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Other Nonfiction

  • Peanut of Blind Faith Farm

    by Jim Thompson
    Meet Peanut, a tiny lamb born on a farm one summer. The farmers, Jim and Laura, soon noticed that Peanut was different than other lambs. She stayed close to her mother and and showed no interest in playing with the other lambs. She bobbed her head and appeared to be listening to even the smallest of noises. That's when Jim and Laura realized: Peanut had been born blind. How would she survive? This is the joyful and true account about how a lamb overcame a lot of hard challenges to become a... more
  • Roaming with Rudy: Washington, DC!

    by Corinne Humphrey

    "EmBARK" on Rudy's big adventure and get a dog's-eye view of Washington, DC in this second book in the award-winning "Roaming with Rudy" kids' travel guide series. Each city guide (Paris, Washington, DC and soon-to-be-released London) features photos, illustrations, maps, fun facts and activity pages and is appropriate for children ages 6-13. Each city guide is also available in an animated, audio e-book version through iBooks. 

    Written and illustrated by Corinne Humphrey, an internatio... more

  • Greatest Ever: The story of a coach, a quarterback and a comeback

    by Jeff Attinella

    Years ago, there was a young quarterback with big NFL dreams but he was overlooked by many - until Coach Bill Belichick made a pick that would forever change both of their lives.  This tale follows the journey of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s rise to greatness and the remarkable comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

  • Cleveland Wins a Championship: The story of the 2016 Cavaliers

    by Jeff Attinella

    The city of Cleveland had not won a title of any kind since 1964, but that all changed in 2016.  This tale tells the story of the King’s return home and the Cavaliers’ triumphant comeback over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals of 2016!

  • The Curse Ends: The story of the 2016 Chicago Cubs

    by Jeff Attinella

    This epic tale tells the story of the 108 years of heartbreak, the infamous Curse of the Billy Goat and the monumental return to glory as World Series Champions in 2016!

  • Curtis Daycare

    by Doreen Barnett
    This book is to ease a child?s mind in going somewhere outside their box. By showing and reading this book, he/she will not feel so confused or traumatized. Putting it in a child's perspective. I hope you're family enjoys.
  • One Green Tree, Ten Chickadees

    by Wendy Ulmer
    This 6" x 6" board book introduces little ones to colors, numbers and treasures of New England. Illustrated with watercolors, children are introduced to one color, one color word, one number, one number word and one object and it's name on each page. Perfect for children from newborn to beginning readers.
  • My Twelve Maine Christmas Days

    by Wendy Ulmer

    "On my first Maine Christmas a woodsman gave to me a dark green wild pine tree." Discover the gifts and hard working people of Maine in this book based on the traditional carol. Illustrated with beautiful watercolors by Maine artist, Sandy Crabtree, this book can be found on coffee tables around the world during the holiday season. Educational information is included in the back matter and activities on the website provide additional ways to enjoy the book. 

    Winner of the... more


    by Lucy A. Warner

    ZAP! BOOM! POW! SUPERHEROES OF MUSIC presents 12 Classical Composers - as Superheroes! What if a fantastic musician like Bach could catch a bolt of lightning on his ten-day walk to visit a famous organist? "Zap!" What if Beethoven suddenly zoomed down from the heavens to play the drums while suspended in mid-air? "Boom!" What if Tchaikovksy transformed himself into a magical Nutcracker Prince to defeat the Mouse King? "Pow!"

    With "ZAP! BOOM! POW: ... more

  • Plants Are Wonderful: A Coloring Book

    by Michael Reed
    This is a coloring book that helps the reader to learn about plants and their environment.
  • No Head Fred Said: Stay Safe


    No Head Fred Said: Stay Safe is an interactive book that gives children 5 different safety scenarios. The illustrations give clues to the correct choice. Children can choose what they think is correct and the following page shows the answer. It prompts conversation about safety issues that are very real in today's society.

  • Educational Relations Activity Work Book

    by Londa Coles
    What I have done is I have put words we use in Daily Everyday Life in Alphabetical Order. This is the First Volume which consist of letters A-G. I have listed all the words with meanings which relates to the word. The object of it is to discover how I arrived at the meanings for the words which is to be discovered by Challenging Your Mind>>Your Knowledge>>Your Skills (While discovering the Concept of how the Words and Meanings Relates to One Another). The meanings are more informed and more ... more
  • Walt's Vanity License Plate

    by Walter Fadness
    The book has one hundred puzzles. Each puzzle has twenty vanity license plate clues listed below the puzzle. License plates can have no more than seven characters (letters and numbers) on the plate, but they can have less. Vanity plates can be made up of letters and/or numbers that make a name or a phrase that the owner feels is funny, a good point about the car, maybe bragging about the car, something about a family member or something to be proud of, and many things others won't understand. Fi... more
  • Kittens Under My Kitchen Sink

    by Ivan Reynolds
     This is a short chronicle of a home invasion. In the small town I live in in the United Arab Emirates, there are many feral cats surviving under some extremely tough conditions. This is the story of a female cat (we shall call her Mommy) who moved into our home in the heat of summer and made herself comfortable on and behind the couch in the foyer. We found it somewhat endearing and left her too her own devices. Our dog Pluto did not find this so endearing and many an argument was had between h... more
  • A French Quarter Alphabet

    by Christine Achille Gunter
    A French Quarter Alphabet features lush watercolor illustrations and delightful rhymes to capture all the charm of New Orleans' French Quarter.
  • Dugan, The Dog Who Said, "Mom".

    by Joanne Russo Insull
    Bringing a dog into your family is an exciting time. But first, you have to find the right one. If you are willing to overlook what some might consider a problem, you may find yourself with a very special dog. Dugan is a little dog who lives in a shelter waiting for someone to adopt him. He is cute and friendly but he barks- a lot, and that has kept people from taking him home. Finally his special day comes and a woman is willing to take a chance on him, adopting him and giving him a loving ... more