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  • Stolen

    by Jessica Titone
    In the twilight days of World War II, seventeen year old Ella's heart is broken when her partner, Jesse, mysteriously vanishes from their London ballet school. A search for him proves futile, leaving Ella to take matters into her own hands. Lured by a strange melody, she ventures through an old attic door and emerges in an idyllic, magical land. There she meets Wren, who instills in her the ways of the forest and fear of the mountain queen. The quest to rescue her lost love forces Ella down a pa... more
  • The Yummy Treats Room

    by Linda Yianolatos
    The night before her sixth birthday, Carmella and her grandmother go on a magical adventure. Stopping to pick up Carmella's cousins Sam and Max, they go to a city in the sky made of Crystals. Crystal City has many different colored buildings, each with magical rooms inside. They meet a very wise and beautiful lady in front of the Blue building. She takes them into the building to a room with a cupcake and broccoli painted on the door. Inside the room are yummy treats of all kinds for the childre... more
  • The Outcasts: The Blood Dagger: Volume 1

    by Misty Hayes

    Mystical relics.

    Powerful vampires.

    Strange allies.

    It's hell being a teenager. Larna Collins has never understood why her dad skipped out on her and her mother when she was twelve years old. Until then, he was a devoted and loving father. But six years later, during a renovation of her childhood home, she unearths her father's journal from under a floorboard.

    According to his final entry before he left, he ... more

  • The Immundus

    by Christina Enquist
    Central California—This February, indie YA author Christina Enquist launches her debut novel, THE IMMUNDUS (Odolf Mingan Publishing; Feb. 6, 2018), a dystopian speculative fiction that shows what our world would look like if the human race began dying out and another species began to flourish. How far would we have to go to save our own humanity? It’s the year 2828, and Domus is the last remaining country. Divided into twelve walled cities known as genuses, Domus spans what’s known as the puri... more
  • Astrid's Dragon (Princess Astrid) (Volume 1)

    by Karen J. Christian
    Astrid isn’t the type of princess who gets captured by dragons. And Fafnir isn’t the type of dragon who goes around capturing princesses. So when the two of them get together, nothing happens quite the way you would expect. In this funny and sweet tale of friendship, you’ll find a story filled with adventure and courage. This feel-good chapter book is perfect for early readers or as a read-aloud story. For lovers of dragons, princesses, fairy tales, or adventure, this story will captivate and... more
  • L.A.M.P.: Link Access Manipulation Program (Galactic Nights Adventures) (Volume 1)

    by John D. Sperry
    Laddin Shahera is an orphan who became a digital thief, a streetjacker who takes jobs for cash and lives in the underground of Bagh City just to survive, but he’s looking for something bigger. When the last sultan of Earth hears of his talents, Laddin finds himself more than seven billion kilometers from Earth, hacking into an alien network that could get him killed. His goal? Steal the mysterious Link Access Manipulation Program (LAMP), and don’t get caught.
  • Project Knight

    by Chris Tim Chan
  • 978-0985455330

    by James Grant Goldin & Charlotte Goldin
    In this exciting sequel to THE AESIR KIDS, the father-daughter team of James Grant Goldin and Charlotte Goldin send the children of Asgard to camp -- in the realm of the other Norse gods: Vanaheim, a land supposedly dedicated to the wonders of Nature. But camp isn't all hiking and playing games; there are mysteries to solve, monsters to fight, deadly dangers to overcome, and a war to stop. And, at the heart of it all, the godlings of Asgard must find the key to great power, or maybe the greatest... more
  • Star Thief

    by Robin Kristoff

    “A gift to the worthy” is what one witch calls it, but fifteen-year-old Nolan would have to disagree. A jar filled with stars and dying planets is a poor reward for saving a woman from drowning. When the rescued woman asked him what he wanted, he never meant his answer of "the moon and the stars" to be taken literally. He just meant that the sea life he’d started fell far short of his dreams for heroic adventure. But now Nolan’s words have stopped the tides, ... more

  • Watcher (The Watcher Series Book 1)

    by AJ Eversley
    "I knew I was not alone. They would never leave until every last one of us was gone." Sawyer Russo has sworn to protect humanity, and as a Watcher she’s done just that. But the Bots and Carbons that took her city are evolving, and they start picking the Watchers off one by one. One last rescue mission will change everything. When someone betrays them, the line between friend and foe is no longer easily drawn. Sawyer made a vow, and she will fulfill it, even if it means ending the person who dec... more
  • Kishaggi

    by Barbara Peddie

    A young boy wakes up to find a monsterous steam engine and it's crew awaiting for him to join them on a dangerous mission through outer space to deliver goods. They encounter magical creatures and the one that scares them all......

  • Ignited (Dance of the Elements, #1)

    by A. M. Deese




    “Jura imagined it sounded like rain.”

    Juggling death is nothing new for seventeen-year-old Jura, daughter of the First of the Thirteen, successive rulers of the Republic of the Sand Sea. However, when a blood chain ensnares her father, she is thrust into the seat of power and forced to rule her elders.

    “To Tylak, water had never tasted sweeter.”

    Jura must track dow... more

  • Carmilla

    by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Abridged by Fiza Pathan and Michaelangelo Zane
    Haunted by a strange, ghostly experience from her youth and lonely in her isolated castle, Laura longs for a companion. Suddenly, her wishes are answered. Through a curious series of events, a beautiful young stranger named Carmilla becomes a ward at Laura’s family home. The girl is odd, but friendly, and Laura welcomes her with open arms. However, Carmilla is hiding a dark secret—one that could cost Laura everything. All around them, paranoia and fear sweep the countryside as villagers fall... more
  • Granny Gruesome: Nursery Rhymes to Terrify Children

    by Manley Peterson

    Everyone remembers the fabulous rhyming stories of old Mother Goose from their childhood, but did you know that she's kept a dark, haunting secret for many long years?

    Mother Goose is not all she seems to be.

    Oh, sure, during the daylight hours when the birds are singing and children are laughing, Mother Goose is friendly and wonderful and proper. But when the darkness falls and the coyote calls, that old goose turns into something much less loveable…mu... more

  • Bloated Goat

    by Manley Peterson

    Get ready to enjoy a gut-busting adventure full of crazy forest animals and hijinks galore. You’ll meet Granny Hammy, Cocky Doodle, Bloated Goat, and a wide assortment of wacky characters as they romp around the forest in this ill-conceived (but humorous!) plot. Watch in horror as the author tries to tie everything together with an explosive ending that you'll probably see coming ten miles away.

    Give Bloated Goat a try today. What's the wo... more

  • Four Scary Stories for Kids

    by Manley Peterson

    Psst...hey you want to read some scary stories? You do? Well, that's just great, because I happen to have four beautifully wicked stories for you to check out late at night under your blankets when your parents have gone to sleep. Grab your flashlight and prepare yourself for a ghoulish treat.

    Includes these scary stories:

    • Beware the Blue Hubbard
    • Camp Chin-up
    • Here, Boy!
    • Night at the Nursing Home