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  • J is for Justify: Famous Horses Racing through the Alphabet

    by Lesley A.J. Baumann
    J is for Justify is an alphabet book inspired by the 13th Triple Crown winner that features 26 famous race horses. From American Pharoah to Zenyatta, the pages are filled with colorful illustrations and tales of courage, perseverance and victory.
  • Book of Amusing Anecdotes

    by Payal Sinha

    Children make our world complete. Through their innocent words and actions they teach us many life’s lessons. They are like mirror that reflect the society’s changing trends and show us in our true form. In this short book I have written all true incidents that have occurred to people near me. Most of them involve my children, while others involve my relatives and friends. I hope you enjoy these amusing anecdotes and send me some of yours.

  • Becoming Judy Garland

    by Randy L. Schmidt
    "I, Judy Garland, was born when I was twelve years old." Discover how the "little girl with the BIG voice" transitioned from vaudeville to movie stardom and landed the role of a lifetime. The world fell in love with her as "Dorothy" in "The Wizard of Oz," the 1939 M-G-M classic, one of the most beloved films of all time. She went on to become one of the greatest entertainers in show business history. This is her story.
  • Inventor Rain Fields

    by Rain Fields
    In 2007 Rain Fields invented a kid’s bathroom safety kit. This is a wonderful product that has been invented by rain. I’m excited to help kids, protect against germs and bacteria. Rain was able to create this wonderful invention, with his mom help. In 2008 Rain invention was being process for patent. Today Patent is now pending. 123 bathroom safety 4 me product, is a raincoat from germs and flu like virus. There are millions of germs, found in schools, bathrooms & public restrooms every ... more
  • Spin & Win Game Show

    by Dionne L Fields

    Spin & Win Game Show

    Season 1 – Season 20 Episodes 1- 100


    Honorary Business Winners for Spin & Win Game Show.

    These amazing Business Owners has a full-page advertisement in my Spin & Win Game Show Book.

    Purchase a copy today and Congratulate Season 1-20 Business Winners today.

  • Jazz the Reading Dog

    by Jerri Pirc
  • 10 Minute Plays for Kids of All Ages

    10 Minute Plays For Kids of All Ages offers 9 short plays ranging in genres of science fiction alien invasions to fun fairytale spoofs. These plays compiled together were originally written for acting students to perform to showcase their budding talents. In TRIP THROUGH TIME, students will get to travel through history learning about historical events. In STARVING MONKEYS, students will get to engage in battle as zoo students fight for food. In THE BANK JOB, students will get to act out the sil... more
  • The Bounty: Lovestruck, with the Speed of a Smile!

    by Cezanne CJ Martini
    Alert: Cupid has YOU in his sights and is waiting to woo your cares and warm your heart. This delightful picture book is a playful read for the whole family. It celebrates our common bonds and charms children of all ages, with a collection of dear and poignant shared moments. -Why hide? Be brave and open your heart when you open The Bounty!
  • How to style your fur headband?

    by Jacob Smith
    Headbands are driving deals more than jewelry, which was up by 70% last year. We are seeing great responses, especially to fur lovers. Many are with different colors and styles, and a week ago natural furs were the smash hits.

    Without a doubt, you can undoubtedly construct a haircut around the pattern that is absolutely Instagram-commendable, yet you can also depend on a headband a similar way you would a baseball cap, essentially toss it on when you d... more
  • Geometry Dash Free [Download] for Android [APK] Version 2.1

    by Elanora Brown
    Geometry Dash Free 2.11 apk is a fastest growing game in the android world. It is a too simple game where you will jump and fly your way. You will get very smooth gaming experience through the game and you can also find different experience through soundtracks while playing the game.

    You can find many levels in the game like Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Poltergeist, Dry out, Base after Base, Can’t let Go Jumper, Time Machine, Cycles and much more. ... more
  • Violin Friends 1: Book 1 for Violin

    by Lauri Hamalainen
    The Violin Friends family for violin and viola! A new, colorful book for beginner violin and viola players. The family of books includes the traditional music notebooks and the Violin Friends video Youtube channel (with a mobile or tablet). Violin Friends is a well balanced collection of delightful music for the beginner musicians: exercises, duos, trios, concerts, small concertinos, arranged also for the viola. In the books, the basics of music theory have been incorporated into inspirationa... more
  • Some Dogs

    by Nolan J. Vander Haagen

    "Some Dogs" is a book about discovering dogs and their personalities. We learn that dogs have different characteristics. More importantly, we learn to accept and appreciate their differences. 

  • Top 10 Adventure Travel Books

    by Subhajit Khara
    If you are looking to get a great travel read and then compiled and the list of all the specific travel books into the whole world. It is fact as denotes a best or the top travel book and then the subjective process and also it has been through the editorial process manage to assemble the book. It has listed selection ways and methods for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment. Such books will define you the enjoyment and entertaining of a great visiting and more
  • Blog

    by sanjay Shekhar
    I we give all entertainment news and articles from India and Hollywood.
  • Exploring Dubai on a budget of 1300 AED, for a month

    by umair aslam
    It is getting boredom and tiresome when you are in Emirates for three months and you have fear of being an emptied your pocket soon so you have to plan for your whole trip to get an equivalence enjoyment. So measures must be focused soon.
  • Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens

    by Mike Kimmel
    Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens is a collection of 60 original comedy and drama scripts for younger actors. The dialogues feature clean language and family-friendly, real-life scenarios. They are ideal for teaching, rehearsing, and auditioning for stage and screen. All scenes are gender-neutral, allowing every role in every scene to be performed by both male and female acting students. The scripts are varied, with shorter and longer selections, comical and more serious topics, and co... more