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Other Nonfiction

  • Angel & Adam

    by David G. Bickler
    How did life on Earth begin? Angel and Adam is a loving, fascinating exploration of the ways in which God sought to know himself/herself by dividing into new selves that could populate the world. It’s about God’s creations rediscovering God’s Love. It’s about the ways in which God discovers himself through the experiences of his creations. It’s an examination of Edenic innocence, and a meditation on what the purpose of evil really is. Inspired, mystical, and full of love, Angel and Adam is both ... more
  • Christmas Makes Me Wish, I Hadn't Been... So Bad!: The House of Ivy

    by Rebecca Ann Ivy
    This is a story of a very busy little boy who accidently got into trouble. It seems that Christmas is a most trying time as every child seems to worry about being good so Santa will come. With the excitement of the holiday, this boy becomes worried that all the trouble he caused will keep Santa away....his surprise for Christmas is one you don't want to miss...I hope you enjoy this beloved story. Merry Christmas! Faith, hope and love are reflected in this sweet rhyme about Christmas, fami... more
  • Power in My Pen: A Snippet of the Life of Ida B. Wells

    by Louie T. McClain II
    Step into the world of Ida B. Wells as she uses her life experiences and obstacles as motivation to achieve many firsts in editing and journalism in the United States of America and abroad. Read along as she flourishes in the wake of family tragedy and ever changing life situations. “Power in My Pen” encourages penmanship, journalism, free thought, truth telling, and historical lessons of a highly influential leader in the early 1900’s. The strong and intelligent woman we know as Ida B. Wells ... more
  • Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore

    by Ronesa Aveela
    • Discover Ancient Bulgarian Myths, Legends, Folklore, and Mythology • Meet Heroes from Greek Mythology with Thracian Origins • Enjoy Diverse, Delicious Modern and Traditional Bulgarian Recipes A book for children and adults from 8 to 108 who would like to take a journey and discover Bulgarian folk tales, legends, and mythology. Whether you want to learn a little about their ancient Thracian origins, or you want to experience rituals practiced throughout the year with a fictitious Bulgarian... more
  • Beyond Worksheets

    by Arlene Miller
    E-book containing ways to present grammar concepts that is fun for students. Homeschool adaptations included.
  • The Adventures of Melvin Walker: Melvin Goes To The Ballpark

    by Myron Campbell
    This book tells a story about Melvin, an inner-city child, who has many different adventures.  In this particular story, Melvin and a group of his friends head to the neighborhood baseball field where they are approached by some kids bigger and possibly better than them.  However, Melvin and his friends don't allow that to get to them.  They end up playing the kids and during that time, they learn some valuable lessons on sportsmanship and making the right decisions.
  • Follow the Yarn: A Book of Colors

    by Emily Sper
    In this delightful introduction to colors, toddlers—and cat lovers of all ages—will enjoy following a kitten through the pages as he plays with one colorful ball of yarn after another. Toddlers can also make a game of following the yarn from page to page as each color unravels.
  • Sophia’s Red Hat

    by Carol Nichvolodoff
    Patricia's story takes you on a journey with Sophia as she uses her little red hat to transform her grandmother and then her mother, and eventually the whole town. This story's message of kindness is engaging and heart warming as it builds on anticipation and settles with thoughtful acts of love.
  • Welcome to Womanhood: A Pre-Teen Survival Guide

    by Ciara Bostick
    Have you ever thought about the fears of growing up? Are things starting to look a little different? Do you ever find yourself questioning how you look? …. No worries, it’s all a part of the process of growing up and becoming a young woman. “Welcome To Womanhood: A Pre-Teen Survival Guide”, is a girlfriends guide to surviving those awkward adolescent changes and hormonal distresses. Written from a big sister’s standpoint, Dr. Ciara explains the importance of having morals and values in the 21st ... more
  • A Thinker's Daily Challenge (Volume 1)

    by Ken Havelock
    Young and old alike love "quiz shows," and this budding educational book series provides a similar experience. Volume 1 covers geography, history, the sciences, and pop culture. It features rebus and word finder puzzles, image identifications in b/w and color, short stories, questions presented in a variety of formats, along with many surprises! Celebrity endorsed (Alex Trebek of Jeopardy!, Jeff Foxworthy of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, and Prof. Philip Bigler - 1998 National Teacher of... more
  • Leading to Reading

    by shoghig Kaloussian
    The book is a reading comprehension book of 2 parts with a spelling book for ages 5-6. It teaches reading-comprehension and spelling.
  • Kitty

    by Cristina Santos
    Kitty is a puppy lost in the wood, there she finds friends to help her fo find the way back home.
  • Life After You: What Your Death From Drugs Leaves Behind

    by Linda Lajterman

    "Life after You," a detailed and graphic journey through death from drugs and the aftermath for those left behind. This true and powerful wake up call for teens shows a different side of “partying”, one that has never been presented before. Learn what really happens when you die, go to your funeral and see what you will miss in life. Then, the choice is yours.

  • Wesley Rocks

    by Amie Simmons
    Talented Wesley spends his time writing his awesome songs and playing for his parents and all of the critters who live in the forest. He plans to be FAMOUS! Follow along as Wesley finds the real joy in music. He may not be famous right now, but he’s discovered the magical power that music brings to others!
  • The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant - Ellie's Best Beach Vacation Ever (Volume 4)

    by Marci Fair
    Ellie the elephant and Pudgy the penguin are stuffed animals…and the best of friends. They have been on many adventures together, like moving to a new neighborhood, flying on an airplane, visiting animal friends and relatives at a zoo, going back to school together to meet new teachers and learn—and now they get to enjoy a summer adventure on a wonderful beach vacation! The excitement mounts as Ellie and Pudgy pack their beach balls and sunglasses and jump in the car for the game-filled drive... more