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  • Veggie Rhapsody: I want you in my Lunch!

    by Ray Anthony James
    Veggie Rhapsody: I want you in my Lunch! uses a rhythmic story and whimsical characters to build vital subconscious links between a child's mind and the importance of healthy eating. The crunch and munch refrain gets children humming the book and creates positive links to eating vegetables.
  • The ABCs of Yoga for Kids

    by Teresa Anne Power
    The ABCs of Yoga for Kids uses the alphabet, rhyming vignettes, and colorful illustrations to introduce children to yoga in a kid-friendly way. Each of the fifty-six different poses featured in the book delightfully promote flexibility, strength, and coordination while encouraging children to incorporate healthy activity into their daily lives. Yoga is a noncompetitive form of exercise, suitable for children (and adults) of all ages and athletic abilities. Any activity for young children is impo... more
  • In Search of a New Morality

    by Wolfgang Mack
    Questions that all of us are facing: Why have our codes of moral behavior changed so much in the last few decades?- How are we to deal with our new sexual freedoms, at school, at the work place and in our social lives? - What are we to do to help young people develop healthy attitudes on their sex lives? - And why do we get so worked up over occasional sexual missteps of people in power positions when we should be paying a lot more attention to the Morality of their policies? In his... more
  • Andy Biotic in The Infection

    by Wesley Blauvelt
    Happening right now in a world inside us all. Come join superhero Andy Biotic and his side-kick Luke O'cyte as they defend the world of Yorbody against the evil King Bacterium and his dim-witted minions the Germies. Andy and Luke's exciting adventures not only entertain and educate but they also encourage children to play an active role in their own health. Children will become a hero of their very own worlds, their bodies. When we know, we grow!