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  • Mirabelle's Forest Garden

    by Ina Curic

    This book is a needed addition to elementary permaculture and sustainable gardening education. It interweaves educational activities and questions with community building, plant knowledge and engaging artwork.

    Do you want to make sustainable gardening fun to engage with and learn? Envision a place with the benefits of garden and forest, playground and outdoor school, leisure and work ground in one! A little girl is walking through her (global) village collecting seeds, support and advic... more

  • I Can't Do That, YET: Growth Mindset

    by Esther Cordova
    Enna is a girl who doesn't believe in herself and often utters the phrase "I can't do that!" One night in a dream she sees all the possible future versions of herself, discovering that she can be any of those versions with time, knowledge and dedication. She develops a growth mindset throughout her journey and instead of saying "I can't do that," she learns to say "I can't do that YET!”.
  • Bubby's Puddle Pond: A Tortuga's Tale of the Desert

    by Carol Hageman
    Based on a mixture of fiction and the real-life behaviors of animals, Bubby's Puddle Pond: A Tortuga's Tale of the Desert takes place in a geographically unique part of the world, the Sonoran Desert. Simple yet evocative terms to paint a picture of the American Southwest's unusual flora and fauna. Intending the book to be used as a learning tool, I highlight these terms and define them in a glossary. Fact pages and a curriculum guide at the end of the book can be used in the classroom or furth... more
  • The 12 Days of Fishing

    by Manley Peterson
    The 12 Days of Fishing is geared towards young readers who love fish. You can sing this book as a variation on the 12 Days of Christmas song and enjoy the funny illustrations.
  • In Our Tree

    by Lindsey Craig
    IN OUR TREE is a baby's first science book. Round die-cut holes in an ancient tree allow toddlers to poke and peer into a mysterious world, their curiosity satisfied by turning the sturdy pages to discover new animals and new wonders! Rita Vigovszky's illustrations capture the mystery of the jungle with her her use of deep greens and dashes of light, serving to make scarlet macaws and blue morpho butterflies a delight for a child to find.
  • John, Robert and the Horseshoe Crab

    by John Repp
    This is a true story about two friends who came across a helpless horseshoe crab that was wedged inside the beam of a wooden fence. The two boys share their feelings about the situation. They communicate and work together to free the helpless animal. They show compassion for the horseshoe crab and free it from the fence. They each have done something out of the kindness of their own hearts. After the horseshoe crab swims freely back into the bay, the two boys feel proud about what they have a... more
  • Fly Free! An Australian Birds Hide and Seek

    by Katherine Bartlett
    The Australian Outback is a large and mysterious place. It is home to many different types of birds. Can you find the parrots hiding on each page?
  • Hola bacteria - Hello Bacteria: Version bilingue Espanol/Ingles (La serie bilingue MAMI NATURALEZA) (Volume 1) (Spanish Editio

    by Rebecca Bielawski
    Each book in the series is a mini nature lesson. Using simple texts in Spanish and English they encourage bilingualism from an early age, at the same time showing images and ideas of the natural world. They are illustrated for maximum visual impact, to appeal to the child's intellect and promote curiosity and participation. These books are intended to be read to and with young children and by older children who can explore them for themselves.
  • Rescue Your Mom

    by Pradeep Kumar Singha
    Intelligence has made us, homo sapiens, the most dominant species on this planet. But with absolute power comes responsibility. In the pursuit of the golden dream, we have abdicated our responsibility to the environment, to nature, to other species of life. Can we continue to regard this as the domain of a handful of climate summits, environmental scientists and activists, or is it time for each of us to take a cold hard look at the reality rushing towards us and act now! Rescue your Mom make... more
  • Groundhogs Across America ISBN 9780935343441

    by Barbara Birenbaum
    Groundhogs abound, are known by many names, with some distinguished among the "Who's who?" of weather seers. Groundhogs Across America gives credibility to those 21 groundhogs including Punxsutawney Phil that foreshadow the coming of spring across the United States. Each story is uniquely presented including habitats, summer and winter festivals, species, distinguishing features of these marvelous marmot critters and how climate plays a role in their life-styles. Their trails and tales take twi... more
  • Honey Bees: Fascinating Facts (Insects--Fascinating Facts Book 2)

    by Wendy Martindale
    A non-fiction picture book written in simple rhyme, this book provides an excellent introduction to honey bees for your child, or for a classroom study of honey bees. It teaches about honey bees: their life cycle, anatomy, importance to the pollination of flowers, the reason for their endangered status, and what even just one child can do to help. Written by a science teacher, this book is meant to teach children to love and appreciate the wonders of nature at an early age.
  • Why I Love Dogs

    by K. A. Masters
    Why I Love Dogs is about the love story between people and their beloved pets. It is meant to be a conversation piece for families, to help them share the entire cycle of joy, love, and loss that come when a family opens their hearts to a pet. This book brings up questions that I had when I loved and lost a pet but does not pretend to know all of the answers. It also gives a great sense of hope that the experience of sharing the love of a pet is more than worth the sorrow that happens when the p... more
  • The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers' Big Book of Farty Facts

    by M.D. Whalen

    How much do you know about farts?

    Fish fart. Astronauts fart even more. Even dead people fart. Farts can destroy the planet, but smelling farts is good for your health.

    Ancient fart jokes. Fart-worship religions. Farts that started wars. Human farts are illegal in Africa and cow farts are illegal in California. The fartiest foods, the gassiest animal, and much much more.

    Crack open a can of beans, and laugh out loud from both ends at this zany-but-true encyc... more

  • ALL FISH FACES Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish

    by Tam Warner Minton
    Photography and Fun Facts about tropical reef fish, ALL FISH FACES will entertain people of all ages! Getting to know our underwater world is a fascinating journey into the unknown and the way to appreciate the value of our oceans! 10% of profits will go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation so they can continue their scientific research to protect our oceans and ocean giants.
  • Ocean One

    by Eileen Clancy Biegel
    Have you ever wondered what happens to plastic items once they have been used? How do abandoned fishing nets, known as ghost nets, float aimlessly in the ocean to forever haunt us? Where do balloons go after you have released it from your grasp? Ocean One tells the story of a unique place on Earth that is profoundly affected by the impact of marine debris. Travel with Edward to Kure Atoll, located in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where he learns the impact has far-reaching consequences that... more
  • My Large Wild Animal Book

    by Lori Schweigert
    This is an educational children?s book about the large wild animals of North America. It shows pictures of each animal as the adult male, adult female, and the baby animal. It also gives the reader the animal name, a brief description of its habitat, where its lives, and what kinds of foods it eats.