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    by Nazan Saatci

    The Story of a Yuge Yellow Bird

    It was a strange, election. It made everyone laugh, think and even fear. Every four years, citizens of Birdland elect their new leader. Now that Black Bird is retiring, it is a busy time in Birdland again. One of the candidates is a big yellow bird. His name is Donny Trumpet. Everything is looking good in Birdland till this nominee starts chirping. Soon all the birds are in terror and Birdland is in danger. What will happen? Will the Old Eagle be able to ... more

  • Lonnie the Lobster Knight and a Seahorse from the isle of wight

    by angela frank
    Lonnie the lobster has always dreamt of becoming a knight and somewhat of a Don Quixote. He wants to travel and help and protect the sea and its life. Regina the little herring from Santa Marina is a prima ballerina. She writes to him that she will love only the one who will dare to be adventurous and she will not wait because the son of the Sea Bream is very polite, brings her silky seaweed ribbons every day and is sure to be daring to impress her. This is how Lonnie begins his adventures at se... more
  • cumbers wundas, cumbers wundas winter and cumbers wundas spring.

    by Noeline Long
    The little cumbers live in a place punda munda in a large forest, they care for all the animals, they also look after the forest, they love all the animals that live there and each other. They can comumicate with all the animals, they in turn can talk to the cute little cumbers. Children dont like been preached at, my books teach them how to respect the forest and each other with a gentle approach.
  • A Bale of Turtles

    by Mary Rothermel
    Readers may have heard of a gaggle of geese, but what about a skulk of foxes or a gam of whales? In a playful and informative way, author and former English teacher Lee Clancey introduces readers to nouns of assembly: the words that describe an animal group. Her new book, “A Bale of Turtles” (published by Archway Publishing), illustrated by Mary Rothermel entertains while educating young readers on some lesser used words.
  • Happy Mother's Day.

    by Dionne L Fields
    Happy Mother's Day Dear, Rain Mommy loves you very much. You are the best gift I have ever received on Mother's day. You have brought me so much joy, every time I look into your beautiful brown eyes. I just smile from the inside out. To hear you laugh calls my soul to bubble with joy. To watch you walk and play and run it's like Christmas every day. I pray to God every day that he will protect you and keep you safe. I want the best for you in life, that why I tell y... more
  • Race Car Driver Rain Trilogy

    by Dionne L Fields
    Race Car Driver Rain Fields Trilogy. A wonderful children's book, for all kids who loves the sport of race cars. 1. Race Car Driver Rain Book One 2. Legend Race Car Driver Rain Book Two 3. Race Car Driver Rain Team Book Three The complete Race Car Driver Rain Fields, children's book collection.
  • Tangled in Tales

    by Sujata Garimella
    What would happen if you became a part of your favourite fairy tales? If you met all the characters that you love? Twins, Vee and Mik unwittingly run into Rumplestiltskin. He has his hands on their gold. Now Rumplestiltskin will never part with gold without setting up an impossible challenge. His challenge: He will send one of the twins into fairyland. He will also make one major change in the story. It is the twins’ job to bring the story to the same end that it has always had or they will be t... more
  • Wise Words And Other Exaggerations

    by Lee Caplan
    Lee Caplan's Wise Words and Other Exaggerations is the product of capturing original jokes for a period of five years. This book is filled with one liners and illustrations guaranteed to make you laugh.
  • Modeling On Paper

    by Dionne Fields
    Modeling On Paper. Super Model Rain Fields, was sign to modeling on paper fashion and modeling agency. Rain a seven years old; talented kid’s model. He was my first super model to have a modeling contract. Rain sees you at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week, next year. Super Model Rain brings a new style of fashions just for kids. It’s Rain dream to open up the fashion runways for kids of all ages. The real life character “Rain Fields” inspired this children’s... more
  • Music On Paper.

    by Dionne Fields
    Music On Paper. Recording Artist Rain, was sign to music on paper studio productions label In May 2014. Rain a seven year old,talented artist was my 1st and youngest artist to have a music contract. Recording Artist Rain, brings a new sound of music just for kids all across the world. Rain, see you at the Grammy Awards next year. This children’s book collection was inspired, by the real life character “Rain Fields”. One of America’s favorite storybook characters of t... more
  • Dionne Fields Show: Episode 2

    by Dionne Fields
    Dionne Fields Reality TV show would be about new heroes, silent heroes. Our women, men, and children volunteering each day. In our community making a better world for us all. My main reason for having, my own show was to spotlight youth volunteers.
  • Dionne Fields Empire

    by Dionne Fields
    When I was young, I dream of doing something special one day to make my parents proud. Dionne Fields Empire was built be me, with my own blood, sweat and tears. And I lost both of my parents, suddenly within the last few months. I wish they could have seen, my hard work and dedication of the Dionne Fields Empire. I hope this self-help novel will encourage every child, with a dream to keep going through all the heart ache and pain. Dreams just don’t come true on their own, dreams are... more
  • Dionne Fields Reality TV Show

    by Dionne Fields
    Dionne Fields Reality TV Show, will give me the platform I need to honor our Youth Volunteers. I want to share with the world, how youth volunteers have made a difference in our community every day. Monday: I would to honor youth volunteers across America. Tuesday: I would to honor elderly volunteers across America. Wednesday :I would to honor athletic sports volunteers across America. Thursday: I would to honor teacher volunteers across America. Friday: I woul... more
  • Recording Artist Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    This book is from the rain field’s children’s book collection. Rain has big dreams of being a recording artist one day. He has been singing and playing music every since he was just seven weeks old. Rain loves listening to gospel and R & B music all day.
  • Race Car Driver Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    This children's book is based on the real life character Rain Fields. He is a little boy, who has goals and dreams of becoming some one great one day. Rain is one of America , favorite story book characters of today.
  • Gossip Girl: The Girl's Club

    by Dionne Fields
    The Girl's Club. The Gossip Girls children’s book collection was written just for young adults. This book is created and design just for young readers. I’m so grateful to create a Gossip Girls story. The Girls Club is a new sorority of girls in college. And our motto, this year is “What happens on college campus stays on college campus. Georgia Southern bells go wild on campus, at their parent’s expense. The girls club is new college sorority, made just for the gossip girls. Than... more