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Other Nonfiction

  • Faith the Ugly Dog: The Adventures of Buzzardillopossum

    by Kelly Davis Beckley

    “Faith, the Ugly Dog” is the tale of a little dog that has been told, and is convinced, that her ugliness on the outside means more than the kindness, sweetness and bravery that she has on the “inside”. After encountering a mean dog that bullies her and makes fun of her, and her transformation into the superhero “Buzzardillopossum”, Faith realizes her true inner worth and value. However, did Faith dream this, or did it actually happen? Does it really even m... more

  • Jonas Salk, The Battle Against Polio

    by Rhythm Prism
    Jonas Salk, The Battle Against Polio, will introduce the young reader to one of the epic efforts of the 20th century: the campaign to find a polio vaccine. Included is a discussion about viruses, immunity and medical ethics. This book is more than a biography, it is a snapshot of a time and place. Through map study, reading exercises and vocabulary challenge, the student is offered sophisticated material in a very palatable format.
  • oscars adventures in the woods

    by pam stone
    Oscar's adventures in the woods" is a true story of a little girl, Shelby, and her pet turtle, Oscar. Each page is original artwork created, drawn and colored by award winning artists Eric Hector and Candace Schinzler- Bell. Who has done artwork for many companies including Disney. This story is written by a mom who would read to her daughter every evening at bedtime up to three books each night, and instilled her love of reading in her daughter, who is a voracious reader to this day. Someone ga... more
  • Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity: Various Aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches

    by George Alexander
    This book consists of selected reflections, articles, interviews and letters by various authors on different topics related to Orthodox Christianity. The book has been created in Pan-Orthodox nature comprising various topics pertaining to Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches.
  • What Teenage Drivers Don't Know; The Unwritten Rules of the Road

    by John Harmata - Paul Zientarski
    “What Teenage Drivers Don’t Know, The Unwritten Rules of the Road” teaches driving strategies and tips to teenagers about driving in poor conditions, parking, vehicle maintenance, surviving the unexpected and even navigating the court system. This book takes the art of skillful driving to a whole new level in teenage driver training. “What Teenage Drivers Don’t Know, the Unwritten Rules of the Road will increase a teenager’s ability to drive smarter and safer. This book is now being used in Dr... more
  • Smile & Succeed for Teens

    by Kirt Manecke

    A Crash Course in People Skills. Winner Mom's Choice Gold Award Honoring Excellence. Get a GOOD JOB, Make MORE MONEY, Make a DIFFERENCE. Indispensable, quick and easy to read, Smile & Succeed for Teens is the ultimate teenage success guide. Developed by a team of students, parents and educators, this award-winning book gives teens the tools and confidence they need to succeed. The solution to get your teens to put down the electronics (and feel good about it!), make eye contact, and have ... more

  • Asheem: The Boy Who Could Not Read

    by Sharon D. Ulett, M.Ed.
    A young boy struggling with the challenges of learning disabilities achieves his goals after receiving the help he needs from a caring teacher and a supportive team of individuals, including his family.
  • Calming Stormy Feelings: A Child's Introduction to Psychotherapy

    by Sarah K. Abel & Karen Zilberstein
    Knowing how to help children with their feelings can be challenging for all parents, but when feelings grow too strong, they create storms that burst through and change the way children act. This book aims to introduce parents and children to the world of feelings and psychotherapy. Age appropriate explanations are provided so that children, parents, teachers, doctors and other professionals gain a language for conversing on this topic.
  • Beautiful Rainbow World

    by Suzee Ramirez
    A bright, soul-filled photography book of global children that appeals to all ages. The stunning photos were carefully compiled to represent children from all around the world including Russia, France, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, India, Libya, Japan, the UK and more. This book has a simple yet profound truth to share ~ we are all truly amazing ~ each person, just as we are. The song download, "Beautiful Rainbow World" by world-renowned children's folk singer, Daria, is included. Sing-along and sm... more
  • The Little Alvernon Stories Volume 2

    by Linda Boynton Pedersen
    Volume 2 of The Little Alvernon Stories completes the collection of bedtime stories told by my father, the late Alvernon Winship Boynton. I can still hear his deep gravelly voice tinged with Down East humor as he spun these tales of his boyhood growing up on a small farm in Maine in the early twentieth century. He was an imaginative and fun-loving little boy whose every-day adventures sometimes drew him into perplexing predicaments that had to be solved by good old Yankee ingenuity. It is my hop... more
  • The Little Alvernon Stories Volume 1

    by Linda Boynton Pedersen

    The Little Alvernon stories were born out of bedtime stories told by my father, the late Vernon Winship Boynton. I can still hear his deep gravelly voice tinged with Down East humor as he spun the tales of his boyhood growing up on a small farm in Maine in the early twentieth century. These stories afford glimpses of an era unfamiliar to us – of daily living without indoor plumbing, electric appliances, automobiles, television, computer technology, and all the conveniences we moderns ta... more

  • Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn (2nd ed.)

    by Jonathan Harnum, PhD
    Packed with information no trumpeter should be without, this book will help you understand and learn a diverse range of skills necessary for playing trumpet well. Includes basic techniques like tone production, but also more advanced skills like double- and triple-tonguing, circular breathing, and much, much more. Learn more at
  • Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music (4th ed.)

    by Jonathan Harnum, PhD
    A popular and helpful guide to learning to read music. Seven parts, each with related short, well-designed chapters. Each chapter and section has an extensive review to check your knowledge. Also included between parts are "Interludes" that cover other aspects of written music (musical terms, practice, conducting, etc.). Used by the LA Film School, as well as colleges and schools around the US.
  • How to Build a Computer (for Beginners) 7th Edition: Teachers Version

    by John Gower III
    This book is the teachers version of the book "How to Build a Computer (For Beginners) 6th edition Student Version" by John Gower III, this 7th Edition book provides all the answers to the questions to the student version.
  • Chipmunk Antics in the Garden

    by Linda B. Bridgeman
    A comical look , in a large country garden, of the antics of a VERY curious, VERY inquisitive, and usually VERY hungry little chipmunk, through my camera's eye, in this delightful children's photo story book. "Please LADY, could I have more peanuts-it's getting dark and I have to get home" this is just a sample of the wording in this little story book. With 34 pages, and over 60 full color photographs, it is sure to delight young and old!
  • The Magical World of Twigshire Vol 1

    by Judi Light
    The book is a series of 17 paintings, each accompanied by a one page story or poem...or a combination of both. The stories are aimed at ALL ages, though there is no category choice for same. Judi's fans include a 102 year old great grandmother down to a 2 year old who laughs and bangs his head against the pages, calling out the character names. The subtitle of the book is quite precise. Judi is both author and painter, though I was not able to choose both in the earlier pages of this form.