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  • Angel Land

    by P.S. Scott
    Harry Potter meets Coco in this middle-grade sweeping Fantasy set in the world of angels. Gabriel Perez has a dream. Thirteen-year-old Gabriel wants to become the Ruling Archangel of Celestia. The catch? He doesn't have wings. And, that means he can’t get into one of the eight prestigious guilds. He spends his days polishing wings, dreaming of going to a guild. An unexpected opportunity. After failing the entrance, Gabriel stumbles on a wanted criminal, and by a stroke of fate, and becom... more
  • Venus Remembered

    by Jason J. Marchi

    The classic short story "All Summer in the Day" by Ray Bradbury appears with the Bradbury approved sequel "When the Rain Stops" by Jason J. Marchi. With a biographical essay by Jonathan R. Eller, Ph.D, and discussion questions for the classroom for young readers.

  • Kingdom of Ink and Paper

    by Matthew Newman
    Every book you've ever read... Every story you've ever heard... What if they were all true? When best-selling novelist Arthur O’Neill is found murdered, high school student Will Morgan assumes his premonition of the event was mere coincidence. But when Will meets a character from one of Arthur’s famous books, he learns there’s more to this man’s writing than just words. By way of a powerful warrior named Tam, Will is introduced to the World of the Written, a universe parallel to our own whe... more
  • The Rabbit Princess: Journeys

    by R Chen

    The sequel to the award-winning book, The Rabbit Princess: The Path.

    "It doesn’t take strength to wake up; it takes courage to wake up. It takes strength to live."

    After the war, Annie, Pika and Naso carry on their pilgrimage to find the unicorn, Qilin, but they are pulled into a battle at a human village, compelling them to reflect on their own journeys—past and future—and forcing them to make difficult choices. Years later, a new force has a... more

  • Night Quest

    by Susan Ellen McMullin
    Del Turner lives a quiet life with his father in a small college town, but he has a mysterious mother he sees only once a year in the early morning hours of his birthday, and every year she has brought him a magical gift. On the evening before his 15th birthday Del discovers that his father has vanished, and his mother appears to tell Del that he must go to the Kingdom of Night to rescue him. Once he arrives in Night, Del meets three half-brothers he didn’t know he had, and learns that he is... more
  • Xenia Navarro and the Magic Ants

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Xenia and the Magic Ants could have been ripped from this week's headlines. American sixth grader, Xenia Navarro lives with her Mexican mother, an undocumented resident, and her older brother Lucas in Pennsylvania. Her American father was killed while on duty in Iraq before marrying Xenia’s mother. Now their mother has been arrested and is about to be deported. Family drama becomes American politics, mixed with science fiction elements.
  • The Gifts of Happiness

    by Oliver Smuhar

    What are the Gifts of Happiness? Inside this book hides a magical town of tents that have found something special. After their struggles in Everbreen, Faith discovers an old friend. And although he survived the attacks in Kelton Whide, something tragic haunts his past. Inside their town, Bailey keeps the peace between the talking animals, the townsfolk and the spirits. However, when receiving the news of the melting boy, he is swept on another journey. Inside Central City, Perry discovers an ... more

  • Sol Invictus

    by Ben Gartner
    Siblings John and Sarah barely made it home last time, but in their next time traveling adventure the challenge really heats up. Surrounded by clashing cultures on the ancient Roman frontier, they must fulfill their quest to unite the emperor with his enemy, an Alemanni barbarian, or risk being stuck in time forever. An action-packed fantasy full of sword fights, chariot chases, fearsome wild animals, and high mountain survival. For graduates of the Magic Tree House looking for a thrilling mid... more
  • The Magic Rainbow

    by Roy Walters
    This is a fascinating story of a chameleon (pronounced Cameelion) called Marmalade. He was one of these little greyish coloured lizards found in Asia, Madagascar and other parts of the world. Most of all, throughout Africa, they are usually six to twelve centimetre long, and their most famous characteristic, without any doubt, is their ability to change colour according to circumstances. This is a very valuable form of protective colouring, and is mainly divided into two aspects – that is to say... more
  • Ug

    by Charles G Reid
    Young adult fantasy novel set in the Dark Ages as mankind inevitably encroaches on virgin forest, setting in motion resistance from the faeries, guardians of the woodland.
  • Golden Skull

    by Avril Flower Shelkara
    A Sci-Fi read about defending the planet of Erm against the Orion Confederation by raising a barrier around it.
  • Talisman Of El (Arcadia, Book 1)

    by Al Stone


    One Planet. Two Worlds.

    Population: Human … 7 billion.

    Others … unknown.

    When 14-year-old Char­lie Blake wakes up sweat­ing and gas­ping for air in the mid­dle of the night, he knows it is hap­pen­ing again. This time he wit­nesses a bru­tal mur­der. He’s afraid to tell any­one. No one would believe him… because it was a dream. Just like the one he had four years ago &... more

  • The Eyes of Tamburah

    by Maria V. Snyder
    Shyla is a researcher who resides in the underground desert city of Zirdai, which is ruled by the wealthy Water Prince and brutal Heliacal Priestess. Even though Shyla is sun-kissed - an outcast, considered cursed by the Sun Goddess - she is still renowned for uncovering innumerable archaic facts, lost artefacts, ancient maps, and obscure historical documents. Her quiet life is about to change when Banqui, an archaeologist, enlists her services to find The Eyes of Tamburah: legendary gemstones t... more
  • The Clockwork Ice Dragon

    by Liz Delton
    An invention gone wrong. A city buried in snow. And she only has ‘til Christmas to make it right. Aurelia Sundon has an idea for a brilliant invention that will ensure her family’s financial future. But the elite inventor’s guild has imposed a ridiculous deadline for invention applications: Christmas Day. With only four days until the deadline, Aurelia thinks she can finish it in time. Until her old love Frederick Grandville steps back into her life when he enters the competition with his ... more
  • The Joke at the End of the World

    by Scott Dikkers
    His father is a genius scientist. But is this boy’s future more deadly than his past? America, 1957. Twelve-year-old Patrick Stoodle has never been good at making friends. So when his dad promises a super-exciting surprise for his birthday, he hopes life will change for the better. Instead, he’s thrown into 2020 by a time machine and lands in the middle of a viral pandemic, troops in the streets, and a dangerously escalating race war. Discovering his father is not who he believes, Patric... more
  • The Anagram

    by Emilia Paredes
    On the outskirts of London lives a mysterious girl called Leonie. Leonie loves her name, because all people like it when they hear her name say: Wow! such a beautiful name! And she feels so happy, and she puts the face as a Cygnini.