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  • Soulbound Alliance

    by A.N. James
    Benjamin has been working his whole life to improve but in the past few years, he has hit a wall. A coup on the kingdom forces the king into exile. With the most powerful man in the kingdom in exile, Big Ben descends into chaos. Dragons notice the discord and capitalize, launching an attack. Benjamin learns of the problems and scrambles to make it to the city to divert the attack. A crazy old man who turns out to be a forgotten legend shows up to help him. Despite trying to make it to th... more
  • Trilobites!

    by Chris Dietz
    Trilobites are common fossils found around the world. They look like bugs. They look like Crustaceans. They lived in the ancient seas before the Permian extinction, so long before the dinosaurs. And, now, scientists exploring newly discovered deep, deep aquifers, have found living Trilobites. What if Trilobites became a thing...a fad...a meme...a pop culture craze? Everyone had to have one! What if Trilobites thought differently than other animals, including humans? A pair of resourceful kid... more
  • Tompkin's School: For The Resurrected (A Supernatural Academy Trilogy Book 3)

    by Tabi Slick

    The ultimate battle is here. Who will win?

    As supernatural forces of the Transitioned World prepare for war, Izara and Kain find themselves pulled in opposite directions. But time is running out. Every second, Credan's power grows from within his grave and soon he'll wake up.

    The twins must decide which side they're on before the next Blood Moon and the final battle between good and evil crashes down on Tompkin's School.

  • Kaleidoscopic

    by H. O. Tanager
    When a mythical creature terrorizes fifteen-year-old Aise’s village, she must seek out potent artifacts to protect her land from invasion by Edda, Queen of the North. Aise has always struggled with overwhelmingly vibrant emotions, but now this sensitivity to her inner landscape will help her wield the powerful artifacts. Aided by her adventurous best friend and an exceptionally handsome stranger, Aise races to find the artifacts before Edda razes the land. She gains strange abilities with eac... more
  • Larkspur

    by Anastacia Hawkins
    During a dance performance, in the middle of their pirouettes, two young dancers mysteriously fall into the enchanted land of Larkspur. With the help of Redmond, the Great-Counselor-in-training, they discover their mission—to perform the magical “Dance of the Dawn” in order to help their beloved dance teacher, Madame Lumiere, find her way home from the Earthly Realm. But first they must rescue the adored talking pet of The Fiery One, and aid Little Light, the glowing princess, as she bravely set... more
  • Black the Tides (Threads of Dreams, 2)

    by K.A. Wiggins

    Something deadly lurks below the surface . . .

    The dead haunt my dreams. Though I'm still recovering from battling the Mara, I can't deny their summons—nor do I want to.

    I've proved to myself and everyone else that I can fight the monsters and win. Now I can't wait to destroy them once and for all.

    But in my hurry to take revenge against our oppressors and cement my hard-won position as hero of the city, I must have dived back... more

  • Mary & the Alien

    by Ashley Good
    Bullied at school and abused at home, life isn't easy for nine-year-old Mary Schmidt. On one fateful summer's night in 1947, Mary's life is changed forever when she discovers a crashed alien spaceship and its lone surviving passenger. Set in the small town of Falkland, British Columbia, MARY & THE ALIEN explores an alternative Canadian version of the famed Roswell Incident through the eyes of young Mary and the women in her life.
  • Button's Wings

    by Liam KJ O'Leary

    “Button’s Wings” is a story about difference and acceptance. About friendship and finding your chosen family. What you are searching for does not always present itself in the ways you may think. Come join Pebble the little blue owl and Button, the caterpillar who couldn't turn into a Butterfly as they the search for "Button's Wings."

  • Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain

    by T.X. Troan
    EARTH AWAKENED ... SEED PLANTED ... PATH REVEALED. Sophia Freeman, eleven-year-old daughter of billionaire Jerri Freeman, has wanted to be an artist since the day she first held a pencil. Her father doesn’t approve, calling it her silly dream. Even worse, Dad has neglected Sophia since her mother—her greatest supporter—passed away two years ago. After Dad purchases an island to expand his empire, to Sophia’s surprise, he invites her along for the day to visit the island, expressing hopes... more
  • Ora and the Old God

    by Sarah Day

    The first book in a spellbinding series that weaves together powerful women and complex magic.

    Wild and stubborn, Ora Widogast is determined to join her brother for the annual Tabas hunt. After a terrible mistake, her brother is turned into a pig, and ... more

  • Starlight Seized

    by China Dennington

    Two storytellers

    A single, intertwined destiny

    Maris Hall's name isn't spoken. Her writings were burned. Her images erased because of the horrendous thing she did. As a third-generation inhabitant of the red desert planet Erimost, Tessa Hall ironically knows precious little about her own family history, despite being the city historian.

    When she discovers the journal of her grandmother, the first historian, she slowly comes to realize that the secrets of the past mig... more

  • Lassa the Viking and the Dragon's Inferno

    by Dean Yurke
    LASSA ERIKSON likes 'normal' teenage things like reading ancient texts on chemical analysis and studying books on advanced alchemy. He's never read anything frivolous like "The Joy of Axe Wielding" or "Uthbert's Guide to Decapitation." So when he is conscripted into the 11th century Viking army and finds himself surrounded by an ocean of the fiercest, toughest, ugliest warriors the world has ever seen, he accepts his hapless brother Sven's brilliant idea of hiding at the back of his first battle... more
  • Forgetting What I Couldn't Remember

    by Angelina Singer
    Vera Bartlet is a soon-to-be college graduate with absolutely no idea how messy her life is about to become. It’s not just the job search looming on the horizon or her lack of a boyfriend that’s got her stomach in knots – rather, her dad has been missing for almost a decade, and no one knows what happened to him. When Uncle Edgar mysteriously arrives back onto the scene, he comes armed with some interesting new ideas about what may have happened to Vera’s dad – and an even more revolutionary... more
  • Billy Chan and the Stinky Goatopus

    by D.Z. Mah

    Ugh, what's that stench? It's so bad, it can't be anything natural.

    It's coming from a goatopus, a mythical creature from another world. Except he's right by the Great Pyramid of Giza and refuses to leave. It's up to me, Billy the chimera hunter, to figure out what to do.

    But I can't do this without help. That's where you come in. You need to help me make decisions to get rid of this stinky goatopus. Come join me on my latest adventure!

  • Ether-Touched

    by L. M. Coulson

    Vylaena Azrel has one goal in life: lift the Curse set upon her by the goddess Ikna, dooming her to feel others' pain as her own. Living alone in the haunted Elderwood just outside the city of Cyair, Vylaena keeps well away from civilization—until the day a mysterious solicitor arrives at her doorstep to make her an offer that will change her life.

    Unwillingly entangled in matters of state, Vylaena is brought to the Cyair Palace to play bodyguard to a newly-arrived foreig... more

  • Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon, Book 1 of a 5-part chronicle

    by C. Jill Hefte
    C. Jill Hefte’s A Human Fairy Tale® provides a fantastical explanation for the iconic Stonehenge, for its creation has remained a mystery—beyond the capabilities of mere mortal humans. In folklore, many have spoken of Merlin the Magician building Stonehenge with magic, among other theories. Hefte’s riveting tale explores the idea of human fairies creating Stonehenge. Those that stayed behind closed the portal, blocking the passage to the other planet in the Milky Way. A dark war rages o... more