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  • The Stolen Throne: The beginning

    by Chaima Hamoudi
    In the first part of "The Stolen Throne" The beginning, a young man who suffered a great lose as a child decided to seek revenge. In this magical world he would face many obstacles Especially against powerful creatures, Wizards and Witches. So what can a normal person do? Would he fail?
  • The Jewel of Veenah

    by Connie Peck
    Kia has waited for this moment for most of her life, her bonding ceremony with her four best friends which will unite them as sisters for life. But at the height of the beautiful ceremony, her village is attacked and destroyed. One sister is lost, another critically injured, and likely no others survived the blast. Her only hope is to lead her small family across the badlands in search of a mythical jewel of promise; a legend hardly anyone believes anymore. She must force herself to trust, and c... more
  • Experiment 93

    by R.S. Burghardt

    Thomas is having a crisis of faith. His wife and daughter are dead, and his son, Adam’s, physical and emotional scars run deep. Why would God let this happen to him? He doesn’t know. What he does know is that the girl that he’s just met isn’t human—and she needs his help . . . An otherworldly general wants his experiment back, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her. To keep Nina safe, Thomas will have to pass her off as human. But human girls must go to ... more

  • Subversion

    by Laura Ander
    Aspen Pacific, a seventeen-year-old not-so-average girl, and her younger sister Ragan are determined to find the legendary Seraph, an immortal, medieval alchemist that resides in the furthest reaches of the mystical world of Ragnfrid-Taron. He is rumored to be one of the most ancient, all-powerful alchemists, and he is the sisters’ only hope for learning the craft. Shrouded in naiveté and ignorance, Aspen must learn the whirlwind of truths and discover the many hidden secrets that exist in this ... more
  • Daisy, Bold & Beautiful

    by Ellie Collins

    How difficult is it for new middle-schooler D.J. to be honest with her friends? Could the Greek Goddess of Spring possibly find a way to help?

    D.J. and her dad moved far from the small town and only home she ever knew. Now she’s starting middle school in the city with kids she’s never met. She tries to make friends, but they all appear to be slaves to screen time. D.J. just likes to garden, nurturing plants, watching them grow and thrive. It seems she’ll never find a w... more

  • A Yorkie's Tale: Lessons from a Life Well-Lived

    by David Heaney
    Niles, an aging Yorkie, has led a pampered life with his two loving owners and knows nothing of death. When his new friend Nathaniel, an inquisitive fruit rat, shares the puzzling tale of a family burying a “sleeping” cat, Niles’s life begins to change. Another neighborhood critter, an eccentric possum called Leach, explains to the two befuddled creatures that the cat wasn’t simply sleeping—it was dead. 
Shaken by this revelation, Niles and Nathaniel decide they need to do something meaningful... more
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Abridged and Illustrated

    by Washington Irving. Abridged by Fiza Pathan and Michaelangelo Zane
    A sleepy little town is famous for its legend of the Headless Horseman and other specters. Ichabod Crane, the town’s new school teacher, is fond of a good ghost story or two. He is in love with beautiful Katrina Van Tassel, but a handsome man named Brom Bones wants Katrina for himself. Then a party is held at Katrina’s house that ends in the dead of night. What happens after that will give you quite a fright. The Headless Horseman is on the prowl, searching for his lost head. Does he encounter I... more
  • Pretty and Ugly: The Collection

    by Phakedi Zeekoei
    A group of young children go through life as friends, having started as enemies. They face challenges together and overcome some. But find it hard to beat others.
  • The Crown of Amiriel

    by Shade Rachea
    Despite her unstable powers, Warrior Princess Raynin is the most powerful fighter in the Guardian Realm. She’s also the most loyal. After Raynin is named heir to the coveted Crown of Amiriel, the most powerful object in all the realms, she and her best friend Riley are forced to flee the kingdom and seek refuge in another realm to avoid death. Soon, that realm is thrust into an unexpected war against a merciless king, forcing Raynin and Riley to make new alliances and learn to trust and r... more
  • Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil

    by Mary Fan
    Break the enchantments. Find the truth. Ignite the revolution. A century ago, the Enchanters defeated the evil Lord of the Underworld, but not before he’d unleashed his monsters and ravaged the earth. The Enchanters built the Triumvirate out of what remained of the United States, demanding absolute obedience in exchange for protection from the lingering supernatural beasts. Sixteen-year-old Flynn Nightsider, doomed to second-class life for being born without magic, knows the history as wel... more
  • A Piece of Glass

    by R. Chauncey
    Lyle Morton, an employee of the Department of Information in Crown City (the capital city of the united world) leaves work on June 1, 3075, and disappears with a glass disk that contains information that could destroy the five most powerful and richest men in the world. The five hire Lee Adams and Evelyn Summers, who?ve worked for them in the past, to find Lyle. Lee and Evelyn know that once they?ve found him and turned him over to the five, he and they will be killed. If they fail to find Lyle,... more
  • Child of Deliverance

    by C.W. Metz
    Nina Simonova is twelve years old and struggling with Brooklyn life in 1996. She has few friends and her home life is a mess. Her parents always seem locked in an eternal argument that makes her feel practically invisible. After saving the life of a homeless woman, Nina confesses her problems and wishes her parents would disappear. Much to her shock, this actually comes to pass. It seems the homeless woman was more than she appeared and with Nina suddenly regretting the decision, she begs ... more
  • Kishaggi the Dragon and Jacob the Brave

    by Barbara Peddie
    Imagine, if you will, waking up one morning to an exciting adventure, filled with magical creatures and facing your fears so magnificently that you become a hero! Join Jacob on this magical, rhyming and rhythmical adventure of a lifetime, it will be so incredible that you'll wonder if it was real.....
  • Inca Book Series - Vampires At Easter, Diary of a Snoopy Cat

    by R.F. Kristi
    Can one cat detective keep vampires off the guest list? Inca the Siberian Kitty and her globetrotting furry family are always up for an adventure. She can’t wait for the upcoming Easter jamboree at Bran Castle. It’s bound to inspire pages of new thrills for her diary. But behind the fancy dresses and decorations, Inca stumbles upon a spooky mystery… When a scheming sorceress and a would-be vampire threaten to crash the party, Inca must follow the clues to thwart their plan. With her family... more
  • Drats, Foiled Again!: Drats #1 (The Drats Universe)

    by K.L. Lantz
    Robert Gilbrinkle is blind in one eye, which makes dodging punches in his Anti-Hero Maneuvers class especially difficult, but his lack of depth perception is the least of his troubles. Nox Academy's senior project deadline is fast approaching, he's failing three classes, and, naturally, his evil twin Rupert keeps trying to kill him every chance he gets. But the real trouble begins when Robert's pathetic superpower--a very unwicked superwink that fixes anything broken--starts to evolve. The kids ... more