebe Douse. But when surprising and unfortunate circumstances in Texas lead her to accept a timely invitation to attend a remote boarding school, thousands of miles away in Scotland, Phoebe finds that everything is not what she made herself believe. Unwittingly, Phoebe is thrown onto the stage of power and danger as events unfold that reveal the extent of her abilities and Naan s connection to the school. There, Phoebe ... more
  • The Ancestors' Key

    by Marie-Hélène Lebeault
    Fifteen-year-old Lola just said goodbye to life as a loner. One minute she’s living with her mom in Baltimore and hanging out with her best friend Jane and the next she’s receiving the keys to a southern mansion, boatloads of money, and an ancient family secret. She has no idea how she’s going to cope with a long-lost dad, an eccentric aunt, and a drop-dead gorgeous boy that keeps popping up everywhere she turns. Not to mention the magical book and the skeleton key that just appeared out of nowh... more
  • John George's Island and the Vamcreepers Curse

    by Catherine Marie Howard
    The protagonist of the book JG`s character is based on a variety of factors , I created a personality who could perhaps be a role model for the young generation of today. This young teenager has a complex mix of good values , sharp intuitive senses teamed with a profound affinity towards the natural world. As the story enfolds we discover that this young man has a contrasting side to his soul. He loves his music, his jamming sessions with his friends, he certainly is popular and always ready ... more
  • The Watcher Tower

    by Troy Hooker
    The second in the Descendants of Light series, The Watcher Tower continues the saga of the Descendants of immortal beings and their fight against the forces of Darkness. Now, as the Dark One is released from his bonds, Sam, Emma, Gus, and Lillia must seek out a mysterious tower in order to stop him from destroying Lior--and Earth.
  • NOAH, An Animal Adventure Fantasy

    by Frederick Fichman
    Continuously attached to his computer screen at home 12-year old Noah is not overly excited about his parent’s invitation to join them for a visit to the zoo. His father insists. Reluctantly, Noah follows behind his mother and father at the zoo until he is drawn away at a tree-covered pathway leading down to another level. Leaving his parents behind, he descends down the pathway as the sounds of the zoo recede replaced by quiet then sounds of an open field. He exits into an open wheat field and... more
  • Soulbound War

    by A.N. James
  • Soulbound Alliance

    by A.N. James
    Benjamin has been working his whole life to improve but in the past few years, he has hit a wall. A coup on the kingdom forces the king into exile. With the most powerful man in the kingdom in exile, Big Ben descends into chaos. Dragons notice the discord and capitalize, launching an attack. Benjamin learns of the problems and scrambles to make it to the city to divert the attack. A crazy old man who turns out to be a forgotten legend shows up to help him. Despite trying to make it to th... more
  • Trilobites!

    by Chris Dietz
    Trilobites are common fossils found around the world. They look like bugs. They look like Crustaceans. They lived in the ancient seas before the Permian extinction, so long before the dinosaurs. And, now, scientists exploring newly discovered deep, deep aquifers, have found living Trilobites. What if Trilobites became a thing...a fad...a meme...a pop culture craze? Everyone had to have one! What if Trilobites thought differently than other animals, including humans? A pair of resourceful kid... more