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Other Nonfiction

  • The crazy world

    by arionna calbert
    They have 8 kids in the house but two goes missing Later they find them as dead but in reality there alive soon 5 got shot in a deadly shooting and the last one was to old to survive
  • I Love You My Little One

    by Breanda Conwell
    If you have ever experienced the joy of being a mom to a tiny bundle of joy, then you will know instinctively that it is probably the greatest achievement and honor that you will ever have bestowed upon you. In this short book, I Love You My Little One, ideal for mom's to read to the tiniest of children, you can start to express your feelings that will build a connection that will last a lifetime. Affirmations such as, 'Your smile is as bright as the morning sun' and 'Your silliness makes me smi... more
  • Will's Adventure to the Candy Mountain

    by Dr.Gerry Haller
    Will's grandmother has told Will about the Candy Mountain since he was a small child. One night he is awakened by the conductor of a train. He was told to hurry to catch the train "What train?"" The train to the Candy Mountain of course," Will can hardly believe he is going to the Candy Mountain. On the train he meets a boy named Quinn, They decide to go on the adventure together, Together there are many decisions to make. Each one more mysterious than the last. What will they find?What decisio... more

    by Illana Raia

    Être means "to be." And girls, middle school is not too young to ask yourself this all-important question: Who do YOU want to be? Think of this book as a smart big sister in your backpack, encouraging you to stick with what you love and helping you springboard your authentic interests into more.

    SO . . . WHAT IS ÊTRE? A bold, full color magazine-style collection of articles breaking down big ideas like financial confidence, mentorship, philanth... more

  • Ella's Umbrella

    by Courtney Shannon Strand
    Ella listens to the rain drip, dribble, drop. While others stay indoors, Ella hustles outside with her new umbrella and listens to the rain fall a cappella. Join Ella on her jazzy journey through the rain as she explores all the interesting sounds a puddle-filled rainstorm has to offer. Winner of the children's book award!
  • 978-1455624638

    by Ellie Sipila
    A mysterious kidnapping of the grammar variety! Comma has been Mark-Napped! Even though Comma irritates the other punctuation marks by showing up where he is not needed and ignoring all the rules, who would abduct him? Solve the mystery by interrogating all the other punctuation marks to find out why Comma is missing from the schoolyard. Middle readers will hear from all the suspects, including Colon and Semicolon, and follow along as the foxy detective deciphers clues and uses deductive reasoni... more
  • Vocabulary for Champions:

    by Joe Oswald
    A good vocabulary is the key to success in school and the professional world, especially in today’s competitive, fast-paced, global society. With study after study showing the correlation between an extensive vocabulary and higher socio-economic status, the need for a strong vocabulary has never been more important. With core subject-area vocabulary and advanced reading vocabulary, this book is perfect to prepare for school-based exams as well as the SAT,® ACT,® and GRE.® In addition, this book ... more
  • Always be You

    by Ioana Stoian
    This colourful, rhyming board book celebrates and accepts each and every child, just as they are. Messages of love, acceptance, empathy, inclusion and diversity are paired with fun, unique hand-cut paper illustrations. This book will appeal to children and adults alike and sends the message we all need to hear -- be true to yourself!
  • Angels Throughout the Bible: Angels in the Old Testament

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    Who are the angels and what are the nine choirs of angels? Find out how they were created, their interactions with humankind, and their role in the Apocalypse.This book details the stories and teaching of the angels throughout the Old Testament starting from their creation in the Book of Genesis all the way until the Incarnation of Jesus.This book takes the perspective of their history within the Old Testament as well as their miraculous acts and battles.
  • Angels Throughout the Bible: Angels in the New Testament

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    The New Testament tells the story of Jesus' birth, ministry, and resurrection. The Bible tells the story of Jesus, Mary, and His Apostles but overlooks the heroes working behind the scenes. This is where the Angels come in. St. Gabriel first announced the incarnation of Jesus and since then, the Angels served Jesus and Mary throughout their lives. The Angels help Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Apostles during their trials and comfort them in their lowest point. Then, at the resurrection, an A... more
  • I Love: Animals and Me

    by Laura Lynn Doyle

    I love Animals and Me is a fun, rhyming and delightful picture book encouraging awareness and love to all animals, including self-love; which is often forgotten. Love is the highest positive emotion that we can experience and share. Within the colorful pages of I Love Animals and Me, children are inspired to be kind and loving to themselves, others and animals. I love Animals and Me: Raising the positive emotion of Love for all, including the power of self-love.

  • The ABC's of Positivity

    by Laura Lynn Doyle
    The ABC's of Positivity is a delightful rhyming picture book full of powerful, and positive affirming messages to help children develop a positive attitude towards themselves, others and life; while having fun learning at the same time.
  • Messages from Heaven - To Help You BE A SHINING STAR!

    by Pamela Joy
    Messages from Heaven presents God’s Word to readers in a manner that is fun and easy to understand. Symbolic angels are used to: inspire readers with loving messages, direct readers to helpful Bible verses, and encourage readers to ask God for guidance and direction throughout their daily struggles. As each reader grows in faith and learns to trust the power of God’s Word to combat the evil one’s influences, he or she will embark upon an exciting, spirit-filled adventure and begin to live a life... more
  • Extreme Pressure Lubricant Grease

    by Petron Plus Direct

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  • Best Mens Hair Color Products

    by Sage Hair Studio

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    by Veronica Torres
    With beautiful and vivid illustrations this book is an ideal introduction for your child to identify animal opposites and increase their vocabulary.