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  • A Girl with a Bow

    by Kimberly Moore
    When a young hero is thrust into a nefarious plot, she must risk her life or have her secret exposed. Seventeen-year-old Petunia is shy, awkward, and insecure. She’s also a hero – by accident. When she unwittingly kills a baby dragon, she saves her caravan and the nearby city from the creature. Now, everyone hails her as a hero, and she feels like a fraud. When tragedy soon strikes the city, everyone turns to Petunia, their hero, to solve the problem. Petunia sets out on a journey to solve th... more
  • Genesis

    by J.M. Grant
    Tess is dying and her family will do anything to save her. There’s one treatment left, and legal or not, she’ll take it. Tess fights despair until encountering a strange guy on the bus. He's anything but normal and lives without restraint, which makes her laugh … and hope. But it’s not that simple. Tess has more questions than answers about his plans. When an unknown enemy brings destruction and death to her home and loved ones, Tess learns her life is a lie. Doubting her friends and unsure w... more
  • Migon

    by PC Keeler
    “There’s nothing wrong with being one of the bright spots.” Gyndri was born a human boy. But now he's one of the brightest spots of all. He's a Migon - a miniature dragon created to help humanity survive. His life changed completely when a dragon's attack ripped him from his loving family and set him on a new and frightening path. Along with his human companion, Piet, Gyndri is now tasked with finding out two things. First, where he came from and who he wants to be. Second, the cause of th... more
  • Serpent Game: Slave to the Shadows

    by Sean M. Hollows
    A bullet severed him from the public eye. One man fights to right his previous life. Gyone Irensho, an infamous contract killer who worked the bristling wilds of Crygor City, loses his life, only to be reanimated from his six-foot slumber. His benefactor harnesses an unspeakable evil at his whim, all in favor of his battle against the Shadows that he, himself, has learned to control. As they say, fight fire with fire. Upon being greeted with another contract, Gyone has a kneejerk change... more
  • The Golden City (The Brighton Duology Book 2)

    by Liz Long

    The highly anticipated follow up to USA Today Bestselling author Liz Long’s The Blood King.

    Down with the Blood King. 

    Reina Torres and Princess Helena just barely managed to escape the city of Brighton, thanks to the rebels. They now find themselves at the heart of the revolution, planning missions and infiltrating Brighton’s network. An enraged King Magnus doesn’t just want Reina and the rebels to pay, b... more

  • Project RM: The Code

    by Peter A. Schoemann
    Part 2 of the Genesis Serials: Rescue or another abduction. Will Joseph or Laurel break under intense interrogation? How quickly can Joseph adapt to the spy world? Will they help prevent a nuclear holocaust?
  • The Shadow: The Guardians of Time Book 4

    by Marianne Curley

    The battle has come and gone. The war is won. The prophecy complete. But life can’t just pick up where it left off for Ethan. He struggles to cope with how the battle ended and all that he lost. He asks himself, How do I go on? At odds with his friends in the Guard, Ethan finds himself adrift, jumping at shadows and sensing someone who can’t possibly be there. Lathenia, the Goddess of Chaos, had a daughter she kept secret, and now Jesilla swears vengeance and to continue with her mother’s pla... more

  • Blind the Eyes (Threads of Dreams, 1)

    by K.A. Wiggins

    In a drowned city overrun by monsters, one girl rejects everything she's ever known to become more than she could have ever imagined.

    A dark fantasy-meets-ecopunk-dystopia of monsters and magic perfect for fans of This Savage Song and Anna Dressed in Blood.

    "Why we loved it: A unique twist on the YA-dystopian genre, Wiggins weaves a complex tale that unfolds like a dream itself—mystical, and sometimes odd, but a... more

  • Broken Arrow

    by Azaria Durant

    Ealdred is the son of no one. A half-breed slave. Born to serve.

    And yet magic lives within him. 

    When a freak accident reveals his powers not only to himself, but to the world, Ealdred is forced to flee for his life, only to fall into the hands of the dark sorcerer, Zeldek. Suddenly, he is thrown into a world he never knew existed. The legends are real, the Vaelhyreans of old exist, and Ealdred must choose between death and service to Zeldek. 

    But w... more

  • Falling Through Blankets of Stars

    by Keith Marcotti
    Ten-year-old twins Ashlynne and Julian share a special ability: the power to enter each other’s dreams. They call it ‘sharing’ dreams. It’s usually a great time; playing together in a dream is way more fun than playing in the boring real world . . . until one night, when the twins find themselves stuck inside a dream that feels all too real. The pair must work together to find a way to wake up—and they need to hurry—because the dream is quickly turning into a nightmare, thanks to an ancient evil... more
  • Fight of the gnomes (ArcOn Book2)LitRPG

    by Erinn Price
    The gnomes aren't out of the woods yet. Just when they think things are going well, the game AI's go and change everything. In a race against time, Yllo and her friends need to find all the races artifacts' to safe guard their Kingdom. The stakes are higher in her real life and her virtual one. They make new friends and enemies, as they narrow in on the person behind the gnomes problems.
  • Chains Carried on Wings

    by Marina Ermakova

    Saig had always lived on the edge of acceptance. Unlike a proper daughter of the head family, she longed for the freedom of the open woods over the confinement of her home. It was enough to drive away the two people who should, by rights, have been her closest companions.

    But her perfect, responsible cousin Auris--destined to be the city's headwoman and resentful of Saig's inability to conform--would never be her friend again.

    And her surly cousin Trei--aware of how his fo... more

  • Raiders of the Dawn

    by M. Benjamin Woodall
    Tonight, while investigating the disappearance of their physics teacher, two teenage boys step through a portal to a world of monsters, swords and sorcery, which means they are now caught up in an epic saga of magic and conquest because the dragon Morgana has returned. In the Dark Ages, King Arthur set sail with many brave men on a raid of the magical world of Angoll. Now the Raiders are back.
  • Painting Sunsets: A Story for Young Artists

    by Stephen Evans
    At sunset in Key West, twelve-year-old Lissa falls into the gulf and is swept out to sea. Navigating the beautiful entanglements and curious inhabitants of the reef, she finally she arrives in the realm of Kwest, where the inhabitants are devoted to creating each sunrise and sunset.
  • Tribute

    by Chris Knoblaugh
    Miguel, a streetwise teenager in a rough part of San Jose, California, cannot accept his older brother's death and pulls his brother's soul to him. The resulting paranormal possession attracts demons, doppelgangers, and an ancient soul slayer from the depths of Hell — all of whom must be vanquished if Miguel is to live. Set in 2005 San Jose, Miguel deals with sofa-surfing, discarded needles, and homeless people, some who are angels in disguise.
  • Skerryvore

    by lee williams
    Teenage twins Rose and Daniel aren’t allowed phones, computers, even a TV, thanks to their conspiracy-obsessed father. But when the people he always thought were after him actually turn up, the twins realise he wasn’t as paranoid as they’d always thought. With their dad missing and their house burned to the ground, Rose and Daniel find themselves at the centre of a worldwide conspiracy that stretches back through the ages, involving some of the most powerful and mysterious organisations on the ... more