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  • Retrograde

    by Chad Prevost
    BOOK 1 from the UBU Experience for Youth (ages 10 and up) It’s 2084, and you’ve spent about half your life solving virtual problems in the worlds of Alpha Q. You’re good at solving problems. You’re getting close to doing something no one believes anyone would ever do, and that’s cracking Mythic Mayhem’s famous code. Mythic Mayhem was—you could say “is”—the brilliant but disturbed founder of The Alpha Q Project, and creator of the infamous game you’re playing now, Back to the Forever Future. T... more
  • The Happy End is Put on Ice

    by Asya Pekurovskaya
    The action develops on the impregnable Granite Mountain, where our hero, Spark, lives, and in the flowering Lemon Drop Valley, where the daughter of the King of the Granite Mountain, Stella, finds herself turned into Yushka by the evil dwarf Zhabrey. \tLike Pigmalion, Spark sculpts the Princess, falls in love with her, and breathes life into her. In his dream the Princess drags him into a dance and disappears behind the Coral Stone. Spark throws a dress that he made of lapis lazuli to her foot... more
  • Huntress (Life After Book 1)

    by Julie Hall

    Death was only the beginning...

    No one's afterlife is as dispiriting as Audrey's-at least that's what she believes after waking up dead without her memories and being promptly assigned to hunt demons for the rest of eternity.

    She's convinced God's made a cosmic mistake; after all, she'd rather discuss the color of her nails than break them on angelic weapons. It doesn't help that her trainer, Logan, is as infuriating as he is attractiv... more

  • The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles: A Dark Discovery

    by Alec John Belle
    Heather Hawkins thought that she was a normal girl, even with her purple eyes and gold streaks of hair. Until her sixteenth birthday, when she discovers that she is a Monster Hunter, a kind of human with genetics strong enough to fight Monsters that other humans cannot see. As she unravels the truth about this new world, she learns not everything is as it seems. Hayden Williams, Heather’s new friend, finds himself trapped in a nightmare world that he wants nothing to do with, but quickly reali... more
  • The Bug Boys vs. Professor Blake Blackhart

    by Stewart Hoffman
    The fantastic superhero adventure that began with The Bug Boys continues! Alex Adams and Ian Harris take on Blake Blackhart, a disgraced Oxford professor. He discovers the boys’ source of power and plots to use the Secti’s alien technology to wreak havoc across the galaxy. With a proper real-life supervillain in the village, the boys must step up their superhero game if they are to put a stop to the professor’s nefarious schemes. Along the way, they make new friends, and they encounter new b... more
  • Locked Tight (Mindjack Series Book 4)

    by Susan Kaye Quinn
    In a world filled with mindreaders, being a mindjacker is a good way to end up dead. And Zeph is no ordinary jacker. He can break open the toughest minds—or lock the weakest ones—but that just makes him a weapon every jacker Clan wants to control. To keep his family of mindreaders safe, Zeph does what his Clan leader says and tries to shut out the screams—but when jackers are revealed to the world, he has no choice but to hug his kid sister goodbye and leave home. Passing for a reader is... more
  • Lantern: The Complete Collection

    by Chess Desalls

    The story of every lantern is unique, just like yours and mine.

    This collection includes all three ebook novellas, Lantern, Beacon, and Torch.

    Tori discovers a lantern that shines for her and nobody else. Is it a ghost or a living being that must be set free?

    Serah unseals a globe made of Celestial Glass. Does success bring her happiness or create more trouble than it's worth?

    Evelyn meets Graham after attending a party where a ... more

  • Torch

    by Chess Desalls

    Evelyn moves to Pennsylvania where she attends her first lakeside Halloween party. But she misses her brothers and is disturbed by a lantern on the pier that's burned out.

    Graham's dreams come true in Havenbrim where he is Machin's newest apprentice. Until he finds himself repeatedly disappointing his master. Is the solution to their happiness in her world, or in his?

    Who will light the way to pull the other through?

  • Ferdie and the Seven: Book One: When the Angels Are Gone

    by Larry Buenafe
    Ferdie Shamley is struggling to survive. Those closest to him have suffered brutal deaths, and he is the reason. Ferdie is one of The Seven, a group of humans gifted with supernatural abilities. But he is not just one of The Seven, he is the ONE. His tragic life has formed him, sharpened him, while still in middle school in Bakersfield, California. His power has plunged him into a supernatural shadow world, where an enemy of earth-shattering power awaits... To have any hope of surviving, he wi... more
  • Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail

    by M. Gail Grant
    The enchanted secret of Lily Brooke was safe and sound, until Magdalena and her thirteen-year-old friends accidentally unleashed the revengeful demons of the past. How were they supposed to know that a friendly expedition in the woods on a stress-free Saturday morning would lead to the most intense and scary moments of their lives? So many mysterious happenings have occurred ever since they found that crooked trail leading to the sacrificial cave and hidden monstrosity of a treehouse. With the c... more
  • Divide et Impera (Magicae Mathematica Book 3)

    by Jim West
    A device that can destroy the world has fallen into the hands of the two Master Wizards who seek to destroy the council and their city. After a terrible event strikes the city, plans are put in motion for a mission to take back the device before Diades discovers its true power. Will they reach the black castle? How will they get past the Tribesmen Chiefs? An city divided, alliances split, two master wizards set to conquer, and a device of incredible power. If Alex is the missing variable…n... more
  • Circulus de Potentia (Magicae Mathematica Book 2)

    by Jim West
    A festival in Nosaj’s honor has been interrupted by a mysterious challenger wearing the Circulus de Potentia, a band of gold that gives him unstoppable strength and power. One by one the Guardians fall and a race is on for Alex to go find the wizard with a secret regarding the curious symbol on the golden band. Finding this peculiar wizard named Pythagoras wouldn't be such a daunting task if it wasn't for the packs of wolves that roam the forest and a maze she and her friends will have to solve ... more
  • Ember of the Planet

    by Dove Winters
  • A Wolf at Camp Vamp

    by Amy Jones
    Human girl, Marcy Gritman, doesn't like art or joining in or supernatural beings of any kind. Especially vampires. So what does she do when she's tricked into spending her summer at an art camp run by vampires? She irritates the stuck-up vampire overseeing her stay, falls in with the rebel werewolf pack, and creates havoc wherever she goes. But will she get so deep into trouble that she won't be able to get out again?
  • This Body Won't Break: Part 1 (The O-Negative Series)

    by Lea McKee
    The truth doesn’t always set you free. Orphaned as a child, Joanna has lived her entire life in the care of the New Terra Alliance. On the verge of turning eighteen, Joanna eagerly awaits her release into what remains of society. It was a beautiful lie. Joanna was never meant to leave. She is part of the August Harvest, slated to die before the month’s end. With a rogue soldier’s promise to find her a way out, Joanna dares to hope. But if the NTA finds out what she knows, it won’t only ... more
  • My Name Is Sam

    by Wes Stuart
    Now a bit about My Name is Sam: It follows the story of Sam, a young boy chosen by the alien Sereia to defend the Earth from their arch enemies, the Gibbus. Why is the Earth so important to these battling aliens? Who is this mysterious boy, with no past, chosen to defend it? Aided by a seventeen year old girl named Emma, Sam not only has to save humanity they both have to work out just who is he saving it for?