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  • Baby Ceo

    by Rain Fields

    Baby Ceo

    This is Rain Fields at 3 months old.

    He just turn 10 years old in May.

    He is so excited about attending head start in 2 weeks.

    He is the Ceo of his own business, with the help of his mommy.

    Rain Fields Inc

  • Baby President

    by Rain Fields
    In this harsh economy, having your own company at the age of 5 years old is a blessing from God. He is the president of his own company, with the help of his mommy. Rain Fields has been very busy the last 10 years.
  • 123 Bath & Shower Just 4 me

    by Rain Fields

    Rain Fields is very happy about the launch of his new kid’s personal care line. 123 Bathroom Safety 4 me (All natural disinfectant spray). $7.99 each. 123 Bathroom Safety 4 me (hand Cleanser) $5.99 123 Bath & Shower Just 4 me (Bath and shower set). $19.99 set. 1.Shower Jell 2.Body Lotion 3.Shampoo 4.Conditioner 5. Lip Balm sold separately $2.99 All new cotton candy & Candy Apple flavors.

  • Baby Inventor

    by Rain Fields

    Inventor Rain Fields In 2007 Rain Fields invented a kid’s bathroom safety kit. This is a wonderful product that has been invented by rain. Im excited to help kids,protect against germs and bacteria. Rain was able to create this wonderful invention, with his mom help. In 2008 Rain invention was being process for patent. Today Patent is now pending. 123 bathroom safety 4 me product, is a rain coat from germs and flu like virus. There are millions of germs,found in schools,bathrooms & publ... more

  • Rain Fields Children's Library

    by Rain Fields
    The Rain Fields Children’s Library will open soon. This wonderful children’s library will feature all the books, rain has published and written with the support of his mother Dionne Fields. The Rain Fields Children’s Library will be for kids books & Kids Magazines. There will be story times and story readings from selected books by Rain. This library will be for kids & children from ages 0 – 12 years old. We will also feature the kid’s movies & books program. This program will play free mo... more
  • Baby 1st Christmas

    by Rain Fields
    My 1st Christmas was really fun. And I wanted to share this beautiful moment to all the babies. I hope their 1st Christmas was bless like mines.
  • Baby Actor

    by Rain Fields
    My mother has raise me to believe, that at any age i can be what ever i wanted to be in life. I just need to work hard and make good grades in school. I'm now I want to be a famous actor one day living in Bevery Hills California going to school with Halle Berry daughter.
  • Rain Fields Inc

    by Rain Fields
    Rain Fields is an up and coming designer, his new line of products are for the new generation of kids. Rain Fields has products in four categories 1. Children books, 2. Children designs, 3. Children’s fragrances, 4.children’s personal care line. And he has been doing this, with the help & support of his mom (Dionne Fields) for 10 years now.
  • Clive's Christmas Vacation

    by Ms. Ronda Nuñez
  • Bobby and the Basketball Blunder

    by Ms. Ronda Nuñez
  • Deere is Right Here!

    by Gregory Gebhart
    "Deere is Right Here" tells children all about the many functions of John Deere skid steer trucks. They plant trees, have help, lift bricks, carry rolls of hay.
  • CAT is Where it's At!

    by Gregory Howard Gebhart
    "CAT is Where it's At!" shows children all of the uses for Caterpillar skid steer trucks.
  • Bob on the Job

    by Gregory Howard Gebhart
    "Bob on the Job" shows the many different functions of Bobcat skid steer truck for children to enjoy and learn from.
  • Trucks, Planes and Cars Coloring Book: Cars coloring books for kids

    by Ann Rainbow

    Coloring Book is for boys and girls aged from 2 to 8 years old (Coloring book for preschoolers and toddlers). 

The Coloring book is packed with the best trucks, cars and planes for you to spend a colorful time with your kids or let them enjoy it by themselves. 

Special bonus includes coloring pages of Fire trucks, Monster trucks and Garbage trucks that both boys and girls will love to get creative and color. Kids can use pencils, paint or felt tip and they can then pin up the best coloring ... more

  • It's a Hip Hop Hip Hop World for Every B-Boy and B-Girl: African American Children's Book

    by A.D. LARGIE
    Hip Hop B-Boy and his sister Hip Hop B-Girl have a problem, they are broke and it's not a joke. They know they can do so much more even though they are poor, they believe in themselves even if the world says no. The needed to express themselves so they dug deep into their soul to reveal a culture that the world would forever know. The name of this culture is called Hip Hop. Now Hip Hop B-boy and B-Girl is on a mission to overcome poverty and change the world by harnessing the power of ... more