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  • Called to Dragons Nest

    by David Hinko
    The novel chronicles the journey of an adolescent girl, from her living innocently in a virtual paradise to leading an army in rebellion. The fantasy story line features dragons and their people, who possess magical powers to make and control fire. At its core, though, this story is about a group of young adults who struggle to do the right thing when confronted by unspeakable evil. In the same way that Rose, the lead character, is called to Dragons Nest to fulfill her destiny, we each are ca... more
  • If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep

    by Christopher D. Ochs
    Disturbed and Disturbing Bedtime Reading to Inflict on Naughty Children . . . of All Ages! The Woman in the Sand - A man exiled to solitude works to restore a statue to life The Tower of the Moon - A hunter follows a magical beast into an elaborate prison The Best Instrument - The Muses decide who created the finest musical instrument The Mask of Jyestha - The Goddess of Ugliness bestows a gift to a tormented young girl The Troll of Helenbak - An unusual troll kidnaps a fair maiden whom no ... more
  • A Beautiful Day For A Trip To Loxter

    by Kenny Boreham
    Lukey Buke goes on an adventure to a magical place called Loxter. He learns a valuable lesson about trying hard to succeed on his trip. He will have to best a talking snake in a race to find his flying red friend.
  • Billy Chan and Operation Bager

    by D.Z. Mah

    I’m at a summit, which is a word that means “really boring meeting for grown-ups.” The CIA is meeting with billionaire Mr. Roahr about finding all the chimera hunters who went missing fifteen years ago.

    Things get way less boring when a tiger with bat-wings walks in. My friend, Cassie, says this is a bager (pronounced “bagger”) and is one of the rarest chimeras ever. The bager wants me to take Mr. Roahr and people from the CIA to her world. Talk about ... more

  • Marzette: You Are Wonderful

    by Jolie Canoli
    Fashioned by the Great Puppet Maker, Marzette seeks to find an audience worthy or her talents, only to find the love and admiration she once sought are met with mockery and manipulation. Will Marzette ever find the love she always desired? A timeless tale of identity beckons children to aknowledge that they are truly wonderful.
  • Tresses & Erubescence

    by Amy McNulty

    After a fire took her family from her, Zelda had no one to turn to-no one but Leopold, the sweetheart whose father never approved of her impoverished family. The two teens run away together, only to find the world on the brink of World War II a cold and unforgiving place. Ensnared by promises of immortality, they move into the attic of an opulent home owned by a charismatic vampire. One by one, the teens they meet there join the undead until at last there's only Zelda left, a girl with lo... more

  • Tears & Cruor (Blood, Bloom, & Water Book 4)

    by Amy McNulty

    An insurgent mermaid champion. The vampire champion who just wants to see this war end. The battle between blood, bloom, and water is about to come to a head.

    Ember Goodwin knows it looks bad that she’s now the champion of water, but she firmly believes that the ends justify the means. Though smitten with her merman prince, she’s not certain they can keep their plans to save those she's wronged secret from the friends and foes alike who would stand in their way.

    Iv... more

  • 9780578503677

    by Lester Blum
    Beyond the Swirl is a flight of fantasy; a brief suspension of reality yet, mixed into the world of reality. The reader will travel to a new, amazing pre-historic world where Dinosaurs ruled. Experience in an up-close and personal manner three diverse dinosaur periods along with Alex and his younger sister, Cathy. As you travel along, you will encounter a myriad of both predators and prey. In visualizing their exploits, all emotions will be stimulated. You will be excited, enchanted, scared,... more
  • The Dark Maiden (The Tales of Iradas #1)

    by Adrianna J. Tetnowski
    Raise the dead, or muster the living… Cursed and plagued with visions of a dark future she cannot change, Serendipity Valdar learns one thing – she’s not who she thinks she is. Abducted by a sadist Lord after an attack on her sleepy home, Serendipity is torn between two paths. Follow her heart and the man she comes to loves, or pledge loyalty to a family she didn’t know she had. Serendipity soon finds herself a pawn in a very dangerous game. She must play spy to her enemies; to the very ... more
  • The Seventh Year Trials

    by Alexis D. Johnson

    An epic blend of Eragon, The Hunger Games, and A Knight’s Tale.

    It isn’t easy rescuing a dragon and raising it in secret, but Mirren never turned down a challenge. If her father finds out, he’ll kill it—and maybe even her.

    Desperate to keep her growing dragon from starving to death, fifteen-year-old Mirren is left with only one option—compete. The decision soon sweeps her and her winged companion into the prestigious Seventh Year Tria... more

  • Jitters!

    by Chris Harmon
    WANNA GET SCARED? It's the story of a doll who is controlling girls' minds, it's the story of a boy who's robot costume has come to life, it's the story of a strange new school that isn't what it seems.
  • Strange Adventure

    by Richard Huggett
    Kitty, her twin Toby, sister Sam and best friends Lizzie and Luke are home after school. Sam and Luke vanish. Minutes later, Kitty, Toby, and Lizzie materialize in a parallel world, with just one clue as to where Sam and Luke are. They launch a rescue mission. But in a hi-tech alien world where real and virtual mingle, will they ever succeed?
  • Sister of the Chosen One

    by Colleen Oakes/Erin Armknecht
    Valora Rigmore understands pressure. As the Chosen One (resident telekinetic, superstar and model girlfriend) her life revolves around it. According to an ancient prophesy, Valora is destined to fight Erys, a terrifying individual with the power to control monsters. Valora is worshipped at school, in the press and by her parents, but as the battle with Erys looms near, the cracks in her perfect façade are beginning to show. Her twin, Grier Rigmore understands disappointment. A curvy bookworm ... more
  • The Avalon Order

    by N.B. Yomi
    Ethan is a nerd who leads an average life until he meets a girl named Lauren, who recruits into a monster hunting organization called The Avalon Order. Will this be what Ethan needs to add excitement to his dull life?
  • EN: A Girl Energy-Bending between Worlds (The Girl, the Pendant & the Portal Book 1)

    by Michelle Reynoso
    STRANGER THINGS meets THE LAST AIRBENDER in this urban fantasy about a teen girl discovering her own power to save two worlds. Faith McDaniels is smart, but defiant. A loner in a new high school, she openly rebels against a world that took her mother. When Faith unexpectedly discovers the secret symbiotic world of Enlitra, it looks like the universe still has a surprise or two. But her newfound abil... more
  • Billy Chan and the Clash of the Bungolins

    by D.Z. Mah

    Bungolins have appeared in Wyoming and are chasing bison. But wait! They’ve also appeared in Florida and are terrorizing alligators. Two warring factions are here in our world, and I need to do something fast.

    But where should I go? Who should I help?

    This is where you come in. I need you to help me choose what I should do. No matter what you decide, things are sure to be interesting. There are four ways this can end; see if you can read them all!