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  • Dream No More: Rise of a Lion

    by Marrio C. Mathews

    Dream No More: Rise of a Lion is the first installment in an epic fantasy saga. This coming of age tale follows Lyone, a young boy torn from his family due to a civil war that reduces a nation to ash. Found injured and alone, Lyone is nursed back to health by a host family. They learn of his odd continental misplacement, and the captivity of his family by a mysterious sorceress. Lyone, along with Dior and Lisa, travels back to where he was found, questing to solve the mystery of his ... more

  • Gopher Habits (The Lineman and The Cook)

    by K. L. Russell
    Dragon Tales, “Chore Master”, Elephant Ear sickness, Star Force, doors breathing and sucking children into the other-world where Harpies rule the river district? What’s Happening? BOOK THREE - GOPHER HABITS Welcome to Gopher House where second years at Saint Raphael’s ancient monastic school are about to begin class with a very non-traditional curriculum. Mem MacCleary and her team learn their former team member, Andrew Harper, has left. His replacement is a special almond-eye boy, Artis T Bass.... more
  • Noobie Habits (The Lineman and The Cook)

    by K. L. Russell
    Taffy Tongues, Curfew Curses, Hallow Eve, and more are about to begin for first years. Saint Raphael's school is NOT so traditional. First-years, or Noobies, begin their first class...Scavenger Hunting. They must solve clues to find their next class. Other-world children attend by invitation only and Mother Nicodemus, headmistress, has rules. “Break the rules, pay with drool...No cursing, swearing, lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, or breaking curfew” are but a few to obey. There are consequ... more
  • A Smidge of Magic

    by M.I. O'Flaherty
    Ian McClintoc is a detective with the Washington D.C. Police Department. He and his partner, Martin Anders, are sent out on a call that seems routine. But everything changes when Ian triggers an event that pulls him far, far from home. Disorientated, injured, and hopelessly lost Ian stumbles into unknown dangers and begins the adventure of a lifetime.
  • The Place Inside the Storm

    by bradley w. wright
    It’s 2038. Tara Rivers is fourteen years old, socially awkward, and a bit rebellious. Her family has recently moved to Los Angeles from the Pacific Northwest ‘rogue’ clusters. Tara feels alone and confused. She doesn’t have any friends here, except her cat, Xel, a sophisticated robot with artificial intelligence. She knows she should try to make friends but the social rules other kids seem to understand without thinking don’t come to her as easily. Without warning, the corporation where Tara’s p... more
  • Dax Zander, Sea Patrol: The Hand in the Moon

    by Noah Knox Marshall

    Frequently diving headlong into adventure, 13 year-old Dax Zander is the loving, scientifically-curious middle son of a brilliant physicist and decorated captain in the US Navy. In 2077, the entire family is stationed in an undersea base, 90km north of Oahu. When a delegation of gentle, aquatic aliens arrive on Earth, begging humanity's help against an invading threat to their homeworld, Dax finds himself an unlikely but critical influence in the course of events that could save... more

  • Last Stop on the Z Train

    by Jason Storbakken
    LAST STOP ON THE Z TRAIN spans genres: space opera, tragedy, magical realism, comedy... and it all exists in one world, the New York City Metropolitan Authority! Twenty-three stories, 23 subway lines. And, like the MTA, all the stories are interconnected. It is a world very much like ours, yet altogether different. Enter New York City's subway system like never before and encounter mystical creatures, cosmic adventures, and a variety of social realities.
  • My Spy: The Fourth Token

    by D. A. (Dorothy) Featherling
    Spies to the left...spies to the right Spies to the north...spies to the south Spies everywhere...or so it seems. The Willoughby twins are only supposed to make a quick trip to the Civil War to help Marcus with a school project. Separated as they travel through time, they land in different Southern cities. When each of them encounters a spy on opposing sides of the conflict, they must either aid, or outwit, two determined females. Can the twins manage to overcome the dangers of war an... more
  • The Adventures of Samba Rat and Friends in Sherman the Last Dragon

    by Steven Munsie and Mary Munsie
    \tFour woodland friends, Samba Rat, Peter Porcupine, Squirrely, a scout camp mascot and Cindy, a ladybug, returning home from a Spring picnic, are caught in a storm and discover a large mysterious egg hidden in an ancient tree. When it hatches into a baby dragon, the four friends are set upon an adventure to find the little creature a home. \tThe four friends are joined by Kitty Joy, a young master scout, who first tracks them, then joins them on their adventure to find a mysterious sanctuary ... more
  • THE BEE'S AVENUE : Beeware Of Stings

    SYNOPSIS-THE BEE’S AVENUE The queen bee was mesmerized seeing the real beauty of nature in the field. Attractive flowers, enriching tiny creatures, endless greenery and tall trees made up her mind to build her hive there. Spotting a tall tree, the bees started constructing their hive. The job was continuing, when a bee said that it heard that the man living here is discourteous towards creatures. The bees went and spoke to the queen, but it took it as unimportant. The hive was constructed and t... more
  • The Shadow Watch (The Shadow Watch series Book 1)

    by S.A. Klopfenstein
    - 2017 Ink and Insights Contest Winner - In a world where sorcerers are hunted to extinction, one girl will defy an empire. Slave girl Tori Burodai never wanted to be the Gallows Girl. She never wanted to be looked to as a savior or a revolutionary. But then again, she never knew she was one of the last living Watchers. Long ago, the sacred order of sorcerers was a force for justice in the world. Now, their magic survives only in myth. That is, until Tori reveals incredible magic pow... more
  • Rune's Folly (Tower of Shells Book 1)

    by Garen Glazier
    For some the tower of shells was folly. For Tansy McCoy it was destiny. By day, Tansy McCoy is a florist making charmed bouquets for the citizens of Junonia, capital of the Kingdom of Terranmar. By night, she’s an assassin and the keeper of the Dangerous Garden where deadly blooms grow. Together with the town tailor, butcher, baker, and metalsmith (just don’t call her a candlestick maker), she is part of the Guild, a secret group of spell-wielding thieves and mercenaries. Their task: consolid... more
  • Wolf Squad

    by Cameron Alexander
    Bear Company, five stuffed bears-turned-armored protectors, is escorting a young boy named Timmy out of the city on the way to meet up with his father, a famous scientist who opened a portal to another world. But the Dark, shadowy creatures from another dimension, lurk around every corner, waiting for their chance to ensnare Timmy. The bears find another child, Anna, a young orphan girl, and try to save her from the Dark, but find themselves terribly outnumbered. Lucky for Bear Company, help arr... more
  • Tinsey Clover

    by Chelsea Walker Flagg
    Tinsey Clover is smart. She’s brave. Also, she can’t carry a tune to save her life. Oh yeah, plus she's an elf the size of a chipmunk. When her bizarre magical power grows in and makes her feel like a total outsider in her own village, Tinsey sneaks into the forbidden forest on a journey to find someone more like her. From trolls to dragons, what she discovers along the way challenges everything, and everyone, she thought she knew. 
  • An Unexpected Escapade (Myth Coast Adventures Book 2)

    by Kandi Wyatt
    Protect friendship, family or a creature that's not supposed to exist? Ana and Daisy have been friends since third grade, but a rift in the space-time continuum in their little town may change that. When a unicorn waltzes into the pasture with Daisy’s appaloosas, a poacher, who will stop at nothing to gain the unicorn horn and its healing tears, shows up. Daisy is focused on saving the unicorn while Ana’s parents face sudden life-threatening health issues. When Ana learns about the healing te... more
  • The Oranyn

    by Xavi Lang

    As the last Oranyn, Elia Egerton was smuggled from another world to be hid on Earth from those who would have her dead. She is the only one who can bring the cores together and awaken the Seven Elysares, the only one who can stop Astrofyr’s sun from collapsing.

    Living on Earth for the past decade, Elia has put that all behind her. She has found a family she cares about and a place she can belong, but all that is about to change. When a creature of the Avisadis attacks, Elia is lef... more