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Other Nonfiction

  • It's Coloring with a Twist

    by Lakyshia Shelton
  • Pick Me, Color Me: Coloring Book

    by Lakyshia Shelton
    This is a children's coloring and fun activity book!
  • It's Me I See

    by Dr. Kai
    Rhythm is a vital tool for babies to understand when phrases end and begin. This is their first step in learning language. After they get a handle on that, rhythm helps children develop a motor pattern. The combination of rhymes and new words challenge kids in ways other children’s literature doesn’t always do. They will learn that language can be fun, and they'll gain confidence in their own reading ability. This sensible early reading book introduces toddlers and young children to letter sound... more
  • Huehuetlatolli

    by Gerardo Calderon & Nelda Reyes
  • Celebrate Durga Puja With Me!

    by Shoumi Sen
    Durga Puja is here! What does it mean to a child? New clothes, laughing with friends, yummy food and being immersed in a colorful cultural experience. Step into this book and share in Riya’s excitement as you watch this festival come alive! ‘Celebrate Durga Puja With Me!' is part of the series 'From The Toddler Diaries' and celebrates Durga Puja as experienced by 3 year old Riya. This artful portrayal of the '5 Days of Pujo' appeals to young and old alike. Shashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami an... more
  • Apples for the Princess: A Fairytale about Kindness and Honesty.

    by Sean Buvala
    “Well as you say, so it is.” Is that a warning or a blessing from the old wizard that our young heroes encounter on the road to the castle, home of the very sick princess? Use this book, with its retelling of a classic Grimm fairytale, to explore the values of honesty and kindness. How should we treat others? Find out as three boys discover that it is important to treat all people with respect and courtesy. When they forget, frog-filled, pig-packed chaos ruins their great plans to bring the h... more

    by Gary Clark
    STRAY TO TENT A FOREVER HOME is a children's book that helps children develop compassion for the hardships of the homeless. Through the books illustrations your child will better understand where the homeless animals and people live and how their situation impacts your child's life. If you like heartwarming tales of animals bonding with people , stories with strong morals and a children friendly approach to social issues, then you ,your child and your family will love Gary Clark's story of co... more
  • Rosto inacabado (Edição de Fallujah) (PT) (2013) Edição Especial

    by Lucio Agustine Rosenkreutz Craciunescu

    Esta é a história do edu. Uma criança presa em seu quarto, sem amigos, longe dos outros, por seu rosto deformado pelos lápis. E só uma fada vai querer fazer sentido de sua solidão, sua escuridão. Entre as questões pertinentes, nós questionamos: O sol já se apaixonou? é a história romântica do sol? Nesta edição especial feita pela Solange Pfeiffer, incluem-se fotografias da guerra do Iraque ... more

  • Emojigraphy The International Emoji Language Basic

    by Emojigraphy Team

    Emojigraphy is the first Emoji Language for International use where people from all over the world can communicate using Emoji.
    As an International Language, Emojigraphy has grammar which is compatible with all English Tenses. 
    This book explains Emojigraphy grammar in detail, including: 

    • What kind of grammar can be used. 
    • How particular grammar is compatible with English Tenses. 
    • How to construct sentences usi... more
  • Olivia Lauren's a Guide to Things We Wear

    by Melissa-Sue John
    Things We Wear is an introduction to the different things we wear. Olivia Lauren and her friends explore when, where, and why we wear the things we do. Children will increase their vocabulary and curiosity about fashion, tradition, culture, safety, and the significance of clothing.
  • Olivia Lauren's Occupations A to Z: A Children's Guide to Jobs and Careers

    by Melissa-Sue John
    Occupations A to Z is a youth illustrated children’s reference book about jobs and careers. Olivia Lauren and her multicultural friends go through the alphabet to learn about traditional and nontraditional careers in the arts, business, science, technology, engineering, and math. This book should be used as a child friendly guide book for parents to discuss career choices with their children.
  • George And Smokey;A Tale Of Two Cats

    by John Mitchell
    Smokey gets caught under a pile of limbs and cannot get out. George knows where he is, but is unable to help. What will become of Smokey?
  • Online Blogging Tips to Make Yourself a Better Blogger

    by Mike Langer
    Are you in search of some online blogging tips? Read through this post to know about some really useful and easy to follow tips on online blogging.


    Blogging has never been as popular as it is today. Though it has been around longer than a decade, better internet access, and affordability of many internet-capable devices has made it one of the most enjoyable things to do online. While there are thousands of reasons to start a blog, there is a distinct section o... more
  • The College Audition: A Guide for High School Students Pursuing a Career in the Performing Arts

    by Tim Evanicki
    The new how-to guide for aspiring actors and musical theatre performers as they prepare for their college audition. From narrowing down your list of schools to picking your audition materials, all the way through the application and audition process, this book will give you the tools and tips to present the best audition possible as you embark on this journey to becoming a professional performer.
  • Cricket Adventures Johnny and Gopi (Volume 1)

    by Naveed Khan

    Gopi's Cricket Adventures: Johnny and Gopi explores the ties between diversity and sportsmanship. When Johnny sees Gopi’s family moving in next door to him, he is intrigued by the peculiar baseball like sport that Gopi is playing in the backyard. Join Johnny and Gopi as they explore the sport of cricket and learn about the diversity that comes from international sports. Cricket is one of the largest bat and ball sport played in a number of countries. 


  • 978-0-9989785-0-5

    by Dana Carr
    Joey is a young horse who grows up on a rodeo ranch. He watches all the other horses daily and longs to be just like them. With the help of the other horses on the ranch, Joey becomes the best rodeo horse. He proves that with devotion and practice you can follow your dreams and succeed.