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Other Nonfiction

  • Skyward Bound: Hot-Air Ballooning

    by Alese Pechter
    Skyward Bound captures the imagination of the young child yearning to fly. Read along and enjoy magnificent photos of breathtaking, colorful balloons as they explore from the clouds. Learn how a balloon is assembled, inflated, rises to the sky, and becomes a rainbow of colors overhead. In this book, parents and children will feel the excitement and peacefulness of a hot-air balloon adventure!
  • College Degree Is One Of The Inevitable Things of Your Life

    by Elanora Brown
    Your education is simply the single most noteworthy blessing you can give yourself. While there are educational open doors surrounding us, some of them come at a more noteworthy cost than others. A college education may require a strong speculation of time and cash forthright however the result is greatly improved after some time than if you utilized your background with a specific end goal to accomplish a similar level of education that you can pack into 2... more
  • Couldn't give it a title

    by ritika raj
    You read the title of the book and found it to be absurd. Fair enough. Doesn’t it make you more curious to unravel what’s inside? In the 18 years of my life I discovered and realized a lot of stuff that’s worth sharing. So here I present before you all, a compilation of all my thoughts, regrets and realizations propounded with a reader-friendly writing style that would take you on a journey where some pages would make you nod and say “that’s so true” and other pages would remind you of someone ... more
  • Dragon Boats in August: NYC Through a Year of Celebrations

    by John Ewing

    Dragon Boats in August: NYC through a Year of Celebrations is a festive introduction to New York’s diversity, month by month. Young readers can learn about NYC’s many cultural traditions—Chinese, Indo-Caribbean, Jewish, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and more—starting with the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Queens and culminating in a fireworks show in lower Manhattan on Independence Day. This delightful picture book features informative texts and ... more

  • The Bird Feeder of Istanbul

    by John Ewing

    In the heart of old Istanbul, a boy and his grandfather sell birdseed to travelers, who come from far away to explore the city and marvel at its beautiful mosques. Experience pigeons cooing in the square, ferries crossing the Bosphorus, Turkish crafts and foods, and Yeni Camii – the 350-year-old “New Mosque” at the center of community life. Discover Istanbul through your senses!

  • Essay Writing Guide From Professionals

    by Elizabeth Grim

    The following essay writing guide focuses on all of the basics and some of the advanced techniques that academics can employ to produce the perfect paper, regardless of the topic or the academic level. Essay writing doesn’t come naturally to all people, which is why many rely on essay writing services. Opting for a high-quality essay writing guide, however, can give people the skills needed to complete the task on their own.

    The guide takes a look at different types of essays and ... more

  • Chinese, English, and French Words in Use

    by Hua Zhang
    Knowledge of English and French vocabulary is becoming increasingly important for Chinese students of foreign languages. However, many of the dictionaries, workbooks, and textbooks available for assisting learners with the standards outlined in the Common European Framework for Reference for Language (CEFR) feature English-Chinese or French-Chinese arrangements, and so they can be less accessible to Chinese-speaking learners. In order to specifically help Chinese-speaking learners approach both ... more
  • Peanut of Blind Faith Farm

    by Jim Thompson
    Meet Peanut, a tiny lamb born on a farm one summer. The farmers, Jim and Laura, soon noticed that Peanut was different than other lambs. She stayed close to her mother and and showed no interest in playing with the other lambs. She bobbed her head and appeared to be listening to even the smallest of noises. That's when Jim and Laura realized: Peanut had been born blind. How would she survive? This is the joyful and true account about how a lamb overcame a lot of hard challenges to become a... more
  • Roaming with Rudy: Washington, DC!

    by Corinne Humphrey

    "EmBARK" on Rudy's big adventure and get a dog's-eye view of Washington, DC in this second book in the award-winning "Roaming with Rudy" kids' travel guide series. Each city guide (Paris, Washington, DC and soon-to-be-released London) features photos, illustrations, maps, fun facts and activity pages and is appropriate for children ages 6-13. Each city guide is also available in an animated, audio e-book version through iBooks. 

    Written and illustrated by Corinne Humphrey, an internatio... more

  • Greatest Ever: The story of a coach, a quarterback and a comeback

    by Jeff Attinella

    Years ago, there was a young quarterback with big NFL dreams but he was overlooked by many - until Coach Bill Belichick made a pick that would forever change both of their lives.  This tale follows the journey of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s rise to greatness and the remarkable comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

  • Cleveland Wins a Championship: The story of the 2016 Cavaliers

    by Jeff Attinella

    The city of Cleveland had not won a title of any kind since 1964, but that all changed in 2016.  This tale tells the story of the King’s return home and the Cavaliers’ triumphant comeback over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals of 2016!

  • The Curse Ends: The story of the 2016 Chicago Cubs

    by Jeff Attinella

    This epic tale tells the story of the 108 years of heartbreak, the infamous Curse of the Billy Goat and the monumental return to glory as World Series Champions in 2016!

  • Curtis Daycare

    by Doreen Barnett
    This book is to ease a child?s mind in going somewhere outside their box. By showing and reading this book, he/she will not feel so confused or traumatized. Putting it in a child's perspective. I hope you're family enjoys.
  • One Green Tree, Ten Chickadees

    by Wendy Ulmer
    This 6" x 6" board book introduces little ones to colors, numbers and treasures of New England. Illustrated with watercolors, children are introduced to one color, one color word, one number, one number word and one object and it's name on each page. Perfect for children from newborn to beginning readers.
  • My Twelve Maine Christmas Days

    by Wendy Ulmer

    "On my first Maine Christmas a woodsman gave to me a dark green wild pine tree." Discover the gifts and hard working people of Maine in this book based on the traditional carol. Illustrated with beautiful watercolors by Maine artist, Sandy Crabtree, this book can be found on coffee tables around the world during the holiday season. Educational information is included in the back matter and activities on the website provide additional ways to enjoy the book. 

    Winner of the... more


    by Lucy A. Warner

    ZAP! BOOM! POW! SUPERHEROES OF MUSIC presents 12 Classical Composers - as Superheroes! What if a fantastic musician like Bach could catch a bolt of lightning on his ten-day walk to visit a famous organist? "Zap!" What if Beethoven suddenly zoomed down from the heavens to play the drums while suspended in mid-air? "Boom!" What if Tchaikovksy transformed himself into a magical Nutcracker Prince to defeat the Mouse King? "Pow!"

    With "ZAP! BOOM! POW: ... more