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  • B07C3NP99R

    by Leah Braham
    A group of children are caught up in what is reported to be a terrorist attack and are pushed into the witness protection program. The Golden Hour follows their story as they fight to discover the truth.
  • Unreal Time

    by Martii Maclean
    Time-loop traps, mutant marsupials and cyber-teen renegades—the future will never be the same again.Things are tough for Deon’s since he moved to Moran’s Cove. He’s calculated he has 517 more days until he’s done with his new high school, unless he gets lucky and is kidnapped by aliens. Then something much freakier happens. Deon falls into a swirling, static vortex, everything goes dark. He’s surrounded by weird androids, who are chanting his uncle’s name. His world tilts again. The sun’s shin... more
  • The Helm of Darkness (War on the Gods Book 1)

    by A. P. Mobley
    Two teenagers are knocked unconscious in a freak storm sweeping the world, and when they wake up, they find out they've been transported 500 years into the future, and that the Greek gods were the ones who sent the freak storm in order to destroy the modern world and take back humanity's worship. The teens then team up with two demigods to fulfill a prophecy that says the teens are destined to lead a war on the gods.
  • Feral Phantom

    by Brooke De Lira

    Nanda is no hero. Growing up in the heart of L.A., the powerless teen is forced to ignore the abused animals who call to her—cries for help only she can sense. Parkour is her refuge, but no amount of jumping and vaulting over obstacles can change her helpless future. Until she wakes up on a dark hillside with the past three days wiped from her memory.

    Something is different. The mysterious tiger mark scorched on her shoulder? Only the beginning. Her average parkour skills have evo... more

  • Moonchild

    by Kate L. Mary
    In a world fueled by greed and corruption, where airships rule the skies and coal mines have been turned into prisons, Scarlett Moon has one goal: Survive. Being tough and looking out for herself is the only way to stay alive, but when her best friend, Rory, is arrested and returned to the mines, all of Scarlett’s carefully built walls threaten to crumble. After being rescued by an airship full of pirates, led by the sexy and irresistible Asher Kimura, Scarlett finds herself surrounded by con... more
  • When We Were Human

    by Kate L. Mary
    “They came four years ago. Invaded our planet, rounded us up, decimated the human race. We fought back, and some even say we won, but they’re wrong. The invaders took everything from us. Our family. Our hope. Our humanity. We won the war, but there are no humans left. Only monsters who will do anything to survive. Some look human and some don’t, but they are all the same.” Eighteen-year-old Eva has spent the last year punishing herself for her sister’s death and hiding from everyone she comes... more
  • The Shining Cog and Other Steampunk Tales

    by Doc Coleman
    From the lochs of Scotland to the Old West as it almost was, across Asia and the South Pacific, Doc Coleman brings you six stories of mystery, adventure, and daring. Enjoy these tales from the author of The Perils of Prague! Unravel the mystery of a Highland loch and determine if it is a blessing or a curse. Take shore leave with Professor Crackle and Miss Bang and make miraculous discoveries, track down a thief on a flying carpet, fight off a mechanized villain, and more! Face down a corru... more
  • The Titans of Taste

    by Keith Lowe
    The Titans of Taste is a fun, light hearted children's book about food and friendship. The two main characters, a young brother and sister, run into trouble when their meal comes to life and attacks! The children call upon a legendary group of heroes to help them fend off the tasteless food.
  • Peter & Wendy: A Tale of The Lost

    by Michaelbrent Collings

    Internationally-bestselling author Michaelbrent Collings asks you: What if Peter Pan... was the bad guy?

    Eve has no father. An alcoholic mother. Abused at school. A loser. But when the new boy comes to school, things start to change. He's popular, he's good-looking, he's smart. He likes her. And he wants to kill her. Because he's Peter Pan. And he's a vampire.

    "[T]ruly excellent...&quo... more

  • The Godpony

    by B. Arnett
    As a son of a warrior clan, Dartin eagerly waits for his chance to become a legend. But when the gods finally reveal his lifelong profession as a ponykeeper, that dream is smashed to pieces. Dartin fears he is destined to muck out stalls and pull bits of hay from his beard until the day he dies. He spends his time in the stables, trying to settle into his new life, until a dark power threatens the dwarves of Munat, brought on by a pony with a voice of his own and something to hide. Dartin must d... more
  • Demon Zero: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Dark Matter Book 1)

    by Randall Pine
    The city of Templar has always been a little strange. Monsters slither out of the lakes, a zombie rises up every few years, and from time to time, some of the people go missing for no reason. But the supernatural occurrences have been happening more and more frequently lately, and it may have something to do with the all-powerful demon that’s living in Mrs. Grunberg’s basement. When local slackers Simon Dark and Virgil Matter decide to investigate the mysterious presence in the cellar, they set ... more
  • After the Lenses

    by David Joray
    Three years into the future, the planet has been inexorably altered by the advent of a new technology called "the lenses." All of the adults have disappeared. Invisible enemies hunt for children. Safe shelter is difficult to find. Every single day has become a fight for survival. Kala, 15, and her brother, Zenith, 17, band together with a group of fellow Gridders to navigate their new environment. They must be constantly vigilant against unforeseen dangers. However, no one was quite prepared for... more
  • From Frights to Flaws, 2nd Edition (Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions)

    by Sunayna Prasad
    An Adventure of Modern Magic Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy longs for a better life. She lost her parents at age seven and her aunt at nine. Her uncle also enforces unfair rules. But Alyssa discovers something she has never thought existed before… magic. A wicked sorcerer hunts her down. He kidnaps her from her ordinary New Jersey town to Yanowic, an enchanted island in Fiji. Alyssa is trapped in the country due to a giant shield covering it. She must defeat dangerous creatures and the ev... more
  • Luris: Memories of Dreams

    by Rune Marie Nielsen
    Luris: Memories of Dreams is a full-color manga which follows the unfortunate life story of M---, a young adult suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to amnesia induced by the PTSD, M--- cannot remember many details from her past. What remains in her memory are fragments of dreams that must be traversed in order to piece together the reality that traumatized her. Though often strange and ambiguous, her dreams hold the keys that will empower her to face and overcome the terrible even... more
  • Recast Light

    by Rose Corcoran
    Diplomacy, Double-Cross, and the Domino’s last stand—out of the shadow and into the fire! Though Chiaroscuro is safe from the crumbling shadow that once surrounded it, it is now threatened by a massive, Gremlin-made bomb with no one to stop it but Delilah, Emmaline, and… Balder Spleenbeck? Sebastian is in no position to help his city. As his contract with Alcea goes into effect, she controls his actions and forces him to go after friend and foe alike. In order to rescue Chiaroscuro’s ex-k... more

    by José Potter
    Pilip is tired of working a meaningless job. He works at a gold mining business owned by the revolting Mr. Sweeney. So when Pilip overhears the rumors of a thief, he decides that there is nothing better to do than to start investigating. He heads off to the peach farm owned by the cantankerous Ms. Sweeney where he meets Bernita, who tells him the story of a little girl, her talking mouse, and a magic peach that grant anyone the fantastic ability to speak Spanish!