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  • Eramore: Forget the Trails

    by Jake Deibler
    Join these unlikely heroes on their misadventures to save the kingdom of Eramore from lord Magnus. Chivalry is dead. The knights of Eramore were defeated long ago in the war against Lord Magnus. With King Roger in hiding, Magnus and his minions hold uncontested power over the land. Lord Magnus unearthed ancient technology, creating rigs to steal the world's magical life force. As a result of his tampering, he has thrown off the balance of nature and the boundaries that separate one world from... more
  • Iffy Magic: Confessions of a Faux Fairy Godmother

    by S. E. Page

    Everybody knows the Cinderella story, but no one knows the lie. There never was a fairy godmother, just Primrose Goodwing: a pixie whose magic always comes undone at midnight. Discover the true tale of the pixie behind the girl with the glass slippers!

    View the book trailer on YouTube:

  • Forests of Farallon

    by Ben McKinnon
    SHE’S GONE! How can Jeremy sit through another boring high school class when his life has been turned inside out? His older sister, Sasha, mysteriously vanished months ago, leaving him to help care for his kid sister and older special needs brother without her. Despite the whispers, he has to believe... SHE’S ALIVE! Together with his friends, Whytney and Eric, Jeremy’s search leads to an unknown realm of primitive people and incredible creatures. They find themselves accidental particip... more
  • The Breacher (The Breacher Trilogy Book 1)

    by Jordan Creed

    The System is always watching... The System knows no mercy...

    Behind these towering metal Walls, a man loses his life when he loses his worth. The System decides your Level, the System decides your value, the System decides whether you live, and the System decides whether you die.

    Beyond the Walls, toxic, mountainous wildlands are crawling with Screechers. The very air one breathes can kill in an instant. But the ground beneath is teeming with energy – energ... more

  • Destiny's Gambit

    by R.J. Wood

    A boy searching for his long-missing parents is transported by flying sailboat to the other side of the galaxy only to find himself in the center of a conflict between good and evil.

    Twelve-year-old Jake Flynn’s parents disappeared when he was a baby. On his twelfth birthday the mystery of why his parent’s disappeared begins to unravel when he discovers a glowing talisman with a message from his father.

    Jake is directed to a derelict sailboat, and he watches in awe as ... more

  • Spoilers The Rise & Fall

    by Marsha Thompson
    When gifted teenage friends Mia, Lance, and Lee are in a tunnel beneath the city of New York, the last thing they expected was for an earthquake to strike their city. Seeking shelter, they find themselves dragged far below the world they once knew so well to the haunting world of Citadel. Ruled by the fearsome Oman, the people of Citadel are in desperate need of hope and courage in the face of fear. They discover Oman holds a key needed for their return home. They set out on ... more
  • Zip----Line Mice Companion Coloring Book ISBN # 9781976181825

    by K.L. Taylor
    This is the Companion Coloring Book for the Zip----Line Mice classic Story book. All the same illustrations turned into a book to color.
  • Zip----Line Mice ISBN # 9781548451325

    by Blue Bell Honeymouse, aka K.L. Taylor

    Set at Balnagown Castle. Anthropomorphic Animals communicating with humans, speaking ancient Scottish Gaelic. Like Corgi Ville and Fievel the Mouse. Victorian, Scotland. Detailed illustrations on almost every page. Grandfather Carpenter and his Corgi, Madam Peach, are building an elaborate dollhouse for granddaughter Josalyn. Their mice friends, Rose Petal, Sweet Pea always help with the cleaning and figure out how to zip down the drying lines with a Kilt safety-pins left there after the clot... more

  • Prophecy's Child

    by Tish Thawer
    The end of a race... The beginning of history... The birth of a warrior. Rezmona, the demon Queen of Abrinthill, has spent her life maintaining the breeding program in order to secure a future for her race. But now she faces something she's never encountered before. Kylie, a prisoner who's been gathered for the breeding program, is different than any other before her. Not only is she able to withstand the damaging preparations all prisoners must endure...she's actually able to fight bac... more
  • Shay and the Box of Nye

    by Tish Thawer
    Follow Shay as she completes her fairy trial in an effort to receive her wings and fulfill her destiny. (An Ovialell Short-Story Companion)
  • The Rise of Rae

    by Tish Thawer
    Raeanne is a common girl with an uncommon problem. Growing up the outcast of her fairy village has caused her to lead a very sheltered life...until she meets Prayter. Join them on this short journey to discover just what being different can do. (An Ovialell Short-Story Companion)
  • Behind the Veil

    by Tish Thawer
    An Ovialell Series Omnibus containing all three short-story companions: Prophecy's Child, The Rise of Rae, Shay and the Box of Nye, plus bonus material. Take a peek behind the veil.
  • Jaco and the Lantern: and Other Horrific Halloween Tales

    by Sir. Edgar Allan Shakespeare
    Set in a Victorian era in an out of the way land, there exists a strange judicial system. A system in which anyone who had committed a heinous act was sentenced to death by decapitation, These decapitations were carried out by a strange executioner named Jaco who would make his rounds once every autumn. Accompanied by his instrument of death, a scythe named Grimm, and his ward against the darkness Nox Venenum, a pumpkin with a carved face and black candles, they were known as the unholy trio.... more
  • Awoke: The Want Series

    by K. T. Conte

    Katya leads a normal life any teenager would be envious of – popular, pretty and dating the high school elite. Not that she enjoys the spotlight, mind you. She wants everyone to believe she is normal. But when Katya sees the real reason behind the earthquakes plaguing everyone in Boston, the truth rattles and shatters the perfect normal illusion Katya created for herself. An ability to see unearthly creatures and manipulate waves of life energy labels her as anything but normal. And it&... more

  • Across the Fourwinds

    by Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne

    Most high school grads hold a world of opportunity in their hands. Will and Morgan hold the fate of two worlds.

    Since his mother’s tragic accident, Will Owens has been a loner. And for good reason: he claims to see dark creatures emerging from the forest near his home. Ostracism is a way of life until he meets Morgan Finley, a fencing champion with everything going for her—except a dark family secret.

    In pursuit of answers, thes... more

  • Coullian Cuill: Apprentice Ghost Guardian

    by Riti Bridie
    Whatever you know about ghosts - forget it. They don't haunt, go headless, or vanish in white floaty sheets. But they do reek like foul, rotting flesh. And murder Ghost Guardian Apprentices. At least Sethaliss does, who's a mean son of a graveyard-ditch. Something Coullian might like to know before signing up as the first boy Ghost Guardian Apprentice. Never mind roping on his best friends Rawsy and Killane as the good ghosts' sworn protectors. Now all Coullian has to do is battle ... more